Milan - April 5th / 10th, 2007


James Irvine, Open chair, ALIAS Open chair – seats by James Irvine –, Open table – range of tables by James Irvine –, Plein Air armchair – chair with armrest by Alfredo Häberli –, Plein Air chair and pouf – chair and pouf by Alfredo Häberli –, Plein Air lounge – little bed by Alfredo Häberli –, Plein Air table – table collection by Alfredo Häberli –, Teak chair – seats by Alberto Meda –, Teak table – range of tables by Alberto MedaLaleggera armchair – seat by Riccardo BlumerLaleggera chair with armrest – seat with armrest by Riccardo BlumerLaleggera dormeuse – dormeuse by Riccardo Blumer.

Giuseppe Bavuso, Daytona, ALIVAL Daytona– sofa by Giuseppe Bavuso –, Club – armchair and low tables by Giuseppe Bavuso –, Plaza – bed by Giuseppe Bavuso –, Edomadia – cupboard by Giuseppe Bavuso –, Off-Shore System – series of self-supporting panels by Giuseppe Bavuso –, Lollipop – chair by Archirivolto.

Carlo Colombo, Twist bookshelves, ARFLEX Twist bookshelves – bookshelves by Carlo Colombo –, Aura chair – chair by Carlo Colombo –, Everywhere tables – tables by Carlo Colombo –, Femme sofas – sofas by Carlo Colombo –, Octopus table – table by Carlo Colombo –, Charmy sofas – sofas by Carlo Colombo –, J3 seat – seat by Christophe Pillet –, Marenco upholstery – upholstery by Mario Marenco –, Marechiaro upholstery – upholstery by Mario Marenco –, Bobo Sofa – sofa by Cini BoeriBoborelax – seat by Cini BoeriStrips – system of beds, armchairs and sofas by Cini BoeriCubotto – trolley by Cini BoeriService – trolley by Cini BoeriA 71 armchair – armchair by Arflex archive9000 – sofa by Tito AgnoliSquare sofa – sofa by Marco ZanusoAntropus – seat by Marco ZanusoLady – seat by Marco ZanusoMartingala – seat by Marco ZanusoWoodline – seat by Marco ZanusoElettra chair – chair by B.B.P.R.Elettra armchair – armchair by B.B.P.R.Bagutta – table by Annig SarianSansiro – table by Annig Sarian.

Jean Marie Massaud, Aston Conference, ARPER Aston Conference – seats for conference halls by Jean Marie Massaud –, Aston Direction – seats for executive meeting rooms by Jean Marie Massaud –, Aston Office – seats for offices by Jean Marie Massaud –, Fred – collection of tables in three different heights by Jean Marie Massaud –, Norma lounge – seat by Lievore, Altherr, Molina –, Norma high stool – high stool by Lievore, Altherr, Molina –, Norma low stool – low stool by Lievore, Altherr, Molina –, Duna – seat with sled base by Lievore, Altherr, MolinaCatifa 80 – seat with central base by Lievore, Altherr, Molina.

Karim Rashid, Poly, BONALDO Poly – chair by Karim Rashid –, Line – armchair by Stefan Heiliger –, Cubic – bookshelves with square base by Gino Carollo –, Orbit – bookshelves with round base by Gino Carollo –, Fun – bookshelves by Gino Carollo –, Fortuny, Harry and Vanity – family of tables by Gino Carollo –, Panorama – TV stand by Gino Carollo –, Planet Gold – coffee table by Gino Carollo –, Nuvola – collection of seats by Giuseppe Viganò –, Offset – group of tables by Giuseppe Viganò –, Viento – stacking chair by Claudio Dondoli e Marco Pocci –, Plinto – table by Mario Mazzer –, Flap – table by Karim Rashid –, Dragonfly – chaise-longue by Karim Rashid –, Dragon – table by Karim Rashid –, Skip Lounge – armchair by Karim Rashid –, Quadro – table by Karim Rashid –, Skoop – stool by Karim Rashid –, Skip – chair by Karim Rashid –, Skipping – stool by Karim Rashid –, Twice – extendable table by Mauro Lipparini –, Tree – coat stand by Mario Mazzer.

Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic, Eklipse, B.R.F. Eklipse – armchair by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic –, Baia – modular seating system by Jacob Pringiers –, Ercolina – chaise-longue by Paolo Grasselli.

DAM, Libro, BUSNELLI Libro– armchair by DAM (Designers Associati Milano) –, Baffo – armchair by DAM (Designers Associati Milano) –, Fiocco – armchair by G14 –, Spinnaker – small armchair by Enrico Cesana –, Tormentina – small armchair by Enrico Cesana –, Igloo – upholstered sofa set by Enrico Cesana –, Take it easy – series of sofas by Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli –, Sliding box – sofas by Centro Studi & Ricerche BusnelliReverso – chair/chaise-longue by Tarcisio Colzani.

Mario Bellini, Le Bambole '07, B&B Le Bambole '07 – armchair by Mario Bellini –, Fat Sofa – sofa, armchair end pouff by Patricia Urquiola –, Tufty-Bed – bed structure by Patricia Urquiola –, Lazy-Night – bed structure by Patricia Urquiola –, Luis – modular sofa by Antonio Citterio –, Talamo – bed structure by Antonio Citterio –, Moon System – sofa by Zaha Hadid –, Siena – bed structure by Naoto Fukasawa –, Vertigo – sistem on tray by Naoto Fukasawa –, Dado – collection of cabinets by Studio Kairos –, Halo – table candleholder by Garth Roberts –, Lys – table candleholder by Jakob Wagner –, Loop – set of three gently curving trays by Jakob Wagner –, Joker – vases and bowls by Nicole Aebischer –, Overscale Flames – candle by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Part – set of three occasional tables by Stephen Burks –, Couples – cushions by Marcel Wanders –, Haikus – centrepiece plates by Marcel Wanders.

Piero Lissoni, Coupé Gt, CAPPELLINI Coupé Gt – seating system by Piero Lissoni –, Well – small armchair by Piero Lissoni –, Superoblong – seating modular system by Jasper Morrison –, Lotus Low Medium High – complete collection of seating units consisting of waiting armchair and low, medium and high armchairs, with or without armrests by Jasper Morrison –, Bottle – Series of dining tables by E.Barber & J.Osgerby –, Island Table – composable coffee table by Nendo –, Ribbon – series of high and low stools by Nendo –, Yuki – screen made from plastic snowflake-shaped elements by Nendo –, Sunset – swivel armchair by Cristophe Pillet –, Neo Country – series composed by little armchair with armrests, rocking armchair and stool in lime wood by Ineke Hans –, Fracture Furniture – series composed by armchair with armrests and low stool/service table available in two heights in red, pink and black colours by Ineke Hans –, Pannelli Sistema – different kinds of products by Studio Cappellini –, SSenior – desk by Studio Cappellini –, Bowl PO/0701 – white ceramic bowl by Lorenzo Damiani –, Mr. Bugatti – seating system by François Azambourg.

Omar Ronda, Kekazzè, CASAMANIA Kekazzè – object and lamp by Omar Ronda –, +13 – modular pot and seat in polyethylene by Fabio Novembre –, Maria – decoration for interiors and display windows or room divider by Luca Nichetto –, Ben Grimm – seating system by Luca Nichetto –, Palace – modular seating in high-density polyurethane by Sandro Santantonio –, Happy Days – two-seat sofa, armchair, and pouf by Adriano Balutto –, Lea – seating in polyurethane by C.S.C..

Philippe Starck, Privé sofa, CASSINA Privé sofa – sofa by Philippe Starck –, Caprice – chair by Philippe Starck –, Passion – armchair by Philippe Starck –, Pilotta – chair, full-size and small armchairs, and ottomans by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Boboli – tables by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Antonella Scarpitta, DS-4, DE SEDE DS-4 – sofa by Antonella Scarpitta –, DS-166 – armchair by Hugo de Ruiter –, DS-165 – modular sofa by Hugo de Ruiter –, DS-717 – dining chair with or without arms by Claudio Bellini –, DS-717 lounge chair – lounge chair by Claudio Bellini.

Enzo Berti, Dolmen, FERLEA Dolmen – modular sofa by Enzo Berti.

Giuseppe Viganò, Flap, FRIGHETTO Flap – sofas by Giuseppe Viganò –, Dune – modular sofa in four elements by Ora Ito –, Ayrton – bed structure by Ora Ito –, Bean – collection of armchair, chair and fixed stool by Mark Naden –, Pouf Pot – chair by Mark Naden –, Rhea – armchair by Patrick Norguet –, Tori – table by Patrick Norguet –, One – storage module by Norberto Delfinetti and Monica Bernasconi –, Giano – bookcase module by Norberto Delfinetti and Monica Bernasconi –, R.e.m. – bed by Cory Grosser –, Frame – bedside tables and storages collection by Allan Doyle –, Monza – bed by Stefano Gallizioli –, Wind – bed by Stefano Gallizioli –, Mathie – bedside table by Stefano Gallizioli –, Noa – seating system by Stefano Gallizioli –, Kab – dining chair by Karim Rashid.

Pietro Cavallo, Aries, GIOVANNETTI Aries – sofa by Pietro Cavallo –, Superstar – sofa by Space Time –, Love – seat by Sandro Santantonio.

Guido Drocco and Franco Mello, Cactus bianco, GUFRAM Cactus – hatstand by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello –, Softcrete – sofa system by Ross Lovegrove –, Siedi-Tee – stool by Laura Fubini, Francesco Mansueto and Marco Verrando –, Dèjeuner sur l'arbre – table by Gianni Arnaudo –, Formico – seat by Angelo Cusimano –, Massolo, Sfera, Sasso and Pavèpiuma – multiples by Piero Gilardi –, Capitello and Bocca – seats by Studio 65 –, Wimbledon, Torneraj, Puffo and Pratone – multiples by Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso –, Babele – collection by Gianni Pettena –, Mozza – seat by Giuseppe Raimondi –, Alvar – chaise-longue by Giuseppe Raimondi.

Steven Holl, Riddled, HORM Riddled – table by Steven Holl –, Riddled front – furnishing piece collection by Steven Holl –, Sudoku – bookcase system by Mario Bellini.

Bartoli Design, Bikappa, KRISTALIA Bikappa – chair by Bartoli Design –, Dart – stool by Luca Nichetto –, Oops – range of table by Monica Graffeo.

Osko+Deichmann, Abyss, KUNDALINI Abyss – table lamp by Osko+Deichmann –, Abyss ceiling – suspension lamp by Osko+Deichmann –, Bolido – suspension lamp by Marco Valente –, E-turn – sculptural bench by Brodie NeillFloob ceiling – suspension lamp by Karim Rashid.

Daniele Lago, N.O.W., LAGO N.O.W. (Not Only White) – wardrobe system by Daniele Lago.

Romano Marcato, Aria collection, LAPALMA Aria collection – family of chairs, armchairs, stools, bench by Romano Marcato –, Rondò table – table by Romano Marcato –, Elle chair – chair by Patrick Norguet –, Kai – stool by Shin Azumi.

Marc Sadler, Fiber, LIV’IT Fiber – tables with carbon fiber legs by Marc Sadler –, Dandy – chair by Archirivolto –, Dandy girò – swivelling chair by Patrick Norguet –, Mesh – bookcase by Roberto Giacomucci –, Wifi – coffee table by Stefan Schöning –, Ginko – coffee table by Matteo Ragni.

Franco Poli, Aretè, MATTEOGRASSI Aretè – system of steel and coach hide armchairs by Franco Poli –, T Net – walls by Franco Poli –, Wave – collection of cabinets by Gordon Guillaumier –, Britt sofa – modular sofa composed of end element and bench by T. Wise –, Theodor – modular sofa and corner element by T. Wise.

Gabriele Pezzini, Stripe Bench, MAXDESIGN Stripe Bench – bench by Gabriele Pezzini –, June – table with a user friendly adjusting-knob by Dunja Weber –, Kross – tavolino ad assetto variabile by Hannes Wettstein –, Tototo – stackable armchair by Hannes Wettstein –, Zed chair – chair by Hannes Wettstein.

Patricia Urquiola, Volant, MOROSO Volant – seating system by Patricia Urquiola –, Antibodi – seat by Patricia Urquiola –, B Side – bookcase by Patricia Urquiola –, Misfits – modular seating system by Ron Arad –, Wavy – chair by Ron Arad –, Supernatural Armchair – armachair by Ross Lovegrove –, Supernatural Table – table by Ross Lovegrove –, Saruyama Islands – "independent land masses" by Toshiyuki Kita –, Mikado – stool by Tomita Kazuhiko –, Charpoy – informal seat by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien –, Shitake – seat by Marcel Wanders –, Quartz – chair by Arne Quinze –, Twist – table by For Use –, Take a Table – table by Alfredo Haeberli –, Vertigo – side table by Laura Aquili and Ergian Alberg –, Bent – range of tables and chairs by Christoph de la Fontane and Stephen Diez –, Around the Roses – collection of tables by Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone –, Around the Roses stools – stools by Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone.

Denis Santachiara, Angel, NAOS Angel – multifunctional secretaire by Denis Santachiara –, Carillon – display in curved natural crystal by Denis Santachiara –, Dadaumpa – home-theatre for flat screens and plasma tv by Denis Santachiara –, Tutu – extendible coffee table by Denis Santachiara –, Atlante – transformable table by Donato D'urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, Hula hula –extendible table by Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra –, Newton – table/wall unit by Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra –, Papillon – extendible coffee table by Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra.

Sergio Giobbi, Tea chair, ORIGLIA Fast folding leg – pair of folding legs in steel tube by Sergio Giobbi –, Lunar – table by Sergio Giobbi –, Tea – limitlessly stacking chair by Sergio Giobbi.

Aldo Cibic, Masai, PAOLA C. Masai– trays in aluminium by Aldo Cibic –, Zeta – vases and bowl in nickel by Aldo Cibic –, Fiamma – candle holder with parchment shade by Aldo Cibic –, Fiamma – candle holder with glass shade by Aldo Cibic –, Lumen – candle holder in nickel by Giulio Iacchetti –, Zup-Up – cup in hard ceramics by Giulio Iacchetti.

Marco Maran, Chiacchiera, PARRI Chiacchiera – chair by Marco Maran –, Mamy armchair, Double Mamy lounge sofa, Mamy stool, Mamy chair, Mamy swivel armchair, Mamy swivel chair, Little Mamy armchair and Little Mamy swivel armchair – collection by Marco Maran –, Body to Body chair, Body to Body chair on castors, Body to Body armchair, Body to Body armchair on castors and Body to Body barstool – collection by Marco Maran –,

Centro Ricerche e Sviluppo Poltrona Frau, Samo, POLTRONA FRAU Samo – seat by Poltrona Frau Research and Development Centre –, Atlante bed by Studio Cerri & Associati –, Eskilo sofa letto by Tito Agnoli –, Alta Fedeltà bed by Daniela Puppa –, Bina seat by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Bob table by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Kennedee swivel armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Isidoro drinks cabinet by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Vitruvio the system of forniture complementary by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Jockey seat by François Azambourg –, Palladaio seat by Lievore, Altherr, Molina –, Beatrice seat by Monica Förster –, Esedra pouff by Monica Förster –, Alone armchair by Monica Förster –, Linea A seating sistem by Peter Marino –, Segreto desk by Andrée Putman –, Sinuosa small armchair by Andrée Putman –, Feluca beauty console by Andrée Putman –, Oceano bedroom trunk by Andrée Putman.

Decoma Design, Pivot, PORRO Pivot – mobile furniture elements by Decoma Design –, Yule – table by Piero Lissoni –, Boxes – living room sideboard by Piero Lissoni –, Sidewall – bookcase by Piero Lissoni –, Groove – bench by Piero Lissoni –, H. chair – seat by Jean Marie Massaud –, Synapsis – table by Christophe Pillet –, System NXT – modular bookcase by Piero Lissoni –, Modern – furniture elements by Piero Lissoni –, Storage – system of wardrobes by Piero Lissoni –, HT work – container element by Piero Lissoni –, Como – seat by Piero Lissoni –, Spindle – seat by Piero Lissoni –, Ferro – table by Piero Lissoni –, Endless – bookcase by Werner Aisslinger –, Unitè D – container element by Piero Lissoni –, Truffle – seat by Jean Marie Massaud –, Nouvelle Vague – chaise-longue by Christophe Pillet –, Load It – wall sistem by Wolfgang Tolk.

Cory Grosser, Bucket collection, spHaus Bucket armchair and Bucket sofa – armchair and sofa by Cory Grosser –, Lunar – round dining table by Manolo Bossi –, Pilot – armchair for reading by Dodo Arslan –, Lisbon – versatile stacking chair by Alain Berteau –, Fractal – container by Claudio Lovadina –, Ssstack – café table by Sam Sannia –, Mid-box and Hole Box – container for stereo and home theatre equipment by Enrico Cesana –, te+me – home accessories by D-lite –, Caraffe – sculpture by Alain Berteau –, Ferro 3 – table by Modoloco –, hs – ashtray by Fabio Bortolani –, 76er – table by Diego Sferrazza –, Rha – lamp by Diego Sferrazza.

Gigi Rigamonti, Geo Brick A, STURM UND PLASTIC Geo Brick A – 90° angle brick by Gigi Rigamonti –, Puf – versatile footrest by Gigi Rigamonti and Vered Zaykovsky –, Obo – armchair by Vered Zaykovsky –, Taku – table by Miki Astori.

Jake Phipps, Isis, THONET VIENNA B751 – new version of the legendary B751 of 1930 fromHistorical Archives Gebrüder Thonet Vienna –, Isis – seat by Jake Phipps –, Paso Doble – programme of five extendable tables by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna R & D –, Tango – table by Giulio lacchetti –, Twiggy – seat by GebrüderThonet Vienna R & D.

Jake Phipps, Isis, THONET VIENNA Worker Sofa – two-seat sofa by Hella Jongerius –, Polder Sofa XS – dark leather little sofa by Hella Jongerius –, Worknest – office swivel chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec –, Slow Chair – seat by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec –, Alcove Sofa Highback – sofa width high side and back panels by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec –, BaObab – desk by Philippe Starck –, Ravioli Chair – comfortable chair for everyday by Greg Lynn –, .07 – swivel chair by Maarten Van Severen –, Kast – modular storage unit by Maarten Van Severen –, Wood Table – table by Maarten Van Severen –, A-Table – table by Maarten Van Severen –, Wooden Dolls – forniture elements by Alexander Girard –, Panton Chair Junior – seat by Verner Panton –, La Fonda Armchair – seat by Charles and Ray Eames –, Plywood Elephant – sculpture mobile by Charles and Ray Eames –, Lounge Chair Wood – seat by Charles and Ray Eames –, Organic Chair Highback – design Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen –, Coconut Chair – seat by George Nelson –, Tabouret de bar – bar stool by Jean Prouvé –, Rayonnage mural – wall-mounted bookcases by Jean Prouvé.

Emaf Progetti, Giravolta, ZANOTTA Giravolta – extendable table by Emaf Progetti –, Desco – outdoor use table by Emaf Progetti –, Bigwire – steel table by Arik Levy –, Wire – low coffee table by Arik Levy –, Smallwire – high coffee table by Arik Levy –, Level – bookcase by Arik Levy –, Evolution – armchair with rotating base by Ora Ito –, Hillroad – armchair with rotating base by Christophe Pille –, Karelia – new version of armchair designed in 1966 by Lijsi Beckmann –, Dama – sofa by Emaf Progetti –, Gamma – modular sofa by Emaf Progetti –, Koochy – sofa by Karim Rashid –, Ninin – bed by Emaf Progetti –, Moon – bed by Ludovica Palomba Serafini and Roberto Palomba–, River – bed by Ludovica Palomba Serafini and Roberto Palomba–, Ada – sedia by Roberto Barbieri –, Talia – seat by Roberto Barbieri –, Le Roi – piece of furniture by Alessandro Dubini –, Remida – stool by Fortunato Depero –, Singer – ironic chair by Bruno Munari –, Neolia – spark arrester by Andrea Branzi –, Alchera – chest of drawers by Joe Tilson –, Zande – vase by David Palterer –, Adorno – bookcase by Pierre Charpin –, Veryround – seat by Louise Campbell –, Raw – table by Garth Roberts –, Fiore – partition wall by Fabrizio Bertero, Andrea Panto, Simona Marzoli –, Zeus and Teti – coffee tables by Prospero Rasulo –, Dessouschic – table and console table by Noè Duchaufour Lawrance –, Geotropa, Genesio and Alicante – wooden inlaid works by Alik Cavaliere –, Nairobi and Mombasa – pieces of furniture by Ettore Sottsass –, Zabro, Agrilo, Cetonia, Calamobio and Sirfo – seat, console, chests of drawers and coffe table by Alessandro Mendini –, Pavone, Mariposa and Metopa – seat, bench and headboard by Riccardo Dalisi –, Dorian and Doris – tables by Dominique Mathieu

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