Milan - April 9th / 14th, 2003

A return to order, is seemed to me the dominant topic of the 2003 edition of one of most important kermesse of the international design. A callback to a more former interpretation of our daily living: from the house, to the hotel's room where we pass a moment.
Has been ended the desire to astonish. Also ended the design strangenesses of the last years, recycled in a monotony made of color and sinuous lines - for some aspects more exasperating rather than provoking. The return to the reason is also marked by the return of some projects - showed in 2002 - realized by Gaetano Pesce for Zerodisegno, where catalyzed resin drops create tables and chairs. The strong question, after this wandering crisis has been: where goes the design?
The Italian design seems to live again in the innovative use of the materials, in the callback to New Pop of the 60th and 70th years and also in the search of unusual symbolic shapes, for a different productive system.
Design is today, more and more, an issue of attachable and various 'equipment', of technologies that have completely modified the culture of the project. The search of new figurations discover unexpected shapes and diversified production system, getting over the traditional model of enterprise that from the materials get to the product. There is the need to assemble a new product with an intimate utility - as Dorfles asserted - able to alter with the change of the styles but of which human being has always perceived urgency and necessity. Some example: a refrigerator which "read" the supply to buy; the electrical cooking top where to increase or to diminish the heat you only have to turn the pot; the dishwashers which cleans up without water; the extractor hood which taps smells and excessive temperatures. We don't speak about science-fiction but about the kitchen of the future.
Design must be modernize itself and realize, stronger and not simplistic "patterns", shapes that move from marketing logics, from the need to recover or to remove the traces of the design, with a radical innovation that doesn't follow the rules and the cages of market.
The 2003 edition, has shown a strongly tendency to follow difined trajectories. However the most engaging proposals have been concentrated in the defined pavilion of the design.

Here some confirms from 2002: a series of diversified resins foamed sitting projected by Karim Rashid and Denis Santachiara for Zerodisegno; the double table Marilor designed by Ron Arad for Fiamitalia; Bond crystal table by the "Compasso d'oro 2001" Marc Sadler interesting in its fabrics appearence; the Rossi di Albizzate's sofas projected by Matteo Thun e Adam Tihany. Other confirms also for the enterpise Campeggi with No-Code by Giovanni Levante and Tablette, the sofa/table invented by Santachiara.

Among the new producs 2004, Zanotta had raised experimentation and advanced technological research with two authentic "pieces of design": Fly - a seat made of stratified carbon fibre designed by Marc Robson - and Brasilia - sa seat made of structural stiff polyurethane created by Ross Lovegrove. Edra had purposed three "sculptural objects": Au - seat created by Setsu e Shinobu Ito; Favela - projected by Humberto and Fernando Campana e Masso - almost a monolith hewn by time that seems like a cast by Francesco Binfaré.
For Driade Tokujin Yoshioka has designed the updating collection of Tokyo-Pop with a new series of rotational plastic stools developed from the geometric distortion of a cylinder.
By Moroso was the original purpose of Serpentine - a sofa and seat system designed by Tom Dixon and, designed by Jacob Pringiers, Desalto had purposed Twice - a multi-purpose seat which originates from the intersecting of two ellipses with the seat being suspended upon a light chromed base, while Jean Nouvel had designed for Molteni & C Graduate - a very adptable and useful shelving system.
Finally a quotation for the fist participation of E15 - with the new projects by Hans de Pelsmacker -, the last creation by Ron Arad - the modular shelving system S.O.S. (Sort of Storage) - for Magis and DE-LIGHTED by Corian®, exhibit three creative works between art and design in Corian® : Vitamin Bar - a circular bar designed by James Irvine - , The Land of Lu - an installation projected by Ross Lovegrove - and Diode - lamps and exhibits designed by Marc Newson.

As habit, the exhibition at the "Salone Satellite" proves to be a fresh manifestation, extremely creative and interesting, even if the selection of the participants can, in some way, to send back the comparison; it is necessary to leave that all are part of the creative game.
This year were 400 the joung designers arrived from 23 countries, audacious, brilliant were in 400, little prone to subterfuge, full of entrepreneurial spirit. Their originality strucks for being outside of the games of the market and for the fresh presentation of the own goods.
The days of the Milan design have finally evidenced some aspects of the domestic contemporaneity in which the house seems to have lost both the semantic and physical limitations; the house is all and nothing, the house is everywhere. A Total Living in which - as suggested from the reflections of the book introduced from Pitti Immagine - we must see the consistency of one relation - that one between fashion and design - like a possible and strong evolutionary matrix of the domus.

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Text by: 
Angelo Minisci 



In cooperation with:
Eva Bugiani
M.Angeles Fernández Alvarez