Arflex was born in 1950. Arflex creates, produces it and commercializes furnishing products for the house, the office and the contract of high technological and aesthetic level. The products, from the innovative forms and with vanguard technologies, are fruit of continuos in-depth researches and experimentations, let alone of the cooperation and the engagement of italian and foreign architects and designers. The vocation eminently test her of Arflex what is with a commercial nature which specific attention to the distributive organization sia in Italy springs from combined abroad.

Enpleinair design by Monica Graffeo, is a chair in plastic for indoor and outdoord obtained by means of a rotation moulding, the bearing structure is made in painted still rod.

Live is a sofas and shelves system made using MDF combined with aluminium. The shelves with an structure in MDF covered with aluminium. The sofa with base in MDF covered in aluminium. Seat and backrest with wooden structure covered in stress-resistant. Springing by means of reinforced elastic straps. Armrests with the same structure. Feet in painted steel. The sofa is available with different heights of arms and backrests. By Giuseppe ViganÚ.

Monica Graffeo designs also Mints. It is a stacking chair, made from polyurethane, foamed on a tubular structure chrome-plated metal. The foamed part has a particular shape designed to use the polyurethane as little as possible: the empty space among the foamed parts has just the aim to take away the material and to make the chair lighter, which otherwise could be quite heavy. The shape of this chair is also born to communicate and to amplify in a visual way the softness of the material: the foamed parts are very soft and become pliable, adapting to any body weight thanks to the springs embedded into the foam. This was her personal dream: to create comfortable and soft products. She dreamed a chair in which she could sit without, at a certain point, having pins and needles in the legs, because of the traumatic contact of her soft body on a stiff structure. A product which can communicate, also in a visual way, an idea of softness. Mints Chair with and without armrests in metal structure padded with injection polyurethane foam. Chrome-plated metal legs.

Mints Stool in metal structure padded with injection polyurethane foam, chrome-plated frame. It is height adjustable. In white, black, grey, fuchsia.

Mints Small Tables with chrome-plated base, top in painted stiff polyurethane, just right for outdoor and indoor use.

With over 50 years of experience in furniture production, Arflex had also realized various historical products and design masterpieces: Antropus – legendary armchair by Marco Zanuso that was the first attempts to identify ways to manufacture, on an industrial scale, foam rubber upholstery for domestic use –, Lady armchair – an icon of the italian design of the Fifties designed by Marco Zanuso –, Fiorenza armchair – designed by Franco Albini –, Delfino – comfortable armchairs by Erberto Carboni –, Fourline – linear armchairs by Marco Zanuso showed for the first time at the XIII Milan Triennale –, Martingala – armchair by Marco Zanuso –, Bobo Relax – dormeuse designed by Cini Boeri –, Amado – sofas by Cini Boeri –, Armilla – armchairs by Burkhard Vogtherr –, Virgola – original armchairs by Yaacov Kaufman –, Civetta – chairs by Yaacov Kaufman –, Shon – sofa by Fabrizio Ballardini and Lucio Costanzi –, Kay – bookshelves by Studio Cerri & Associati –, Anton – leather chairs by Burkhard Vogtherr –, Moods – elegant sofa by Hannes Wettstein –, Spline – chairs and armchairs by Hannes Wettstein –, Brera – sofa by Stefano Gallizioli.

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