Alias, an Italian company, has its headquarters in Grumello del Monte in the province of Bergamo. Since 1979, it has been producing furniture and objects for the home which, through their unusual features, have played an important role in the development of Italian made furnishing culture and on the international high quality design scenario.
In recent years, Alias has chose to open up to the future, by developing structures, tools and methods suitable for facing up to the new producers it competes with on the market. Since its beginnings in 1979, Alias immediately took that original, non-conformist route, in which research and design are all important. The company's first designers were Giandomenico Belotti and Vico Magistretti: there's no forgetting Magistretti's historical broomstick series and Belotti's spaghetti chair, now renowned throughout the world.

The product's importance in terms of quality contributed to refining Alias's production processes. So, in addition to the project's long-standing quality, Alias had to ensure both severe product functionality plus absolute precision of production and lead times. Designers and company are united in creating objects that speak a simple, direct language, have essential shapes and are truly innovative in practice.

Every designer co-operating with Alias has a different education, training and background, but if you take a look at the firm's production range as a whole, you cannot fail to notice its intrinsic coherence. It makes all Alias projects look up-to-date, able to cut through time, above and beyond fashion.

New and interesting products are presented at International furniture fair.
The T-shaped frame that gave its name Tt to this range of padded chairs is the static linchpin of Alfredo Häberli design. While instantly suited to contract furnishings, these products (small sofas, armchairs, and padded benches and stools) are also perfect for contemporary domestic interiors where functions are often combined and transformed.

Tindari and Taormina are part of the same collection of chairs by Haberli based on the concept of Segesta and Selinunte. Tindari and Taormina chairs have the right form and function for stylish interiors, whether in the home or in contract furnishings.

Segesta is not just an attractive graphic shape transformed into a chair. The Segesta armchair and Selinunte chair by Alfredo Haberli are part of a collection of chairs with a techno-polymer shell, now also available in a new grey colour.

Sec is modular component system has a modular frame made from extruded aluminium profiles by Alfredo Häberli and Christophe Marchand. It can be used to make the tiniest bedside table or the largest wall storage unit that can be used as a room separator. The Alias Sec Cd-Rom contains software to help design compositions for any situation, for house or contract use.

The unusual organic shape of the new Alias storage system is Layout, the result of original research into the expressive possibilities of a very well-known material, extruded aluminium. Unconventional and decorative in shape, it is practical and rational to use and the five new heights available makes it extremely flexible. Design by Michele De Lucchi.

There are numerous kind of Frame seats developed by Alias thanks to the unconventional use of polyester net, covered with pvc colors. Highframe and Bigframe (stackable) are also available with Longframe and Armframe with or without arms. Also in this two versions Meetingframe, with four-spoked base, Rollingframe,five-spoked with wheels and Floatingframe, comfortable seats on aluminium bars. Designed by Alberto Meda.

Simply designed and comfortable to use, Alberto Meda's prototype for the Uli competition "A Bench for Milan", is the result of a choice to retain a design typology familiar to the Milanese urban landscape and reinterpret it using new materials and contemporary technology. Setes is a light product with the power of Alias' experience in manufacturing outdoor furniture, which brings a domestic quality to the city, inviting your to sit down, like its name.

Finally we also remember some "evergreen" products from the Alias Collection of the past years: the chairs Prima, Seconda, Quinta, Latonda and Botta 91, – all designed by Mario Botta –, the dresser Robot – again designed by Mario Botta –, the well-known Spaghetti Chair – chair, stool and small armchair created by Giandomenico Belotti –, Atlas Chair, Atlas Stool and Atlas table – the chair collection designed by Jasper Morrison –, Laleggera Chair, Laleggera Stool, Laleggera Bench, Ilvolo table – the winning collection by Riccardo Blumer –, 01 02 03 – range of containers designed by Tamar Ben David –, Legnoletto – inventive project by Alfredo Häberli –, Tree Table – table collection realized by Paolo Rizzatto –, Young Lady, Rolling Lady, Rolling Girl, Rolling Boy and Young Girl – family of chairs and armchairs designed by Paolo Rizzatto –, Flexus and Monoflexus – upholstered collection also designed by Paolo Rizzatto – and the table Frametable – designed by Alberto Meda.

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