The creation of Adrenalina – a project of the owners of the head office Domingo Salotti s.r.l., operating in this sector since 1973, became reality after the meeting with the florentine architect and designer Simone Micheli – stems from the need to break away from the "commonplace" of sofas, the traditionalism and the static nature of a sector that for some time had not been very innovative in the light of a highly expanding market.
The year 1999 marks the entrance in the productive sector thanks to the participation to the exhibition "Abitare Il Tempo" in 1999, where a first line of "trendy" sofas, excessive and daring in shapes and colors was presented, thus anticipating the return of color which was becoming popular in fashion and that slowly started to affect the furniture sector.
At the beginning Adrenalina preferred the contract world, because it seemed more open and available to new materials, shapes, colors, combinations and contrasts. The company was immediately appreciated and customers were satisfied, also because the contract proposals right from the beginning complied with the required standards and parameters: class I fire-proof materials, tested armchairs, etc. In four years the great success in the contract sector, allowed the company to decorate the best public areas and hotels in Europe.
But Adrenalina certainly did not neglect the home either. And, today, the Adrenalina's proposals capture the attention of a curious public, not only young but very heterogeneous. In 2002 a specific project was launched for the home with the model Quadromoda, the first collection designed for relaxing and feeling comfortable at home. The Adrenalina home collection is consolidated in 2003 with the other proposals of the Mada and collection, less eccentric products, based more on the desire for intimacy and comfort.
Adrenalina is very successful in many European markets: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, in the former Soviet Union countries and in Europe in general and in the US. But the diamond tip of the business is Great Britain, a very fluid market and constantly evolving, where a lot is invested in room renewal and renovation, but people also dare more in the homes with more informal and fun pieces.

Visionary, neopop and highly comfortable, the new entries by Adrenalina for the Milan Furniture Exhibition 2005 take inspiration from the '70s. With theirs eccentric and original both rounded and squared forms, the new Adrenalina's products satisfy any different expectations of an unusual way of sitting.

The first proposal is Sexychair – a seat designed by Simone Micheli – that is a tribute to the female figure. With its allusive curvy forms and metallic armrests, Sexychair has the appeal of a beautiful woman, and amuses itself by constantly mixing the "cards on the table" while at the same time providing functional comfort. Sexychair enjoying a dialectical relationship with space and can be upholstered, in several colours of materials and leathers featured in the Adrenalina sample book. The eighties-style 4cm – diameter tube – armrest is made of metal tubing and the seat of expanded polyurethane.

Plexx – an armchair, a 2 seater sofa and a pouf designed by Simone Micheli – mixes the funny neopop style with comfort features in a "light" coloured collection. Plexx collection is a combination of unusual plexiglass material and traditional upholstered cushions. The fabric's colour reflects in the plexiglass and shines through It, creating a particular succession of plays of light. Beside Its eccentric and coloured power Plexx offers also high comfort. It can be easily put in small or big spaces and It'll mark the room with Its strong personality. The structure is made of plexiglass. The backrest and seat cushions are made of polyurethane.

The new modular collection Go – again designed by Simone Micheli –, is particullary devoted to the great spaces an to the family atmospheres. This collection offers a big range of modular chairs and sofas created in order to be combined together and build an infinite number of compositions. Comfort is the must of this collection, which is perfect for the living room where the people of the house spend their spare time and search relax. The entire Go collection is characterized by the distinctive feature of having only one armrest: right or left as to customer's choice. Structure made of wooden upholstered with polyurethane foam and fibrefill. Sitting cushions with interlaced straps. Backrest support made of 4 cm diam.
metal tubing.

Polifemo is the new sitting-creation by Simone Micheli for Adrenalina. An epic name which reminds everyone the terryfing Homeric character but in a modern version becoming an eccentric and fun travelling companion. Polifemo is an unusual sitting surface with sculptural design but not only, once in a house It becomes a real character, a creature transmitting comfort and fun. Steel and polyurethan frame covered with real metalizied leather. The "eye" is a lighting blue led 220 W.

Olo is the first of the Adrenalina's products jumped on the sofa market in the 1999. It has become in the meanwhile the "classic piece" in the Adrenalina family thanks to its particular and odd attributes, further more thanks to its unique elegance. For this season our star wears a new golden "dress" made of real high quality leather, which contributes to sketch its figure. The collection offers also a 3 seater sofa, a pouf and a coffee table. Designed by Simone Micheli.

Another best-seller in the enterprise Ubo – a collection of squared sofas and armchairs with a cubic pouf, which can be put on the chair or the sofa and disappears within them . A '70s style collection – created by Simone Micheli – now covered with jeans.

Finally, of the last seasons, we remember: the armchair Symbol, the linear shaped collections Nuda and Pan, the ironic seats – armchairs, sofas and poufs – Op and the "soft" geometric shapes of the collections Otto and Ella – all designed by Simone Micheli.

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