The new Baleri Italia comes to the 2005 Milan Furniture Show with several new and exciting things: a new line of products by famous and upcoming designers, a new fabric collection coordinated and designed in part by Nino Cerruti, and a completely renewed showroom on via Cavallotti in Milan. The choice of designers for the eclectic 2005 collection is based upon a search for differences and styles to be freely blended in a home that must be on a human scale designed for both men and women.

The Baleri Italia 2005 collection is created by exceptional designers who have allowed us to create extraordinary articles in a very short time: Ilse Crawford, Arik Levy, Jeff Miller, Marcel Wanders, Hannes Wettstein and EB&C.

Marcel Wanders designed a chair that combines two strong iconographic elements – the heart and the skirt: decorative but also functional details.
Ballerina is ironic and provocative, but extremely functional. A snap fastener – transformed into a decorative detail – makes it possible to dress and undress the chair in an easy and intuitive way, a fundamental characteristic for those contexts where it is necessary to wash the housse frequently.

Bentz is a sculptural but extremely practical table: the curves of the base allow it not to interfere with the legs of those sitting at the table. By Jeff Miller.

Clipt is an extremely innovative chair: the shell and the base are coupled without screws or any other mechanical device, but just using the mechanical characteristics of the steel round bar that, appropriately bent, holds the shell firm like a spring or a big clip, hence its name. Clipt is the Miller's chair suitable both for residential and contract market.

Flipt is a Jeff Miller's lounge chair that, when called into action, or lack of, becomes a chaise longue. With a simple and intuitive movement the double seat flips forward, opening up and thus doubling the length of the chair. When Flipt is open in its c haise longue configuration the curve of the seat does not show any visible break, but instead it repeats itself with fluidity and becomes an elegant and comfortable wave. This original and innovative solution allows to save space when the chair is closed in its lounge state and not to look like a folding chair when it is open. The pillow was developed to position itself naturally at different heights in the lounge and chaise longue configuration, further maximizing comfort.

Horizon by Arik Lvy is a modular seating system composed of sofas with two or three seats with cushions, armchairs, dormeuse with one armrest, day bed and pouf. Horizon is available in two heights: one for residential use and one for contract market.

Otis is a seating system composed of sofas and armchairs available with two, one or without oversized armrests, pouf, free-standing cushions, working tops in corian design by Hannes Wettstein and EB&C. Otis has a soul, several souls, an homage to the great Otis.

Otis is a site to live and spend happiness.

The Other is a containers and sidetables by Ilse Crawford with light Mdf structure, steel feet, decorated mirror surfaces and laquered interiors. The line debuts with a vertical chest of drawers, an horizontal container with doors, a coffee-table, a sidetable and a wall mirror.

Finally, we also remember some products realized by Baleri Italia in the past seasons: Gio' Day Bed and Gio' Outline – chaise longue and day bed designed by Luigi Baroli –, Mar – chair and small armchair by Luigi Baroli –, Lisa – seat designed by Perry King and Santiago Miranda –, T-Table – table by Angelo MangiarottiCeline – small table and tray with vase by Denis Santachiara –, Florian – coffe table by Luigi Baroli –, Bobilla – shelving system by Enrico Baleri –, Mama – rocking chair by Denis Santachiara –, Cartoons – screen by Luigi Baroli –, Caprichair, Juliette and Ludwig – armchair, seats and table designed by Hannes Wettstein –, Bristol – sofa by Enrico Baleri – nonch Cafe' Chair, Francesca Spanish, Cafe' Costes, President M, Mac Gee and Richard III – chair, small armchair, coffe table, table, shelving system and armchair designed by Philippe Starck.

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