B&B Italia of Noverdate (Como), established in 1966, has been a leading company in the field of design furniture. The company's ability to reflect contemporary culture, has resulted in a collection of world-famous furnishings.
The company stands out in the panorama of the furniture market for the way in which it has been able to develop an industrial system that involves all the links in the production chain – research, manufacturing, marketing.
B&B Japan Co. has been established to implement a business strategy whose purpose is to spur the growth of B&B Italia in key countries in the Far East. The new partnership involves B&B Italia, DHJ and Mitsui – two leaders in the importation and distribution of top Western brands in Japan.
On the occasion of Milan Furniture Fair, B&B Italia presents a series of highly innovative products bearing witness to the research and experimentation skills that have always marked its corporate philosophy.

In the wake of popular best sellers such as Sity, Harry and Charles, which have been epoch-making in the history of B&B Italia, the sofa Arne by Antonio Citterio offers extraordinary options as far as practical aspects and use of space are concerned. The modularity of its elements enables to obtain seats with different depths, which may take up more or less space, to be arranged in line or corner solutions, with a selection of different kinds of armrests.

Arne complements, a series of small containers for books made of curved wood with lacquered interior finish, which can be set up individually or grouped with small desks resting on chrome-plated steel rod supports.
A pin enables these elements to rotate and follow the shape of Arne's curved backrest, offering the possibility of creating an additional top at the back of the sofa. The same range includes a low table made of curved wood as well, with light oak, grey, brown and cognac finishes, with methacrylate supports and glossy lacquered interior.

Designed as complements to the Arne system, the small armchairs J.J. are proposed in two different sizes: one for relaxation, with high backrest equipped with headrest and loinrest, and a lower one for conversation, provided only with a loinrest. The bottom is made of chrome-plated steel rods supporting an oak frame with light, grey, brown or cognac finish.
The seat is made of blue or black criss-crossed bands attached to the wooden frame, and a cushion upholstery stretched across the wooden frame made of leather or pony skin. The position of both headrest and loinrest can be adjusted to the needs of the user.

In Domus '03 new sideboards are presented, equipped with two doors, or a single door and a drawer, or entirely with drawers. Many different colour and material matches can be achieved on fronts or between front and frame, for this useful container.

Patricia Urquiola with har project Tufty-Time, offers, with great innovatory spirit, an excellent solution to such issues as modularity, comfort and removable covers. The result of this project is an informal system with free and versatile configurations. The modular system starts with a pouf; besides this basic piece we have central, corner and end units with high or low armrest. Particularly enveloping in the deeper version, Tufty-Time becomes a true meeting place, a cosy shelter where to let yourself go.
Small tables Digitable, of "water-jet" perforated aluminium sheet, glossy or black, "U"-bent, displaying a peculiar design obtained by water trimming.

The bookcase Shelf X by Naoto Fukasawa can be set up along the wall or in any place mid-room as a partition; its distinguishing feature is the X-shaped diagonal that links outer frame and shelves. Enhanced by a high graphic impact, this piece is made of white Corian and gives the impression of having been 'carved' from a block of marble.

The container Outside, a rectangular box with a cavity shaped like half an egg carved out of one side, is the perfect bowl or fruit basket, with a purpose that can change according to the need of the moment. The egg Inside can also be taken apart into four ready-for-use trays.

Ceramic candle holder Tetra, is available in black and white. It is made of three small equal-size tubes, set at different angles and meeting at the centre to support a fourth, perfectly vertical one. The object reflects the world of nature, recalling out-of-scale bird claws or roots looked at through a microscope.

A precious paperweight, TV, that turns into a magnifying glass for words and pictures when resting on the paper sheets.

Twist and Groove: two pencil holders, one with a square base, the other with a rectangular one. Processed out of polyurethane resin and coated with a special velvety paint (Soft-touch), black colour, always by Naoto Fukasawa. The clean lines of the design are in contrast with the orderly disorder of the composition: in the rectangular version, Groove, the pencils are placed in an apparently casual manner within the grooved base, creating the effect of an interrupted game of spillikins. In the square version, Twist, the pencils are placed neatly in little holes forming a circle, with the surprise effect of each pencil standing at a different angle.

A 'suspended' white frame, a base designed like the shadow of the frame on the floor: thanks to the balance of this small architecture, Fly by Ora-Ito seems to float mid-air. Essential, basic and sophisticated, this chaise longue features a fabric-upholstered seat.

A best seller of 2001, it is now more comfortable with the addition of an armrest, which by no means affects its vibrant shape. Further improvements of Landscape '05 by Jeffrey Bernett: the new glossy chrome-plated finish for the support and the entirely removable cover of the seat.

Athos, by Paolo Piva widens its range presenting a new extensible table; for eight up to twelve people. Matching the same structure design, a new multi-purpose console was added, provided with a drawer and a separate shelf below, which can be used also as a bench (h 45 cm).

The lamp Abat Jour is characterised by a classic shape and a truncated cone supporting a cylinder, in line with the Ettore Sottsass style. The available versions are yellow and mat black, with black glass lampshade.
A triangular shape with softened corners, supported by a light frame in square-section tubular metal, forms the Delta lamp table by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Overscale; candles that resemble sinuous sculptures, enclosed by a neat metal frame. Like a precious jewel or a rare stone, this accessory is meant to be put on display rather than lit.

Concerning past season, we notice the UP series – that since its first appearance has been one of the most outstanding expressions of design – by Gaetano Pesce –, the comfortable armachair Radar – by James Irvine –, the 360-degree swivel armchair Tulip and the chair Metropolitan – by Jeffrey Bernett –, the Mart seating project, which results from a new production technology for thermoformed leather and the small tables Eileen – always by Antonio Citterio –, the light chair Lazy, and also the tables and pouff that recall the style of Moroccan ottomans Fat Fat – by Patricia Urquiola.

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