Bonaldo, in Villanova (Padova), has been active for more than fifty years at the national and international level thanks to products that meet the many shades relating to conteporary dwelling style: chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories.
Having achieved complete know-how in the industrialization of metalworking, our present-day designs and production also make use of other types of manufacturing and materials, such as aluminium die-casting, cold moulded flexible polyurethane and polypropylene. Different materials co-exist in perfect armony, with the total reliability of the most technologically advanced manufacturing methods and the skill of our specialized technicians.

In 2005, Bonaldo launches a new and important collaboration with designer Karim Rashid. Bonaldo has assigned Rashid the creation of an entire collection thus continuing to promote its desire for innovation linked to a strong and modern image of design. An original and versatile designer with a distinctive trait, Rashid has created numerous objects ranging from cosmetics to fashion to design. For Bonaldo, Karim Rashid designed simple furnishing components with curvaceous and relaxed lines that lend the product a casual spirit. These aesthetically beautiful products for everyday use are inspired by the designer's interest in originality, which he perceives as a subtle thread that links the practicality of home objects to something more romantic, poetic and inspiring.
In Karim Rashid's view, the contemporary person must gain freedom from old traditions and obsolete rituals, increase awareness and become attuned to this day and age. It is this view that inspired the designer to create a new concept of the home through Bonaldo's new products: an environment conceived as free, flexible, relaxed and delicate. It is also why he chose unconventional colors like pink, green, yellow, orange, silver and white. Five products make up the collection: the chair Skip, the chaise-longue Dragonfly, the stool Skoop and the folding table Flap.

Bonaldo comes to Milan's Salone del Mobile with important news for its collection and image. Karim Rashid Mauro Lipparini (with the projects Cove, Glide, Jag, Laud and Kudo) have designed articulate collections that are different in style and target audience but both feature a strong personality. Alongside the collections, new items designed by Mario Mazzer, Dondoli and Pocci, Gino Carollo, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, Pier Vittorio Prevedello, Giuseppe Viganò, Peter Ross, Glenn Thomas, James Brönte, have coherently been added to Bonaldo's catalogue enriching its offer with new shapes and functions.

Spoon, a easy chair by Mario Mazzer, is characterized by a cozy oval hollow. The frame is a cozy shell of shiny fiberglass-reinforced plastic, integrated with a mattress in expanded polyurethane foam covered with leather or technical materials. The base consists of chrome-plated steel tubing.

Simple and organic design, together with structural lightness and comfort makes the chairs of the Lei collection by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci the ideal products to lend a touch of liveliness to home and professional environments. The four versions of Lei reflect their spirit in different frames: Lei has a structure with four legs and is stackable, Lei sì has a sliding leg, Lei four has a four-spike base and Lei tech is the swiveling version. All declinations of Lei are characterized by a slender steel structure that comes in two versions with different finishes – a chrome-plated or a varnished (white, black and silver) finish – that enhance the frame, covered in fabric or leather, or made out of multilayered composite technopolymere, available in white, ivory and light gray.

Again by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, a new version of the extendable table Chat with an automatic mechanism is out. Chat Double in fact can be extended on both sides. The top is in Doluflex® with finishes in anodized aluminum, moka-tinted oak, bleached oak and the brand new zebrawood finish. The frame is completely made out of aluminum.
Bonaldo with Claudio Dondoli e Marco Pocci was prompted to give life to the You project to answer the need for a light and dynamic home without forgetting the different possible uses in a contract environment. You is a comfortable, stackable seat that derives its modern appeal also from the freshness of its design and the combination of two contemporary materials: the structure, in fact, is in brushed or varnished diecast aluminum, while the seat and back consist of a particular pvc netting or in polycarbonate (transparent, gray, white, black and orange).

The most distinctive trait of Vision, the TV stand for plasma and LCD screens Gino Carollo, is the lack of corners. It consists of an intersection of two circles: a vertical circle, that makes up the main structure in which the screen is placed, and a horizontal circle that forms the shelf on which the DVD reader is placed.
Vision can turn 360° and it has room for DVDs on the sides. Available in the colors white, black and silver, while the base is made out of chrome-plated steel.

The coat stand Battista by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, with its unusual shape is a light source and, at the same time, a sculptural presence that will decorate any corner of the home or office.

Modularity is the main characteristic of Tolomeo, a sofa and accessory collection that will adapt to environments of any size and type, by Pier Vittorio Prevedello.

The mirror Look of Giuseppe Viganò, looks just as good on its own thanks to its important leather frame with vertical contrast stitching. It comes in a square and a rectangular version.

Fli is an extendable tables by Peter Ross. The frame of Fli comes in chrome-plated steel or varnished silver, black, white or ivory; the top and the extension are made out of a layered "full color" laminate.

Mirta and Marta by James Brönte belong to a series of chairs characterized by covers in soft and emery leather. Leather is a material that lends a touch of warmth and elegance to any kind of public or domestic environment. Different sizes make these seats particularly versatile: Mirta is perfect for an elegant dining room; Marta features a higher back and is ideal for the home office as well.

The production realized by Bonaldo also includes Ypso – the showy sofa by Christian Heimberger –, the sofas Bongo and Giubbe Rosse – by Denis Santachiara –, the chairs Amanda, Flip, Linda, My life, Ola – by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci – the tables Dry, Oliver, Oscar, Sirio, Ugo – by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, the hatstand fun Oz – always from Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, the particular bookcase Dna ad the mirror C02, the table in crystal H2O, the chairs Clone and Hydra – by Massimo Iosa Ghini –, the very particular chair Ron-Aldo Down – by Ron Arad –, and the eccentric colour table Blow-Up – by Gino Carollo.

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