Campeggi, in Anzano del Parco (Como), is a company that produces convertible objects of furnishing. Particularly specialized in beds and seats realizes, both for design and concept, a range of products of extremely innovative conception.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Campeggi presents the following products.

Airpouf by Lorenzo Damiani is an hoover comfortable as sitting place but also as home appliance. It appears like a sphere with three holes: the first one for the draft tube, the second one for the start button and the last one for the air-escaping. Furniture item, hoover and hocus-pocus, Airpouf identifies in this way the concept of multi-functionality.

Bu armchair is characterized by a very clean line, inspired by that of tub armchairs, small and contained dimensions. Bu hides an efficient and light bed system and mattress in polyurethane foam. Thanks to Bu the pleasure of having guests becomes simple and comfortable.

Island by Giulio Manzoni, is the upholstery for the contemporany home. When folded it is a sofa and it is perfect to relax. Then as if by surprise simply by pressing the lever placed on the arm Island turns into a mega chaise-longue. It is not a function hidden within an object but the metamorphosis of an object that carries out various functions and transforms the domestic enviroment.

Obl˛ by Vico Magistretti is a project out of rules; it is at he same time a sofa, a chaise-longue, a single or double bed. It is an undefined object to rest, to realx, to sleep: the natural flexibility of the component allows, in fact, whoever sits on it freedom to modify design and performance of Obl˛ to their preference.

Taplit, a carpet and a lamp as they appear: objects of calm order by Denis Santachiara. Nevertheless from this strange couple something unexpected comes out: an emergency airbed, set in the womb of the carpet. The lamp blows up the airbed in a few seconds; lamp which is at the same time source of light, inflater and bedside table for the night. Taplit tastes the possibility to join together totally different functions into the same object.

The production realized by Campeggi also includes the innovative bed Pisol˛ – a pouf by Denis Santachiara –, Pisola – an armchair by Denis Santachiara –, Xito – a multifunctional seat by Giovanni Levanti –, the sofa-beds AmpŔre – by Giulio Manzoni – and Magellano – by Vico Magistretti – and also the hybrid and very creative sofa-poster SofÓrt designed by Lorenzo Damiani.

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