Dema's production was based on clearly defined basic principles: technical and aesthetic quality in design, functionality and environmental compatibility. Dema's history begins in the heartland of Tuscany. In time, this vocation has made for a unique collection in taste, technology and creativity, unrivalled on the international market for quality design sofas and armchairs.

Dema relies on the co-operation of well-known designers. Its main focus is on the production of armchairs and sofas for indoor environments. In recent years the company has widened its scope to include in its range of product, high-tech 'contract' projects featuring state-of-the-art environmental compatibility. Several Dema projects have been the recipients of major international awards.

Few weeks ago the Medium Lips armchair designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga became the recipient of Good Design awards, it is a much-coveted recognition for innovative and state-of-the-art design the world over. An elegant armchair, a piece of recognisable refinement of trait and high quality materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and curving zebrano wood. Medium Lips will be exhibited for a year at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago. It will also be featured at all highest qualified American stores, where the best in 'Made in Italy' design can be found.

The new Plaza collection, designed by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni, features all the distinguishing qualities of Dema products: research, taste, creativity, technology and passion. The Plaza collection includes every element for the creation of a harmonious and contemporary living environment. Building on a "modular basic element", it evolves with accessories (support panels, small tables) and is rounded off by the addition of small armchairs and a true relaxation armchair featuring a recliner mechanism. The true protagonist of the Plaza collection is its sofa, enriched with top aesthetic and technological features. The entire collection features this original coupling in materials - fabric and leather - emphasised by Dema's thorough and craftsmanlike care for detail. The accurate and refined study of colours should also be observed, as the entire collection offers careful chromatic combinations in lining and leather.

Dema's offer in Lighting products has also been widened, with 3 new lamps in the Exteso range by Carlo Bimbi. In this case Dema's material of choice for Lighting products – alabaster – is coupled up with leather and stainless steel, with the creation of a new lamp support and two new table lamps. Design by Carlo Bimbi.

The relaxation armchair Mia, design by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni represents a reference point for all who an element of high taste and focussed functionality. The technological structure of this recliner armchair meets comfort requirements through a "no-stress mechanism", an easy to use device consistently applied to all items included in the Dema range of products. As usual, thorough care was devoted to details and to all material and chromatic aspects in the lining range.

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