The company founded and still leaded with great energy by Benito Luigi Giovanetti, was born in the mid sixties and gained immediately the world wide attention with its innovative and research products, perfectly matching the experimental climate of those years, when new forms were being created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, meeting and conversing. Anfibio is a product born as a convertible sofa designed by Alessandro Becchi. Anfibio represented the commercial growth of the company and made it raise to the Olympus of art and design. In 1972 Anfibio won the glamurous "Compasso d'oro" award, and nowadays it's represented in ten modern art museums all over the world. In the eighties, this success gave Giovannetti the posibility to become popular abroad, and to get in touch with the commercial and production entities of other countries. The international comparison was the main growth factor which enabled Giovannetti to gain a highly qualified "know how". From this continuous creative source, many interesting solutions for unusual and customized furnishings were born. The latest proposals follow the same direction and the ability to meet the most demanding cutomers requirements. To achieve this goal, the company is developing its latest collaborations together with some young, smart and inspired designers, giving light to the new projects.

With Clubby Flowers, Sandro Santantonio intended to draw the image of a flowery bouquet. Flower, Daisy and Rose were born from this concept: a girls clan, where the strength of the flowers highlights the female look of the object. Flower, is placed in production since 2004, she was the first to be brought to light in the clan. Daisy came afterwards, she is a brand new swivel chair, suitable to any use. Rose, a chair with a sledge-shape base, all of them very comfortable.

Dune is a double-edged project, the artistic-creative one, that is rendered by the force of the design and by the originality of the seat; and the project- architectural one, both parts belong in fact to Sandro Santantonio and Rocco Bruno, designers that conceived and drawn it. With wooden structure. The grounding bases are made of steel profile.

Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone have designed soft lines and round corners for Alice a chair that represents a thin and comfortable design, suitable to any environment in a simple and elegant way. It has a minimalist steel rod structure and a padded seat, with removable cover.

Place is a sofa that fits into the domestic environment like a dynamic architecture, a landscape-architecture that, together with the Alice chair becomes a system where you can work, read, watch TV, or simply relax yourself. The seat created by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone is provided with a sliding mechanism that, when needed, changes it into a bed. The final element is a box / shelf closed by three ABS doors.The island may be equipped with ottomans and satellite low tables with a steel rod base and MDF lacquered top, available fucsia, red and black coloured.

Jolly Little Tables, a series of small tables, available in three different features: Jolly round, Jolly square, Jolly mix, all designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone.

A proper sign is finally due for some "historical" products – but more properly maybe right to say timeless objects – that evidence the great manufacturing tradition of the enterpise based in Pistoia. Besides the already mentioned Anfibio, we remember Papillon – informal armchair and sofa by Guido Rosati –, Boss – articulated sofa by Paolo Piva –, the "eighteenth-century" Galassia – a sofa by Sergio Giobbi and Atelier Associati –, Ancella – "iconic" restless muse and multiuse armchair by Mario Lovi –, Momma – friendly seat by Mirko Pallecchi –, Girovaghi – ironic sofa by Renzo M. Benci –, Roly Poly – comfortable seat/rocking chair created by Guido Rosati –, the shining Link – sofa and seat by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, Jetson – tribal and sensual seat/hammock by Guglielmo Berchicci –, Isa – hybrid dormeuse/chaise-loungue by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, the very peculiar Bubba – sofa by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, the enigmatic and attractive Giramondo - Tribute to Boullée – circular seat by Norberto Delfinetti –, Gabbiano – hybrid chaise-loungue/rocking chair by Carin Silva Gil – and the linear-shaped Friends – sofa by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta.

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