Kartell, at the turn of its fiftieth year, addresses an international public satisfying its most diverse needs both for what regards concrete functional needs and product style. This happens through its two divisions - HABITAT furniture and accessories for the house, office and contract - and LABWARE - technical items for laboratories. Their common elements: plastics, design and technology.

Habitat catalogue is composed of a wide and diversified range of industrial designer products: functional, practical, inexpensive, durable, in fashion and of quality. This result is reached thanks to a constant process of innovation that deals just as much with the search for new material as the experimentation of new planning solutions so as to satisfy different needs and bring forth original aesthetic suggestiveness.

Labware division is a leader in the production of items in plastics, reusable and disposable for the laboratory, the research and the industry world-wide. The use of first level materials make the use of plastic as valid alternative to glass, both for economicity and for quality.

Kartell was the first company to develop the idea of transparency by using one particular material, polycarbonate, for its aesthetic and functional qualities, together with the most innovative technology. As far as products are concerned, Kartell was the only company brave enough to concentrate on widening its range and diversifying its products without any new acquisitions or participations, resulting in great commercial success.

All Kartell 2005 new products share the common characteristics of innovation, research and experimentation, along with optimized use of the most sophisticated technology. Particular attention was also given to the study of surfaces and light reflection research. The result of this was the creation of certain objects which make the brand easily recognisable and unique. The same team of designers is confirmed for 2005, this year will be marked by the presentation of new products and product types: Charles Ghost stools, François Ghost mirrors, Philippe Starck's Victoria Ghost chairs, Antonio Citterio's Flip trolleys…

Patricia Urquiola's T-Table, arising from the desire for research and innovation for surfaces, aimed at obtaining new visual and tactile effects. The top of the T-Table has a surface composed of alternating solid areas and holes creating an elegant and richly decorative structure, similar to embroidery. A series of side tables resulting from Patricia Urquiola's creativity together with Kartell's potential and technological know-how.

The Usame side-table, again by Patricia Urquiola is versatile, and can be used as a side table, a bedside table or, if necessary, it can even be transformed into a bed tray. A complex and articulated object that, in spite of its simplicity, is sophisticated and extremely refined. Usame has floral decoration with echoes of art deco is created entirely in the printing phase.

Patrick Jouin's Optic cube, an exciting object: a cube with a surface made up of transparent or mirrored facets, which give a wonderful play on colours and reflected images, creating an almost magical atmosphere. Optic is another product resulting from special research of surfaces. It is split into square-based pyramid modules which create unusual optical effect patterns through the reflection of light.

Ferruccio Laviani's , a new hanging lamp, radiates light reflection and colours from its rose and cap with a plissé effect.The design of is very simple and essential, but the effect created when it is switched on is of great richness of reflection, of light and colours. Made entirely in polycarbonate, has two souls. The first from the transparency effect, with delicate and sophisticated colours. The second is the result of the effect of white and black combined with gold, and the chromed version.

Vico Magistretti's Nihau chair is the result of in-depth research and innovation, implementing new technology to create the shape of the chair and obtaining different thicknesses while keeping the same simplicity of form. Designed by one of the greatest masters of Italian design, Vico Magistretti, Nihau will be a main feature of the most exclusive homes, and with its eclectic personality it will perfectly fit in both classic and modern decors.

Philippe Starck's Topcut chair is a technological challenge, making use of two different materials harmoniously combined into a single piece and at the same time reproposing the features of transparency and opaqueness. In Topcut both minimalist and classic characters coexist.

The Mademoiselle Pol armchair, again by Philippe Starck, also juxtaposes different materials, using the Mademoiselle transparent polycarbonate base with a semi-structured polyurethane seat with opaque finishing and a highly attractive rounded shape. Mademoiselle, in fact, is a new conception that matches transparency with softness, aesthetics with comfort, a delicate appearance with functional strength. It is one of the new products of the year, innovative, elegant and presented for the first time also thanks to the collaboration with Missoni Home.

Antonio Citterio's semi-adjustable office Spoon Chair is the result of in-depth ergonomic research with its specially strengthened curve and the sophisticated design of its movement mechanism.

Entering the sphere of upholstered furniture, following on the successful Plastics project, Piero Lissoni's creative talent has produced Trix. A seating system composed of three cushions in different sizes linked together by an elegant system of tie rods, which, with a simple rotating movement, can be transformed and used in different ways.

Charles Ghost by Philippe Starck is a transparent polycarbonate monobloc, and as such is practically indestructible and can be used everywhere. The shape recalls that of the seats of the 1800s, with the rounded and slightly curving line of the leg, an icon of the classic stool.

A glance at the past, and a plunge in the present. François Ghost by Philippe Starck, a series of wall mirrors in two sizes, with a rectangular shape and frames reminiscent of ground crystal.

A chair created on the classic lines of the Louis Ghost and essential lines of the La Marie, Victoria Ghost by Philippe Starck, is stable, comfortable, scratchproof and shockproof, and resistant to atmospheric agents. An object with great charisma and personality, which will enhance any type of environment giving added elegance.

A modular bookcase, a lightweight structure, open on all sides, linear, with an essential design. Li-brary by Philippe Starck, is resistent, practical, versatile and easy to assemble, it is suitable for every kind of environment.

Toptop, a round table conceived for use in public places. With a minimal, simple, essential line. Design by Philippe Starck.

Flip is a winning combination of plastic material. Flip, the Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen's new product, can be used as a trolley, ideal for serving aperitifs and snacks, but also as a coffee table in front of the sofa. It is practical, light, elegant and easy to manoeuvre. It also folds up and, when closed, takes up a minimum of space and is extremely simple to put away.

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