Lago, in Villa del Conte (Padova), is a project that never forgets the importance of man and makes its ideas accessible. We design products that are practical and sturdy. Our products are the protagonists of their design.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Lago presents the following products.

Diamante, by Daniele Lago, drawer units characterised by the removal of material by means of a diagonal cut on the front of the drawers which creates a new handle.
Diamante dialogues with the light, transforming the light and shade areas on the inclined surfaces.

Amplia A24: a modular system consisting of three independent units: cabinets, bench and panelling have been designed to suit any space, regardless of dimensions.

The production realized by Lago also includes the next products.

Sober in shape and function yet with extrovert looks. Morgana puts the bench concept into a colourful spin. The steel frame with whitened walnut support bear the four drawers that are lobster red, bright yellow, red and ocean blue. The internal neon light makes the colours even brighter.
The concept at the basis of Morgana is movement. Capacious drawers set one above the other with total freedom of movement. All the solutions provide endless option in terms of colour combinations and accessories.
The Morgana chest of drawers is pratical and elegant and is just perfect for your living room or bedroom. It is based on a unique structural design feature an internal joint which enables each drawer to rotate and slide laterally in four directions. The unit in the photograph consist of four large white drawers and can be moved around on four matching wheels.

One cube, two cubes, a "Net" of cubes with 40-cm-long sides that can be mixed and matched. Everyone can create a bookcase tailored to their needs and taste.
Net expands the boundaries of creativity and space, because it easily adapts to any environment by separating areas and creating new ones.
One of its strengths is the pin that connects a cube to the one above it: each cube can rotate freely, so that a linear and clean solution can become sinuous and dynamic.

From design by Enzo Berti are three different chairs of an ancient beauty, with shapes that are iconic and eternal. What they have in common is a timber back which is a familiar archetype. A circle which encloses perfection in looks and ergonomics: the walnut back of the Ampolla chair, delicately moulded and intricately crafted, is connected by a steel joint to the white Montecarlo 01 fabric upholstered seat.
Balestra has many strings to its bow . Its moulded, cleanly designed, timber back, springs from the craftsman made red saddle-stitched leather seat.
Pala's back is sculpture-like. A pure, o so slightly convex form, grafted onto a steel joint in the upholstered melange grey Montecarlo fabric.

As with an unconventional jigsaw puzzle, the shelves Pontaccio, by Enzo Berti, Carlos Garcia, Scuola Italiana Design shelves can be arranged freely. They consist of a lower piece which is attached to the wall with an aluminium fitting and an upper one which slides over it sideways. Sideways movement creates a variety of surprising, ''graphical effects''. You can play around to find a look that suits your needs and your environment.

The principle of the lever is at the basis of the Statica bookcase's shelves. The shelves are simply inserted into the beam to the left or to the right and their height can be adjusted at will.
Let your guests believe this is magic. The supporting beam can be fixed to the wall or placed in the middle of the room and fixed to the floor and ceiling. The system is made complete with useful supporting tops for the television set and, on the top shelf, for the PC.
The rigorous shape of Statica turns it into the most important piece of furniture of the room. The picture shows a 250 cm black lacquered floor-ceiling beam with a white lacquered 140 cm shelf.

The concept at the basis of the Tangram bookcase derives from an old Chinese game made of seven geometric figures obtained from the division of a square. Lago was inspired by this concept and has turned it into a multi-function bookcase. It's up to you to give it a shape and a soul.

The "concept" at the basis of project Logica is the use of a 300x150 multilayer birch panel from which six clean-cut chairs are obtained, thus rationalising the use of materials and reducing production rejects. The minimalist shape of this chair greatly varies according to the finishing: it can be enlivened thanks to colours; it can be made sober with the multilayer hem and finally it can be adorned with leather stitching.

Yang is an elegant bed that included nomad objects: the containers, the cushions, the footboard.

Intimate dinner or New Year's Eve dinner? Loto by Franco Lago is a table that can be transformed in order to add more seats around it. The top can be divided into four parts and rotated upwards, thus giving rise to the extensions that make the top larger and that can be used separately, according to the needs. The table is square or rectangular in shape.

36e8 disegned by Daniele Lago, is a module measuring 36and8 x 36and8 cm. It gives a shape and substance to space by creating segments of different length to be placed one next to the other. It is functional and it likes transformations. It can camouflage as it likes. A crossword puzzle expanding vertically and horizontally; with more finishes and colours to choose and put together.

Vitra, is a coloured glass door, supported by a wooden panel, with neither frame nor trim around: elegance and essentiality. The handle is simply carved in the glass.
Libra, always by Daniele Lago's design,is a thick doors in dark oak with visible 180 hinges.

Punto, born for playing down the walls. As coloured soap bubbles able to lighten the spaces, it acquits to the storage function of a bookshelf and a TV-shelf. The shaped door draws the wall with essential signs, breaking the schemes, creating up to date unknown rhythms. Available in three dimensions with three different depths, it suits any space, from the living to the entrance, to the children bedroom.

Fluttua, a series of beds conceived like a multi-ply cantilever shelf supported by a metal frame with a single central base and secured to the wall.
This project has notable innovative themes: height adjustment of the telescopic support during fitting and possibility of maximising the space, in as much as the bed itself has been reduced as much as possible with only the space of the mattress remaining. The shape of the round version headboard has been created by removing part of the circle in order to visually and functionally integrate with the wall. The light under the slat enhances the bed suspension.

Morbidoso, is a headboard of the bed appears rigid, whereas it conceals a soft interior. This is in fact a rubber monolith with an eco-leather finish in which spaces have been created to house objects and books.

Soft-Wood: wooden panel and foam rubber that have been combined together to create an apparently rigid but actually soft patchwork.
At present Soft-Wood is used as a bench and headboard of a bed, but shortly will be part of other projects too.

Twins, always by Daniele Lago, are chests of drawers and bedside tables made up of two L-shaped elements that assume different sizes when combined, adapting to the space and needs.

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