Maxdesign was established in 2000 by Massimo Martino. The brand was officially introduced in October 2000 at the Orgatec international furniture fair in Cologne, where the company presented the Ricciolina collection, designed by Marco Maran. Two new designs were born in 2002: the So happy seat – Good Design Award 2003 –, by Marco Maran and the I'm dreaming lounge chair, by Dominic Symons. The overall product quality and a clear-cut corporate policy have put Maxdesign on a level with old-established companies in the contract and home office sector. In 2003, the company has therefore stepped up the analysis of new materials, new or imported existing technologies not yet experimented in the furnishing sector. The idea for the future is to continue with this policy: to make products that complete the supply for contract work and to enter into the home with a series of furnishing elements featuring an original design and also distinguished by their notable technological content.

Intense experimentation, research and innovation have given rise to X3, a collection of home & contract chairs that is unique in terms of materials and technology. It is made with an absolutely new technological procedure for furnishings: the single-piece seat and back is obtained from the bi-injection of two materials, transparent polycarbonate and mass-coloured Desmopan. The design by Marco Maran, has been patented because it is the result of a complex moulding technology that has been applied for the first time in this specific sector. The design of X3 has deliberately highlighted this technology. Thanks to the characteristics of the two materials used, the aesthetic results can be enhanced and varied with countless possible colour combinations between mesh structure and shell emphasized by the play of transparency.

Marco Maran presents a stool suited for both the contract and the home sectors. The Stones has been made through a technological transfer from the automobile to the furnishing sector. The supporting frame is in stainless steel and is made along asymmetrical lines that enhance the design of the seat. The philosophy of the product is condensed into a design that knows no predefined symmetries or geometrical shapes.

Simple is a range of furnishing accessories – tables, chairs, stools – based on extreme constructional simplicity. The Gabriele Pezzini design is inspired by an ironic reflection on nature and the use of products. the subdued yet readily communicative design aims at establishing an emotional type of relationship between the objects and those using them. The collection includes: Wired Chair, Dancer Stool, Crystal Table, Moving Stool.

Ricciolina is a range of chairs and small tables designed by Marco Maran. The shape is therefore no longer a purely aesthetic feature, but a raison d'être in terms of ergonomics. All the components have been made specially for Ricciolina. The various parts are skilfully and firmly joined together. Ricciolina is available in some versions.

Objects also have a character: So happy undoubtedly belongs extrovert and cheerful with its open smile and its ready responsiveness supported by slender yet sturdy legs. So happy won the prestigious Good Design 2003 award, the competition organised by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design. The Marco Maran, project can have four types of base.

The designer Dominic Symons imagined I'm dreaming as the curvy outline of a seated person who is dreaming. There are various places where you can dream, just as there are different spaces where you can put I'm dreaming: in the home, the garden, by the side of the swimming pool, on the terrace, in a hotel reception area, a museum, a children's bedroom (where the children can also play and hide under its shell). I'm dreaming is made in a single piece of double-walled rotomolded polyethylene and disponibile various colours.

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