Since 1952 Moroso has been designing its sofas, armchairs and accessories with wellknown designers such as Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Enrico Franzolini, Marc Newson, Toshiyuki Kita and Patricia Urquiola. Moroso has been constructing its sofas and armchairs aiming at top quality.
Quality is the characteristic of an object that determines its nature and distinguishes it from other objects. So Moroso has focused on the Customer´s requirements and expectations and the need to guarantee top quality products and services at all times and has decided to use "clean", nonpolluting production processes, and materials that are natural or as recyclable as possible.
It is a company that is able to widen its range of products, proposing a sequence of domestic snapshots, home environments, populated by objects, furniture, carpets, mirrors and lamps, organised in the space in various ways, each revealing modes of being, thinking and living.

The 2005 proposal contains all this, indeed it is the direct expression of it: we find specialist features, eclectic touches, surrounded, suffused and supported by project work continuity.

Patricia Urquiola, with her family of upholstered items and objects with strong connotations, is the designer that Moroso find best responds to the trend of research into forms, into the movement of seating and comfort.
The Lukum system has come from from a world of cushions refined and reassuring flavour. The name, evokes a rarefied atmosphere of large Ottoman divans, of relaxation. The cushions are connected up invisibly, standing on the ground. The Lukum structure is beech wood, covered in fireproof highresilience foam.
This year Patricia Urquiola has also designed Smock, small armchair which follows the tendency of solids and voids, of comfort and luxury inherent in Urquiola's design. The particular feature in Smock – embroidered at the sides –, is the stitch giving a luxurious and refined quality. A leather version is also envisaged.
The Bloomy system of armchairs, which symbolise the stages of the life of a flower, from budding to full maturity is enriched with new components this year: two sofas with well-defined lines and with a back with a rounded line.
The Phoenix coffee tables and containers enrich and complete the upholstered systems and seats made of plastic materials by Patricia Urquiola. They are multipurpose, adaptable to any environment, standing against walls or forming an island of sofas, and they certainly make domestic life more pleasant and tidy. Phoenix containers are combined with Bloomy and Phoenix sofas.

Ross Lovegrove with his injection-moulded chair, represents the tendency of material research, the development of plastic materials to meet the requirements of home living spaces and public spaces large and small.
Supernatural is an important innovation. This production system envisages a significant investment by the company, but is resolved in a design product that offers excellent value for money and is perfectly in keeping with the rest of the collection. Supernatural chair is colourful, stackable and, thanks to the special material used, is also suited for outdoors.

Alfredo Häberli, with his upholstered systems with faceted and prismatic lines and wrap-around armchairs, confirms his position as one of the key designers at Moroso, with products that enrich and complete the catalogues for home and business use.
Skate is an extremely refined and versatile sectional waiting system for the home and for business use. It is a system of pieces that, joined together by the small table linking elements form wide curves in public spaces; it is also a system of individual free-standing pieces in the case of more secluded, intimate spaces.
Take Off armchair is the design development of the bergère chair Take a Line for a Walk, the particular rounded, wrap-around form of which has been reinterpreted to transmit comfort and fantasy to the home interior, around to a lunch table, for the home office and also in waiting areas.
Alfredo Häberli presents a sofa with faceted lines for the home and business use. The prismatic aestheticism, with a form that is reminiscent of crystals, gives in Citizen a strong contemporary note without sinuosity to the Moroso proposal for the 2005 Furniture Show.

Marcel Wanders represents the synthesis between aesthetics and form, with a sofa with a strongly ornamental square patterned fabric: Print. The communicative power of the object comes from the combination of apparently simple forms and from fabrics specially printed and confirms Marcel Wanders as one of the major exponents of cerebral decoration.

Konstantin Grcic combines the formal research of the seat and its industrialization.
So Osorom is present at the Furniture Show in its definitive version. It is a seat similar to a pouf, to be used both for public and domestic spaces. Osorom is built in Hirek, a new type of plastic that allows the injection moulding of large sections.
Dummy is both a chair and a side chair made of iron tubing and is characterised by a high degree of comfort. It is "an invitation to reconsider the way upholstered furniture is constructed". Dummy can suit any environment and can be matched with Moroso's various types of proposals for the home.

Tord Boontje, finally, is the expression of a decoration inspired by enchanted fantasy, yet intended for practicality of use and production.
Presented here are Doll Chairs, high chairs covered of organdies and mousselines prepared in subtle variations of colours and textures; Witch Chair, a chair covered in flakes of black leather with a strong reference to Victorian Gothic reinterpreted in a modern vein; Oval Table, the table with a decorated top; the Sweetie voluminous pouf, inviting and covered with a printed cotton fabric designed by Tord Boontje himself, in the two variants of redwhite and black-white; Swivel Chair, Kissing Bench and Happy Rocker respectively a revolving small armchair, a small sofa and a rocking chair, covered in woollen cloths in various colour shades, laser-cut in cascades of flowers and geometries freely inspired by nature.

Moroso presents a project by Ron Arad at the fair, Three Skin Chair. The particularity of the outline that combines seat, back and supporting element confers upon it a supple and elegant aesthetic style and makes it well suited to every home environment, from the living zone to the lunch zone, to the night zone.
Also designed by Ron Arad, at the Outside Fair, Moroso presents Ripple Chair, a seat that is the expression of a project and material path common to the company and the designer, which led initially to the exploration and use of upholstery and subsequently to that of plastic materials, aluminium, and finally wood.

Arne Quinze, Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram place the accent on the constant attention of Patrizia Moroso to whatever is "new wave", the new voices and new faces of design.

The computer is the genesis of the design process of Countach Table tables by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram. The tables are conceived for high tech homes and offices.

An informal waiting system made of self-skinning polyurethane inaugurates the new collaboration between Arne Quinze and Moroso. Deer falls within the discourse that sees Moroso as the seating specialist, on account of their capacity to work softness interpreted by the upholstery and the rigidity of the plastic materials, and for the expanding types of items for home and business use.

Anywhere Chair is an informal, colourful small armchair for the home that is reminiscent of the wicker armchairs of the seventies. Stephen Burks plays with simplicity with this fun, light, transportable chair.

Linear aestheticism, formal neatness and a typically eastern rationalism mark the design of For Use, a Croatian design studio that has designed Transform, a small armchair for Moroso with a back with two manual movements.

The Pause collection this year is enriched by the last born Quintet – a bookcase created by the turkish designer Aziz Sariyer.

With over 50 years of experience in furniture production, Moroso had also realized various original products in the last seasons: Phoenix, Malmoe e Lowseat – seating systems, armchairs and sofas by Patricia Urquiola –, Mass – seats and sofas by Jean Nouvel –, Serpentine – sinuous waiting seats by Tom Dixon –, M-Collection – seating systems, armchairs and small sofas by Ross Lovegrove –, Gluon – armchairs, sofas and chaise-longue by Marc Newson –, Saruyama – landscape seatings by Toshiyuki Kita –, Waiting – waiting seats of the 80's by Rodolfo Dordoni – and Guizzo – "bolidist" barstool by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

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