MDF Italia Srl is a Milan-based company manufacturing furniture and furnishings, present in 40 countries and in the most important cities in the world.
The company was taken over by Bruno Fattorini in 1992, and immediately started to implement innovative and dynamic business and product strategies.

Bruno Fattorini is the designer and art director around whom the research and the cultural and aesthetic philosophy of the company revolve. In a short lapse of time, an important collection of bookshelves, wall-hung furniture, tables, beds, sofas and complementary items has been created. The decisive choice to orientate developments towards precise life-styles is the leitmotiv of the whole MDF Italia collection, emphasizing its strong identity. The overall result leads to a series of products which can be used in a variety of ways and can combine pleasingly with other materials. The neutrality of aluminium, the strength of wood, the integration with colors and soft and sharp shapes give rise to different solutions of strong impact.

MDF Italia directly manufactures the items it designs by means of external industrial collaborations. Together with the main suppliers, a research and experimentation programme has long been underway, focusing on the use and production of innovative, eco-friendly materials that are compatible with the quality and safety standards required. This particular form of production and collaboration, combining craftsmanship with a production of industrial level, has allowed MDF Italia to attain that qualitative efficiency and production flexibility underlying its business success.
The work done and the research carried out by the designers that collaborate with MDF Italia and by Bruno Fattorini have resulted in innovative technological solutions, in design patents, in patents of industrial innovation and for multiple ornamental designs.

"Evidence" of the creative maturity and intelligent curiosity underlying research activities, and of the aesthetic purity in design, is particularly visible in some of the most successful products.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2005 MDF Italia presents the following products.

The Slim tabletop, made of plywood with teak veneer, disegned by Bruno Fattorini.

The LCD-Plasma Television Panel system are the wall panel system which incorporates a flush-mounted LCD/Plasma TV, open cabinets and shelving, comes in 5 configurations of great functionality and strong image.

System of units both stackable and modular as a column Case_04, designed to solve home, office or community storage problems. The storage units can be open or closed with doors, drawers or large drawers. The Case_04 system can be dimensionally combined with the LCD-Plasma Television Panel system creating functional configurations of strong image.

Family of coffee tables Lim_04, made by combining the anodized or polished aluminium of the frames with several top finishes. The widest innovative option in colours and materials: from the innovative ceramic tops, satin-finished (4 colours), to the gloss lacquered glass tops (6 colours) and to the anodized aluminium and the newest ones in clear or ash grey oak veneer. Of highest quality, developed by the MDF Italia research team, they are built-in and have no need of fittings.

The Sliding sofa, always by Bruno Fattorini, has structure in solid wood, with seat cushions made of variable-density polyether. To meet any comfort requirements backrest cushions of various dims and consistency are available. The upholstery covers every part of the sofa and is completely removable. The cotton underlining makes cover removing easier and the sofa maintains its good look even when uncovered.

Desk is a particular product, by Bruno Fattorini and Francesco Bettoni. A family of equipped tables and console tables to be used both at work or at home, made by combining the natural anodized or polished aluminium of the frame with the various fi nishes of the top. Four different confi gurations available.

A bookcase Random, by Neuland Industriedesign, made of 6 mm thick mediumdensity wood fibreboards. With adjustable feet and ready for wallattachment.

The chair 006, by For Use, is suitable for outdoor. The frame is made of extruded aluminium either polished or lacquered in matt white. The seat is in supporting fabric composed of polyester fibers.

Finally, Alberto Del Biondi presents 40metriquadri, a Tables with a central base and large-sized cantilevered tops.

The production realized by MDF Italia also includes the Le banc bench, the Le miroir mirror, the Lounge sofa, the La grande table, the La table basse small table – all by Xavier Lust –, the system of seats Flor – by Sergio Brioschi –, the chair Sabrina – by Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi –, the chair C_Uno and the T_table – by Francesco Bettoni – and the seats M1, Lofty-chaise longue, Lofty-chair and Lofty-armchair – by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga – and also the Elevenfive seat system by Bruno Fattorini.

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