Technology, functionality and design, that's the Plank product philosophy. After a lot of acknowledgements, may it be commercial or cultural, the company stays firm to its philosophy and in occasion of the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2005 presents new and strongly innovative and unusual seating solutions. After the undisputed success of the Luna chair which won The Interior Innovation Award 2004 of the Imm Cologne and the Neocon Innovation Award 2004 of Chicago, the company now presents the Stella stool, a product out of the same family, designed by Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube. Convinced of the alliance between technology and design, other four designers of undisputed international reputation are presenting a Plank product this year: Konstantin Grcic, James Irvine,Claudio Bellini and Luca Trazzi. Every one of them with its own language, determined and unique, is proposing with Plank a pleasantly surprising product.

Miura, by Konstantin Grcic, is a stool made of reinforced polypropylene (2,5 times stronger than aluminium) produced (injected)in one block. The innovative injecting technology as well as the requirement to develop a barstool for contract and domestic environments, has lead to the characteristic form of Miura. Optically this stool has a truly dinamic form, of which construction and ergonomics are developing into a powerful and expressive harmony.

Mon Ami by Claudio Bellini is a seat caracterized by distinguished and strong lines cut soft and intriguing surfaces. Like a sculpture, Mon Ami is an original chair where lightness and solidity magically evolve into a plastic balance.

With Stella, Studio Cisotti Laube, pursue their experimentation in the technology of three dimensional plywood moulding, which was initiated with Luna chair. Stella presents itself in forms which are soft, gliing into three-dimensionality. The final finish is an integral part of the project: the stiped wooden surface accentuates the chair's volume. The barstool is realized in chrome plated metal structure, the seat chell is made in three dimensional plywood moulding veneered with Blackwood or Moccawood. .

…Fizz by James Irvine, tray to answer to the question "Why stools are always round?". Perhaps because they often rotate but …Fizz does not rotate and so it is designed to be comfortable and large enough to accommodate all types of…'s. The barstool has a satin chrome plated structure, the seat is made in compensated wood veneered (ebano), coloured (silver, white) or upholstered.

Expresso, by Luca Trazzi, is a chair born out of a necessity to have a piece of seating furniture characterized by its versatility. It is the handle what personalized and distinguishes it. The lines and the aesthetics of this chair reminds of a coffe-bean.

After a long period of experimentation in design and technology, initiated with the Millefoglie chair, Studio Cisotti Laube and Plank progressed the study of plywood use, seeking to obtain a proviously unthinkable formal spatiality. The result, presented in 2004 Edition was Luna, a three dimensional playwood moulding chair with high ergonomic quality and light weigth. The chair, presented also in this edition has organic and soft shapes, but t the same time it maintains formal simplicity. With the three dimensional plywood bending technology it is possible to reduce material and weight of up to 60% in comparison with mouldings of plastic or metal of the same strength. The final finish is an integral part of the project: the striped wooden surface acentuates the chair's volume.

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