Rexite was founded in 1968 by Rino Boschet and Rino Pirovano at Cusago, not far from Milan. From the outset its aim was to produce contemporary furniture and accessories for the home and office. The company secured the services of a small group of highly talented designers and developed a "classic" contemporary collection, that is now known and appreciated throughout the world. The company employs high technology materials, gives prominence to new ideas, and puts the emphasis unfailingly on quality. Rexite's reward has been 66 international awards and prizes including the coveted European Design Prize (Paris 1997).
Rino Pirovano, summarizes the company's philosophy thus: "To create objects that are simple but not banal, original but not bizarre". While a sense of irony often guides choice, essential criteria are careful attention to materials and rigorous concern for ergonomics. The company has made the world of colour its own the traditionally subdued office has succumbed to Rexite's polychrome riot.

All on show and ready to be tried out, the latest products from Rexite designed by Raul Barbieri will be featuring at the 2005 Furniture Show in Milan. The evolution of the Olivia family of chairs is in the spotlight, with some new versions which add to the eclectic character of this range. The unmistakeable icon of the Olivia chairs is once again adorning with its perfect circle the backs of the new handy stackable armchairs and swivel armchairs, at fixed height or gas lift adjustable, as well as the backs of the new high stools.

Many other new offerings from Rexite feature high quality materials and innovative structural details. There are numerous versions of the new, charismatic Convito table: rectangular for 6 or 8 people. The materials and the construction quality of the structure and exclusive joints, all in brushed stainless steel, makes these knock down tables one of a kind. Beautifully finished, with great practical touches like the adjustable, directable feet.

The stainless steel Nox range sees the addition of Nox Ipso, an elegant coat stand. The stainless steel central body supports the arms, which end in four discs, the very essence of simplicity. Ideal for communal use, and more, is Nox Vesta, the coat rail on castors entirely made of stainless steel. It can be fitted with a hat "gridiron" and is available in two lengths. The Nox Flora range has also expanded, with even larger planters on castors, once again in brushed stainless steel. Aesthetically and functionally impeccable are the new Nox waste paper bins, wall-mounted with a security fixture, and very easy to maintain. To complete the Nox range is an important safety feature: flame chocking lids for the large floor waste bins.

The simple and elegant little Desco tables have a top in acid-finish or clear crystal, leg and base in brushed stainless steel, and high class finishing.

For the very latest flat screens, the new computer table is Banco Light. Light, with plenty of leg room, available in ice, red or grey.

Thanks to the use of highly advanced technology the seats of the stools Welcome, Zanzibar and Zanziswing are also now available upholstered in Alcantara. Bright and wonderfully low maintenance, Alcantara comes in white, black, red tone on tone or grey with aluminium.

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