Slamp was born in 1993. It is a revolutionary plan of marketing. For the new product the formula of a material with only property of brightness is studied infrangibility and flexibility. It is the Opalflex®, of which Slamp it immediately obtains licence and exclusive right of production. The first lines of lamps are introduced in 1994 to Euroluce of Milan, to the S.I.L. of Paris, to Hannover, New York. Operating the desettore is endured fascinates to you.

In the 1998-2002 definitive affirmation. In the 1998 the diversification of the products with Dingos, a line of objects of daily use is introduced. In 2000 Slamp it is present with a prestigious campaign prints on the more important and diffuse periodicals it specializes to you. The products to catalogue are by now more than two hundred. Today Slamp is in more than 600 points sale in Italy and more than 1000 in the world. It is reference for beyond 60 between designers, artists and architects. And it is between the more important testimonies of the new Italian design to international level.

The new decorative effects are obtained by means of the exclusive properties of Slamp's materials. The latest generation of Slamp products highlights the depth and brilliance of the patterns, offering sensations of semi-transparency and three-dimensionality. The new programme of ceiling and wall lamps was developed by the Slamp Style Centre, and it was also extended to new wall-lamp lighting concepts.

Ginetta is an innovative, irreverent Pop object: a playful but sophisticated idea, a perfect sequence of silhouettes that interweave into an unusual Baroque form to furnish the home with style and irony. A symbol of tradition, illuminated with new life by Nigel Coates, is transformed into a new design object by means of innovative materials. The result is this lamp with amusing, witty and humorous appearance.

Kristall is an original idea by Slamp Style Centre, based on the interaction of transparency, light, effects of colour, and new patterns. This collection of table lamps transmits the sophisticated sensation of crystal glass, while also offering the possibility of choosing from different shades of colour in warm amber and pearl tones, with an exclusive textured effect that expresses, in a modern and refined way, the fine weave of a coloured fabric enclosing the lamp.

Alessandro Mendini – an indisputable master of colour –, has designed a work for Slamp that represents a true personal challenge. The idea is to attain alienating and hypnotic characteristics. This lamp, called Venti is a part of this study. The eye and the psyche explore and encircle the form, wandering and losing themselves in the lines and channels of a white light. The sinuous, luminous paths create somewhat sidereal suggestions. Venti (winds) as the plural of "vento" (wind): in other words, flux, air, energy.

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