Since 1945 Saporiti Italia,with the collaboration of gifted architects, has reached milestones in the history of contemporary furnishing. There is a leit motiv in all the company's creations: each new piece is history in itself. Catching time off balance and anticipating the future are both the challenge and the vocation of Saporiti Italia. Each item created and constructed by the company is slightly ahead of its time and it is destined to last, both in form and function, until the next era. Since 1950 Saporiti Italia sets up furnishing collections for home, office and public locations. Its products have always been distinguished by avant-garde design, technology and high-class quality of materials and details.

During the Milan Furniture Fair – hosted in the spaces of the Milan Triennale –, Saporiti Italia, presents Fluid, by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

The details and leading themes of Fluid are lights in motion, neat and round lines, original and precious materials. It is a fluid habitat between mind and matter in the name of motion and flexibility. A dynamic, mediatic and sensorial home. The installation realized by Saporiti Italia upon Massimo Iosa Ghini project is made like a real home with all its rooms, from veranda to living room, from kitchen-dining to bedroom, from studio to bathroom. Inside the house all spaces wisely cast into a single harmonic environment. The generous sofa recessed into the floor surrounds the fireplace hanging in the center of the living room, and ideally continues toward the large T-shaped table which marks the kitchen/dining area. In the relax and home-theatre area, we can see two comfortable but very dynamic armchairs, almost fluctuating in the air, with very neat and precise structure lines. The same feeling of motion and space continuity is perceived in the bedroom area, where a wide bed in leather and adjustable headboard fills the whole space. Finally the bathroom, where we find all again.

Fluid is made in collaboration with Zumtobel Staff, Listone Giordano, Marazzi Group, Antrax, Hatria, Gessi.

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