A protagonist in the furnishing and made in Italy industry, right from the very beginning in 1954, Zanotta is still recognized as a leading company in Italian design. Zanotta products mark and anticipate the rends for living concerning the formal and technological innovation they bring. The current collection is developed along various product types: armchairs, sofas, beds, furniture, container units, bookcases, tables, chairs and accessories.

Distributed in over sixty countries, they are particulary appreciated by a demanding public that has a keen eye for detail, for the quality of the materials and the finish. Zanotta's head office is in that part of Lombardy that has always beem famous for the traditional handcrafts shops that have contributed to the birth of a flourishing furniture industry.

In the 80s Zanotta inaugurated the production of "expressive" furniture in small series or limited editions, in parallel with its mass production. These precious pieces of furniture and accessories are closer to visual arts than to design in a strict sense. Famous architects and artists freely design them without limits. Applied art objects are produced with traditional processes that are dying out and are foreign to or very far from mass production.

Marquetry and manually performed lacquering, bronze fusions in moulds, sponge or gold leaf decorations and silk-screen paintings are an example of this. This series enlivens and warms the home, relating something about those who live in it, just like a painting, a print, an antique piece or a Persian carpet.

Sixteen are the new products presented and designed by nine designers among two of them have just started cooperating with Zanotta: the French Noè Duchaufour Lawrance and the German Tom Kühne.

Ludovica Palomba and Roberto Palomba re-invent the rotational plastic when designing Dora armchair for Zanotta whose surface, matt/glossy decorated, makes it unique. Its texture perfectly fits the contemporary interpretation of the northern style from the fifties. Polyethylene frame with floral decorations in white, aluminium, beige or black or glossy lacquered polypropylene in white, red, brown or black. Both versions are also designed for outdoor use.

Upndown is a refined and functional sofa for a pleasant relax designed by Emaf Progetti. Thanks to a brand-new mechanism, especially conceived by planners for allowing an easy movement of backrests. Base in nickel-plated and brushed steel or varnished graphite. Steel frame.Elastic strip springing. Upholstery in polyurethane / Dacron Du Pont. Removable cover in fabric or leather. Two positions options fo the back. The pouf is equipped with castors.

Sushi armchair by Carlo Colombo, has a stiff wooden frame recalling Far-East and houses two large cushions, made of 100% pure goose down. Frame in bleached oak, wengé-stained or varnished red. Cushion-holding steel frame varnished aluminium. Elastic strip springing. Removable cover in fabric or leather.

Lella armchair by Roberto Barbieri, offers a light image given by the thin frame made of aluminum alloy, that can be fully covered with cowhide, leather or fabric. Elastic strips springing. Seat and back with polyurethane upholstery.

A large stiff polyurethane base is the main feature of Surf table by Carlo Colombo, whose tops have rounded-off corners and is available in matt finish or glossy lacquered, as well as the base, or in grey varnished or wengé-stained oak. Top in medium density fiberboard and base in stiff polyurethane painted with scratch-resistant embossed finish or with brushed glossy lacquer in the colours shown on our colour card or tops veneered with oak, wengé-stained or grey, with base varnished in brown.

Lio, a stool by Roberto Barbieri, is the extension of the lucky design of Lia and Lea chairs, reminding both their shape and constructional matrix: an elegant and outstanding side made of one single aluminum die-cast. Frame in aluminium alloy varnished graphite or aluminium. Seat and back with polyurethane upholstery. Removable cover in fabric, in leather or cowhide. Footrest in satin-finished stainless steel.

The Bieder table designed by Emaf Progetti is conceived from an accurate re-interpretation of the biedermeier style in a modern key, whose base is made of laser-cut steel plate rather than of traditionally turned solid wood. The wooden tops become modern thanks to the finishes available: bleached or wengé-stained, red or grey varnished oak. Top in medium density fiberboard. Base in steel varnished colour graphite, red or aluminium.

Ixs, coffee Table by Carlo Colombo shows an interesting metal plate processing offering a "tray" top, enhanced by the stain-resistant cowhide cover. Steel frame varnizhed graphite, red or aluminium. Top covered in stain-resistant cowhide 90. It is available in two sizes.

Acca, coffee Table by Tom Kühne, owns the strength and simplicity of a well-done graphic sign. It has a symmetrical painted steel frame and top can be covered with either cowhide or felt. Frame and tops in steel, varnished white, graphite, red or aluminium, or top covered with stain-resistant cowhide 90 or with red or blu felt woven in 100% pure Merinos wool.

Elle, created by Fabrizio Bertero, Andrea Panto, S. Marzoli, is a coffee table with an usual asymmetrical frame and is recognizable by the shape of its top, either in bleached or wengé-stained oak; it is conceived to be placed aside sofas as an accessory, as well as seats without armrests. Nickel-plated and brushed steel frame. Top in medium density fiberboard veneered with bleached oak, wegé-stained or varnished grey.

Tod, by Todd Bracher, also suitable for outdoor, is a coffee table made of glossy lacquered polypropylene, with rotational moulding process. Polypropylene frame and glossy lacquer. In the colours shown on our colours card.

Night, bed designed by Carlo Colombo,with the base in nickel-plated and brushed steel or varnished graphite. Varnished steel frame. Springing in natural bent beech strips with stiffness adjusters. Upholstered base and headboard in polyurethane / Dacron Du Pont. Removable cover in fabric or leather. The bed of the version 1855, fitted inside the base, is furnished with a container unit accesed by lifting the mattress with a special device.

Box is the bed created by Emaf Progetti with the base in nickel-plated and brushed steel or varnished graphite. Varnished steel frame. Springing in natural bent beech strips with stiffness adjusters. Upholstered base and headboard in polyurethane / Dacron Du Pont. Removable cover in fabric or leather. The bed fitted inside the base,is furnished with a container unit accessed by lifting the mattress with a special device.

Both these beds have in common a modern shape, a wide container unit located under the springing and an elegant base either in nickel-plated and brushed steel or varnished graphite.

Oscar, designed by Emaf Progetti, despite its minimal design is rich in finishes and features an airy frame, in chromium-plated or painted steel, on which a convenient drawer lays, finished in Ebony or in varnished oak in various colours.

Segreto, by Ilaria Marelli and Diana Eugeni, is a night table with drawer. Segreto has a clear methacrylate frame with base, top and drawer made of white or black Plexicor. These materials are wisely used in a charming play of plates and volumes in perfect balance.

This glamorous collection of neo-handicraft, Zanotta Editions, is enriched with the table and console table Dessouschic, designed by the young French designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance who critically reviews the tradition of French ancient furniture and proposes two items where decoration is present but less "boasted and encumbering" for the benefit discretion and refinement.

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