In 1972 Busnelli Gruppo Industriale moved to Misinto, near Milan, where it constructed a factory, the first example of its kind, which is even now a reference model due to the production systems adopted and the technology applied. Busnelli made research one of the fundamental cornerstones in its business history, through the Centro Studi & Ricerche (study and research centre), permanent practice centre for ideas and experiments.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Busnelli presents the following products.

Primo, sofa with an exclusive movement enables personalized relax positions designed by Sergio Giobbi. When sitting you can obtain by pushing the seat forwards the contemporaneous, graduated lowering of the backrest, until getting a nearly horizontal position. Sliding seats on nylon guides, supported by nylon wheels when coming out. Padding made of indeformable polyurethane foam in differentiated density, without C.F.Cs., covered by layers of 100% polyester fibre. Primo has completely removable covers and to facilitate the transport and the recovering, its armrests and counter-back can be disassembled.

Bob armchair with completely removable covers, by Enrico Cesana design and Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli technology.

Your very own comfort zone, easy to arrange and rearrange as the fancy takes you. That's Poli, a system of modular components designed by the Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli, with armrests and without, including a choice of armchairs in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Each article is designed to express its own distinct personality, with maximum attention paid to the tiniest detail to ensure that the components can be used singly and together with the greatest of ease.
Just like the notes in a piece of music can be tuned to create different melodies, the Poli components change their shape and effect on the basis of the way they're laid out.
The wide range of items available, with their clean, essential lines, expands the number of possible solutions.
We also provide you with extra cushions for even greater comfort and an additional decorative touch.
Poli Alta, Poli Cubo, Poli angolo and Poli Cromo are equally versatile armchairs, which adapt to any setting and immediately make their mark on it. All carrying frames of solid wood and multilayers. Springing system with crossed elastic belts, electronically calibrated.
The Poli design includes a series of covering materials and colour contrasts, for a distinctive decorative effect in contemporary style.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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