The Bontempi Group is born in 1963 it is introduced like a company that does of the innovation and the quality total of the product the points of force of its fast expansion; a founded entrepreneurial plan on ideas originates them and on solid industrial competences of the founding associates, Alexander and Giancarlo Bontempi, that they have rendered the company leader in the field furnishing.

One strongly characterization begins them in working of metal will guide the company also in the strategic choices of enterprise and product identity. To the metal the contemporary essences, woven and the other materials will be placed side by side very soon that belong to the world of industrial the design like the crystal, the polypropylene, meth-acrylate and the aluminum.

The demand from part of a public in continuous evolution in the formal language of products more created to you, easier to interpret according to a free and more less definitive idea of the contemporary house, is the point of departure of the design development for the realization of new Bontempi products House. Planners and designers are call to you to interpret these design topics, to be confronted with new technologies in order to develop produced where function and performances are one constant of plan.

Here because, human thanks also to one political of constant investment in technologies, resources, research and development, communication and logistics, the Group offers one wide variety of proposals for the zone day and the zone night, all to a high qualitative level, competitive prices and service that assures times of delivery record, is in Italy that all over the world.

The system Bontempi quality House is fruit of a method of control to three-hundred-sixty degrees during all is made of working, from the creation to the realization of the product. The entire production process from the planning to the production, from the control quality to the service customers, rigorously is tried the international norms second.

At the Milan Furniture Fair, Bontempi brand House presents the following new and evergreen products:

Ala and Aqua - by Erresse Studio -, are stackable chair. Ala: frame in aluminium lacquered steel or chrome. Transparent and transparent blue polycarbonate or in metacrilate in the following colours: shining white, shining ivory, shining orange, shining green, shining black. Aqua is a stackable chair with integral polypropylene structure, colours: white, yellow, green, ivory, orange, red.

Felix is a stacking chair with aluminium lacquered or chrome frame, seat and back in metacrylate with following colours: shining transparent, shining orange, shining red, sanded green, sanded blue. This year also availble in: red gloss, white gloss, black gloss, transparent fumé.

The numerous tables Airo, Axel, Mago and Mose', the Foulard mirror&shelve and Jazz frame are always by Erresse Studio.

Studio 28 presents Discovery, barstool with up and down moving gas mechanism, with chromed frame, seat in shining ABS in the colours: white, ivory, red, green, anthracite.

Steel chair Miss, with removable cover (fabric cover only) in the finishes: chrome, aluminium.

The Keyo extension table in the finishings steel lacquered aluminium, chrome. Tops and extensions: sandblasted glass, red lacquered glass, black lacquered glass, extrawhite glass or melamin aluminium, oak or moka colour. The Lisos - extension table in aluminium lacquered steel. Tops and extensions: sandblasted, red lacquered, black lacquered, extra-white glass.

Again designed by Studio 28, Eidos Collection is a very flexible living system:
composizione 1, 3-drower storage element, base h 11 cm, in black lacquered glass. Wall unit with double door in black lacquered glass. Shelf in cellular aluminium.
composizione 4, 3-drower storage element, base h. 4 cm, in black lacquered glass. Wall units with double door in mirror effect etched glass.
composizione 5, 4-door storage unit, base h. 11 cm, in red lacquered glass. 3-drower storage element, base h. 4 cm, in red lacquered glass. Wall unit with double door in mirror effect etched glass. Tv-unit for drower element, base h. 4 cm in aluminium finish and sand-blasted glass.
composizione 8, 3-drower storage element, base h 4 cm, in red lacquered glass. Wall unit with double door in red lacquered glass. Tv unit for drower element, base h 4 cm in aluminium finish and sand-blasted glass. Shelf in aluminium profile and transparent glass shelf.
composizione 12, 4-drower storage unit, base h. 11 cm, in mirror effect etched glass.
composizione 18, 4-door storage unit, base h. 11 cm, in black lacquered glass.
composizione 19, 4-door storage unit, base h. 11 cm, in extra-white glass.

Osaka, shelve in glass: transparent, sandblasted, blue.

All designed by Studio 28 are the following coffee tables:
Hip hop, console with structure steel finishes: aluminium, chrome. upper and lower top in white, red lacquered or black lacquered glass; upper top in black lacquered glass and lower top in transparent glass.
Leather, coffee table. Today also in version mirror & shelve covered in hide leather: red, brown or black.
Round, coffee table with aluminium lacquered or chromed frame and tops in sandblasted, red or black glass.

Hola - designed by R&D Bontempi -, is a stacking chair with die-cast aluminium or lacquered aluminium frame, seat, and back in: shining abs in white, ivory, red, green, blue, anthracite, transparent polycarbonate, fabric, micro fibre, leather.

Daniele Molteni has created Linda - a chair with steel frame covered with upholstered hide leather in various colours - and Kida - chair with frame in aluminium lacquered steel or chrome.

Lez - design by Giorgio Manzali - stackable chair in die-cast aluminium available in the brushed version or lacquered aluminium. Shining abs, colors: white, ivory, red, green, blue, anthracite; covered in fabric or in leather.

Open, stool with steel structure in the following finishes: aluminium, chrome.

Kioto, shelve in expanded polyurethane, colours: white, red, aluminium.

Moon, coffee table in aluminium lacquered steel. Upper glass in transparent or sandblasted glass, lower glass in red or black lacquered glass.

Space, coffee table with steel finishes: aluminium , chrome. TOP in glass: sandblasted, lacquered red, lacquered black.

Minoa - design Maurizio Varsi -, chair in aluminium or chrome painted steel, black lacquered, white lacquered.

Finally, the following sofas are all designed by Lino Codato:
Archimede, Diderot, Lucrezio, Parmenide and also Popper with removable fabric covers only. Frame: wood and compressed wood structure coated with composite resin-bonded fine velvet or polyurethane lining. The suspension system features elastic belt springs coated with acrylic fibres.

Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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