Cappellini was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of handmade furniture. Over the years it has become a launch pad for the greatest international designers. The company offers a wide range of collections divided into four different sections: collection, Systems, Project Object and World. Rounding off the product range is the Contract division that offers design as an added value. Through its products, Cappellini puts the aesthetic styles of internationally famous designers at the service of architects and planners across the world.
Some of its products are exhibited in the world's top museums, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. Cappellini's business is mainly concentrated in the residential sector.

In 2004, Cappellini, with an eye on growth and strengthening its international markets, became part of the Poltrona Frau Group, piloting the project for a new quality centre backed by Charme, the private investment company set up by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

The display area designed by Michele De Lucchi at the International Furniture Fair 2006 to contain the exhibition space for Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini, Alias, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna and Gufram is a jagged, discontinuous boundary with a powerful visual impact. A vast space, open and boundless that establishes a visual continuity between the six brands while also respecting their autonomy. It is a perfect representation of six realities that are strongly linked and that together make up the leading high-end design group in the world. The colourful exterior surface reproduces the silkscreen-printed logos, each corresponding to the appropriate stand.

At the International Furniture Fair 2006 Cappellini showed this followings products:

Jasper Morrison presents the new Lotus armchair, in a variety of versions, from the most brilliant blues to temperate tones of grey and black leather

Oak Table Module, by Jasper Morrison, is the name of a modular system of small tables that are part of the new neo-rural trend which the British designer is working on with Cappellini. It is entirely in untreated wood, in different sizes which can be assembled in a variety of different compositions.

And then there's the Elise sofa and bed, a re-visiting of Cappellini's previous best-seller with Jasper Morrison. This new sofa has a high and comfortable seat. At the Salone it is presented in ecru cotton, red felt and anthracite leather. The bed is essential and very welcoming.

François Azambourg has designed Mr. Bugatti, a range of chairs all are available in the bright, shiny colours of the enamel paints created for the most famous cars in the world, such as royal blue, red, yellow and black. They are entirely realised from an artistic point of view with the most classical of materials from industry, with an almost cartoon-like physicality.

Fabio Novembre presents the RPH - Revolutions Per Hour: a large sofa that can exist as a unit or in several separate parts. The formal play is developed in the upholstery: one has a seat in black and white fabric with red sides; the second is in grey crinkled, felt fabric with a rock-like effect.

Marcel Wanders has re-interpreted the New Antiques neo-classical range, presented last year in black, with a new variation in pure white. He mixes black and white in the new, large table that has a top made of black or white wood with legs in shiny aluminium or black and white. He has also added a new chair, with or without armrests, with the seat made of interwoven webbing.

Interweaving is also used in the Knotted Rouge armchair, a reissue in a limited edition of the famous Knotted Chair created by Marcel Wanders exactly ten years ago.

Nendo has produced the Yuki screen, made of a plastic material that is so fine and light that it seems to be crafted and cut like a piece of origami.

Cédric Ragot, has designed In vitro: a stool/small table and table in plastic material. The stool is high enough to be used as a small table.

Studio Cappellini has extended Aviolux, the collection of cupboards and new stand-alone versions, now with additional practical functions with modules specifically for accommodating stove and hi-fi.

Among the past seasons by Cappellini:

The Fronzoni '64 collection – chair, table, bed and armchair – by A.G. Fronzoni.
Pyramid – chest of drawers on castors –, Bookshelf – double-front bookcase –, Progetti Compiuti – furniture collection composed by different kinds of chest of drawers –, and the armchair Sofa with arms. All by the japanese designer Shiro Kuramata.
The Proust armchair with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden frame, Alessandro Mendini.
Tom Dixon created the rocking chaise longue Bird, S-Chair – now in the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York –, and Pylon Chair, all in iron wire.
Three Sofa De Luxe is a series of armchair, sofas and chaise longue with frame in plywood and multi-density polyurethane foam, by Jasper Morrison.
Marc Newson designed the Orgone collection – chaise-longue and table made in fibreglass –, Wooden Chair, manufactured in bent natural beech heartwood, and the funny Felt Chair.
Statuette, lounge chair in reinforced fibreglass, by the american designer Lloyd Schwan.
Pebbles: system of elements with three different seats and three different backrests combinable among themselves. By the swedish designers Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune.
Jean-Marie Massaud created Inout sofa and the Outline collection: chaise-longue, armchair and sofa.
And, by Fabio Novembre, is a big scale combinable seating system with modular elements.
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are seen among the raising stars of the design world. Their creations are micro architectures: for examples the modular bookcases Brick and Cloud.
Satyendra Pakhalè, was born in India. He developped with Cappellini the Fish Chair, a strong three dimensional graphic sign seat.

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