Driade was founded in 1968. Right from the start it worked with designers able to anticipate new lines of research and trends.
Driade is an all-embracing project defining an aristocratic aesthetic of home living, in progressive, constant evolution. Its well-rounded catalogue is composed of Sistemi, a project-in-progress of containers by Antonia Astori, which structure the home and constitute its backbone, and of Aleph, a collection of pieces with strong formal identity created by world-famous designers.

Definable as a collector's home, Driade offers furniture featuring marked symbolic worth, pieces that ideally dialogue with Sistemi elements to construct a habitat able to harmonize diversities in a unitary image given coherence by the same expressive tension.

A latest-generation design laboratory, more than a furniture collection Aleph its a constantly updated register of new trends in international design. Along differentiated design routes, each of which is an impassioned dialogue with well-known designers providing personal creative poetics, Aleph makes it own contribution to exploration and innovation in a program open to the future.
The Driade home is sophisticated and eclectic and the harmonious coexistence of different styles and languages is guaranteed by equal aesthetic quality.

Belonging to the Driade trademark are the DriadeChef kitchen catalogues, the Oikos, EasyOikos, Kaos and Pantos systems, and DriadeAleph furniture. The DriadeStore brand is a line of furniture destined for a youthful public. The Follies and D.House object catalogues are part of the DriadeKosmo brand.

The Driade news presents at the International Furniture Fair are:

Hanahana flower stand, by Kazuyo Sejima. With structure and base in mirror polished stainless steel. Indoor and outdoor use.

Ori armchair, by Tokujin Yoshioka. Structure in mirror polished stainless steel Seat and back with black leather stripes.

Kiss Me Goodbye armchair. Structure in polycarbonate amaranth and transparent colours.

Oval armchair, always by Tokujin Yoshioka. Structure in polished anodised aluminium. Cushion with polyurethane foams and fixed cover in grey leather.

Muku sofa, by Naoto Fukasawa. Structure in wood conglomerate with mahogany wood finish. Padding with polyurethane foams. Fixed cover in white full grain leather. Available also Muku armchair.

Hall three places sofa, by Rodolfo Dordoni. Structure in wood. Padding and cushions with polyurethane foams and cotton wool. Fixed quilted cover in leather.

Screw stool, by Ron Arad. Base and column in mirror polished aluminium. Seat and foot-rest in satin stainless steel.

Frac armchair, by Claudio Bellini. Structure in wood. Padding with polyurethane foams. Fixed cover in printed leather

Eileen bookcase, by Antonia Astori. With structure in wood conglomerate and finish in ebonised oak wood.

Cotton console Tv/Dvd with structure in wood conglomerate and finish in ebonised oak wood.

Virginia writing-table, always by Antonia Astori. Structure in wood conglomerate with finish in ebonized oak wood.

Pavo Real armchair, by Patricia Urquiola. Structure in painted steel covered with wicker in brown colour. Polyurethane foam fixed cushion with black leather cover. Available also Pavo easy chair.

Lag˛ armchair, by Philippe Starck. With structure in stiff polyurethane and aluminium legs, lacquered or fixed cover in four different colours.

Lorenzo Le Magnifique sofa. Wood structure. Padding with polyurethane foams and cotton-wool. Detachable fabric cover, fixed cover in leather. Available also Lorenzo Le Magnifique armchair.

Costes easy chair. Structure in black painted tubular steel. Shell in mahogany wood. Fixed cushion of polyurethane foams with black leather cover.

King Costes easy chair, always by Philippe Starck. Structure in polished aluminium casting. Shell in ebonized oak wood. Fixed cushion of polyurethane foams with black leather cover.

Legato square table, by Enzo Mari. Particle-board wood top with ebony-stained wood finish. Tubular steel legs with pressure die-cast aluminium joints.

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