The Tagliabue firm was founded in 1879 at Cantý, and right from the start it has always manufactured top-quality made to measure furniture and multi-layer panels for the aeronautics industry. Working alongside the best architects and building up solid experience meant that the company could win the Triennale design award in the 1930s. Currently the company is being run by the fourth generation of the family, all of them brought together by their sensitivity towards international trends and innovative design, and by top-quality, customised products.
Indeed, since 1879, Emmemobili have been turning out items which are absolutely unique. In our constant search for perfection, we have turned to curved laminates, and this sets us out from the hoi polloi.
The materials used come mostly from re-planted forestry areas, or are only used in very limited quantities. The manufacturing philosophy means that we use the latest processes for reducing or reusing waste: all wastage is put back into the manufacturing cycle as heat energy, or is sent for recycling. Therefore the manufacturing processes and our choice of materials mean that we can certify Emmemobili products as environmentally sustainable.
The latest range are made-to-measure furniture for homes and businesses, innovative solutions and specialisation in the area of shaped, multi-layer woods. The Emmemobili collection, which, because we only work with the best designers who are able to understand specific manufacturing potentials, brings together technology, supreme craftsmanship, top-quality materials, top-quality finishes, and top-quality design. Absolutely unique products, made to be recognised and handed down, manufactured with a view to protecting the environment.

Emmemobili, this year at the International Furniture Fair 2006, reaches heights of high productive expression interpreting the Ferruccio Laviani, Carlo Ballabio and Evgenij V. Poliantsev's creative thoughts - carrying out pieces of absolute workmanship by expert artisanal hands, together with CAD-CAM van technologies.

The main point of the new proposal is Ferruccio Laviani's Nassa Table, which faithfully carries out these tasks: Nassa, in fact, comes the first shape is got from the PC project simulation but then, each exclusive piece which will be available needs several handmade working-days to be produced in real terms. The energy spread by the shapes joins the energy dedicated in creating it, with the purpose of giving pleasure to the owner of this sculpture.

Alba, comfortable, light and tasteful armchair made of curved multilayer covered with birch veneer or natural oak or tinted in the different finishes of the collection.

Maison, system of cabinets with wooden structure, covered with veneer or in lacquered finishing, and frontals, doors or drawers, characterized by an embedded handle.

Dune, new elements for the sofa modular system, with different sizes and shapes, and new seat widths. Now, the creativity in combining the elements, for domestic or contract compositions, doesn't meet any limit in shapes, dimensions or functions.

Seat, padded armchair, extremely comfortable, suitable as dining chair or for meeting room or combined with Dune sofa units system. Provided with special sliding feet with stopping mechanism while sitting.

Quarto, always by Ferruccio Laviani. They are tasteful and informal units, characterized by double thickness and double material door: central circular element in polished steel or wood and wooden shaped door. Different composition possibilities: both as single unit, provided with its own sole, both as in different compositions - placed on a platform.

Lilian, design Carlo Ballabio, series of mirrors, to be leaned against the wall or to be fixed to the wall, with wooden frame, covered with veneer. The frame is composed by the progressive thickness game of the sides. Equipped with an anti-slide profile on the base, useful when it's leaned against the wall.

Rosa, by Evgenij V. Poliantsev. Bookshelves unit with a distinctive feature, with wooden structure covered with veneer. Equipped with 3 drawers and 1 upper door with polished steel, wooden or lacquered frontal panels.

About the past seasons Emmemobili we signaled this following products:

The City rectangular tables, by Ferruccio Laviani. The striking base, thanks to different materials and colours and different heights, well represents the scenery of a contemporary metropolis skyline.

The Straight seats with polished steel structure and the Palermo table, always by Ferruccio Laviani, entirely made in wood. This table is a real sculpture, made of full tops with progressive increasement, separated by wooden joints, as if they are Geologic Eras stratifications.

Zero & Uno, design Carlo Ballabio, container-bookshelf units, with a peculiar design, entirely made in curved plywood. They decorate the room with their totemic presence and they contain books or our objects. They can be placed alone or together, in residential or public spaces.

Helena, design Bruno Nideck and Francesco Biacca, sideboard with drawers. Suitable for living room and bedroom, they fit with elegance in any environment and style.

And also: Boa chair in curved plywood - by Panizon Martinelli Dorligo -, Cassia chair in curved plywood made with a single sheet of wood - by Alessandro Elli -, Waimea armchair, Escher stackable little table and VuVuVu writing and computer desk - by Carlo Ballabio and Alessandro Elli -, Roma small armchair and Sils chaise-longue - by Ferruccio Laviani -, the Spring series; Spring armchair, Spring F, Spring F stool, Spring F soft, Spring soft chair, Spring soft armchair, Spring M and Spring S - by Studio Tecnico Emmemobili -, Tobia desk - by Fabiano Trabucchi -, C 130 chair in curved plywood and Nastro curved plywood chair, re-edition of the sixties, by Geoffrey Harcourt.

Also we remember that Emmemobili, mostly Mr. Daniele Tagliabue, has always collaborated with professors of design institutes in order to communicating the virtues of quality processing of wood and plywood and to recognizing talent students. On 2005 these activities led to a production of a table, Sumo, designed by Alessandro Pascolini, student at ISIA Institute in Florence, which is the outcome of the age-long experience of Tagliabue's family with fresh creativity and the software knowledge of the young student. The project, presented at the International Furniture Fair 2006, is a series of round tables and coffee tables marked by their bases made by a single element in curved plywood and transparent crystal or wooden tops. The name Sumo identify the peculiarity of the table construction, especially for the base. According to the visual point, you can see the letters which form the word Sumo through the shapes of the base.

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