Since 1922. It is the pay off that Felicerossi suggested in 2002 for its 80th anniversary and becomes actual as the key word to underline the history of a brand that has always explored the possibilities of the upholstered furniture through the projects research. Since more than 80 years Felicerossi uses the design as an entire instrument able to understand the social and cultural evolution and explaining through the study and the creation of new solutions to improve the quality of living. Felicerossi suggests a design that goes further to the aesthetical pleasure to become the main feature and mean of the novelties of the company. It is easy to understand how important is for Felicerossi the role of research, creating on one side prototypes and ideas and on the other side to make them concrete into ever evolving products.

In a world that keeps changing everyday, the domestic reality asks a flexibility always higher and the furniture projects must be able to give it an answer.
Starting from this point, the projects of Felicerossi are exploring the possibilities to express the nowadays living by privileging the themes of research from all sides and cooperating with designer coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Lightness, versatility, modularity: here is the trinomial where take life the new proposal of Felicerossi for the Milan International Furniture Fair 2006 looking after the future while taking care of the past.

Light in all meanings, that's Bubbly, design Roberto Sartorio. A system of sectional seating elements that includes a single seat, a seat with one arm, a foot stool and an armchair. All the elements have the possibility to receive the arms both on the right and on the left side. A light system not only for its inner flexibility but also for its extreme softness. The construction of the product is simply made of an inner bag filled with expanded polystyrene pearls with outside a cover that can be taken off for washing or cleaning. A solution that suggests an easy possibility of use everyday. All the elements can be placed according to the necessity of the moment. Bubbly is also available in Bubbly compact version, with smaller dimensions and where the steel tubes acts as an arm.

The Oliviero sofa, always by Roberto Sartorio, is a project that stands as a central element between historic modern and contemporary. A material with an ancient use as it is the solid oak is evidenced by becoming a scenic frame for the cushions in latex and wadding with backs and arm cushions in down. The recall of the historic inheritance of the furnishing is perfectly lined up with a design inspired by the fifties without forgetting its contemporaneity. From this design, that is emotional and rational at the same time, comes linear forms but also soft that are perfectly integrated in a lifestyle with the sofas as central element of the house; the favourite area for relaxing, conversation, ecc.

The cooperation of Setsu and Shinobu Ito with Felicerossi, has lead to the creation of Ta; a new line of tables and coffee tables with base in aluminium casting and top in enamelled aluminium or aluminium and oak veneer.

The other project ever evolving is the one from the designer Emmanuel Babled that is suggesting for Felicerossi Ohm; a small armchair with frame in polyethylene available in 10 different colours or upholstered and covered with fabric or leather.

A seating with a soft geometry that perfectly meets the design of the table Pigreco, designed last year by Emmanuel Babled and Filippo Protasoni.

Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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