Merged into the green of the Pistoia countryside there's the Giovannetti factory. The company, founded and still leaded with great energy by Chevalier of Industry Benito Luigi Giovannetti, was born in the mid sixties and gained immediately the world wide attention with its innovative and research products, perfectly matching the experiment climate of those years, when new forms were being created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, meeting and conversing. This is the philosophy which will give the birth, at the end of sixties, to several projects - a lot of them designed by Superstudio - which today may be found in the most precious art galleries and achieving astonishing figures at international auctions at Christie's or Sotheby's.

The Company revealed its complete industrial maturity in 1970 with Anfibio, designed by Alessandro Becchi, a product born as a convertible sofa, which can be used both as a sofa and a bed, in a simple and poetic way. Joining ideas and numbers, Anfibio represented the commercial growth of the company (28.000 pieces produced from 1970 to 1999) and made it raise to the Olympus of art and design. In 1972 Anfibio won the glamorous Compasso d'oro award, and nowadays it's represented in ten modern art museums all over the world.

The international comparison was the main growth factor which enabled Giovannetti to gain a highly qualified "know how"; in numbers, this means a production split into a 40% for Italian and a 60% for foreign markets, with approximately 280 supplied outlets on Italian territory.

During the recent years Giovannetti has proposed new interesting solutions for personalised and original furnishing spaces, like for instance Roly-Poly - comfortable seat/rocking chair created by Guido Rosati -, and the modular elements Link - sofa and seat by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta -, confirming the innovation will of the company, always seeking a blend of imaginative solutions and highly skilled manufacturing and reaching its top with the sculptural armchair Jetsons - by Guglielmo Berchicci. The total-relax rocking chair Gabbiano - by Carin Silva Gil - is the winner of the gold medal of the international Young&Design 2003 award 2003. All those are signals which confirm the will of innovation, assisted by fanciful solutions in high quality realizations, being since ever the fixed point of Giovannetti's activity.

The proposals presented in 2005, projected by young and inspired designers, confirm this direction and the wish to meet the varying requirements of a public getting more and more exigent: such as the sectional program Dune - by Sandro Santantonio and Rocco Bruno -, pointed out for its design at the international Young&Design 2005 award 2005 and the series of chairs Clubby Flowers - Flower, pointed out for its design at the international Young&Design 2004, Daisy and Rose always by Sandro Santantonio.

Those winning collaborations have carried Giovannetti also this year to present at the International Furniture Fair, besides the well known and appreciated historic collection, the news of 2006:

Heart is an endless subject, where anybody from the mists of time tried to penetrate looking for its essence. Heart like hidden centre of deeper sensations, like a secret casket of truths and intimate feelings. This is the seat Love, project by Sandro Santantonio.

The wave represents the power and vitality of water. It's the visible sign of continuous dynamism of nature. This concept gives birth to the Wave table, a symbol of strength turning into a leave that assumes three-dimensionality and thickness. It is carried out entirely in Natural Acrylic Stone, a miscellany of minerals and natural pigments bound in an acrylic matrix. This material, a result of six years of applied research and continuous developments, offers today a performance of resistance and optimum production characteristics, which allow a 15 years guarantee on it.

Cornerless, the egg has no beginning and no end, and recall that life is a continuous cycle. From this myth was designed the bookcase Mork; thought to be a new and original container that, thanks to a series of interlocking shelves, becomes a tri-dimensional element.

Dune consolle - with small reeded extractable tray - e Dune coffee table - with big reeded extractable tray - projects by Sandro Santantonio in transparent acrylic material (PMMA), important complements in enrichment of the sectional program Dune.

Space Time designed the Multilove - with Multilove showcases -, sectional program and containers, a range of simple, sculptural, almost abstract elements, able to create - once assembled - the overall effect of dynamic and strong personality shapes. A composition game creating soft, dynamic, sensual architecture. A place where meeting and creating an individual home or public environment.

Giovannetti rediscovers a charming and comfortable product of its history: Papessa, by Atelier Associati. Designed and produced for the first time in 1972, today Papessa is presented again to our public reviewed in lines and functionality, according to the major knowledge acquainted in ergonomy and for materials resistance.

A proper sign is finally due for some historical products that evidence the great manufacturing tradition of the enterprise based in Pistoia. Besides the already mentioned products, we remember Papillon - informal armchair and sofa by Guido Rosati -, Lambda - table by Superstudio design -, Boss - articulated sofa by Paolo Piva -, Galassia and Galassia Light - sofas by Sergio Giobbi -, Nausicaa - armchair by Marco Matteini -, Ancella - multiuse armchair by Mario Lovi -, Momma - friendly seat by Mirko Pallecchi -, Gongolo and Battigia - seats by Atelier Associati -, Igirovaghi - ironic sofa by Renzo M. Benci -, L'agostina - armchair by Fabrizio Barbero and Maurizio Navone -, Isa dormeuse/chaise-loungue and the Bubba, Friends and Friends Light sofas - all by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta -, the enigmatic and attractive Giramondo - circular seat by Norberto Delfinetti -, and finally Alice and Jolly - chair and a series of small tables designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone.

Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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