Dynamic, alert and full of curiosity, Maxdesign is a young, design-oriented firm that makes seating and furnishing accessories for the home & contract sectors.
Established in 2000 in the province of Udine by Massimo Martino, Maxdesign has made a name for itself in just a few years with its distinctive products, achieving a market position that puts it on a par with much older firms in the sector.

The design and the substantial technological content of the products are the basic elements on which Maxdesign has gradually built up its identity. The often ironic and amusing language expressed by the shapes and colours of the collections is backed up by heavy investment in R&D, attentive analysis of new materials and the use of new technologies.

The X3 range is an example of this. With the X3 project Maxdesign was recognised as a pioneer in its production sector, since it was the first time that a complex moulding technology (bi-injection), hitherto used solely in other sectors, had been brought into the furnishing sphere. The benefits in terms of performance and overall aesthetic results have been considerable.

In 2006 Maxdesign is strengthening its design philosophy by appointing the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein and his studio to be the creative team behind the strategy for brand development.
Maxdesign's future therefore involves extending the production sectors and enlarging the catalogue to offer a more complete supply covering the home, communities, indoor and outdoor spaces, the office and places for leisure/entertainment.

Hannes Wettstein has designed Tototo with which Maxdesign is making its debut on the outdoor furniture scene. This readily stackable armchair was created as a result of the continual request for outdoor seating and intends offering a solution that is striking to look at yet fun. A play has been made between the exterior and interior surface of the chair. The slanting cut of the material toward the backrest let's the interior of the armchair be seen, thereby revealing its shape while lengthening the rear legs. The result: an elegant streamlined monobloc chair also suitable for indoors.

ZED chair, always by Hannes Wettstein, is a zed-shaped silhouette. The twisting and precise profile of this patio chair is a distinctive design feature with a view to many uses and settings. The practicality of the chair is equalled by its comfort: the open and welcoming shape, the oblique cut of the upper part, which gently slopes down to support and accompany the arms, ensure ergonomic comfort for users. The fully or partially upholstered version makes the armchair also suitable for indoor use.

Finally, of the last seasons, we remember: the X3 chair and stool, Ricciolina chair, The Stones, stool, So happy collection – all by Marco Maran –,Simple Collection, by Gabriele Pezzini – table Crystal, Wired chair, Dancer and Moving stools –, and I'm dreaming seat by Dominic Symons.

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