Matteograssi has over a century of experience in the crafting of leather and coach hide, with all the love and care of the true craftsman. The company was in fact founded in 1880 and originally manufactured saddles reins and bridles; the origins of the company are in fact a further demonstration of the authentic craft spirit on which it is based, a true culture of fine workmanship undertaken with painstaking care. Today Matteograssi has earned its reputation as one of the leading design companies in the field of modern furnishings. Its production is very versatile, with particular importance being given to finding ergonomic solutions that are both functional and innovative.

The design philosophy has always been geared at achieving the highest levels of comfort, and the luxury of a refined and highly prestigious setting. The high quality and well designed products are the result of years of experience and close collaboration with the best designers and architects in the field, who have shown the capacity for discovering new materials to combine with leather such as glass, steel and wood;also thanks to the valuable collaboration of highly skilled designers and technicians such as: Tito Agnoli, Carlo Bartoli, Piero Lissoni, Alessandro Mendini, Franco Poli, Eoos, Luigi Massoni, Jean Nouvel, Matteo Nunziati, Mauro Lipparini, Rodolfo Dordoni.

In 1994 Matteograssi acquired Pizzitutti, which became a division of the group specialized in high profile objects furnishing accessories. In 1995 it opened its new showrooms in Milan and obtained ISO 9001 certification. A year later the company acquired the utilization rights of the designs of the famous Milanese architect Guglielmo Ulrich, realized between 1930 and 1960. Thanks to the high quality of its organizational infrastructure and its products the company has acquired excellent standing in the supply of furnishings for highly prestigious public areas, company head-offices, and the most important international airports. It furnished the waiting lounges in the airports of Malpensa, Fiumicino, Paris CDG, Frankfurt Athens, Beijing, Dubai, Bucarest, Kiev, Djakarta and the Alitalia Vip waiting areas.

Here we mention the last realized products 2006.

2Leather, designed from Rodolfo Dordoni, chair upholstered covered with leather and with chromium plated steel frame.

Zip-Couch, designed from Rodolfo Dordoni sofa stuffed and coated in leather or “cuoietto”. Frame in chipboard panels and epoxy painted steel frame. Padding in polyurethane foam of different dentities with double-layer padding. Base in epoxy painted inox steel. Feei in plastic material.

Tent, designed from Rodolfo Dordoni, tables with coach hide central base and top in bronze or smoked glass, with varnishing on reserve side, or medium density covered with coach hide. Feet adjustable in chromium plated AVP.

Britt, designed from T. Wise, small armchair with carrying frame in wood and steel and cover in soft leather.Legs and base with 4 legs or base of chromium plated steel.

Loom, designed from Franco Poli, coach chair with leather hide sewn and finished by hand. Structure in stainless steel. Feet: plastic material.

The Loomy screen, designed from Franco Poli, can be considered the second step of a long itinerary traced above all by the Loom lounge chair. Loomy keeps on featuring the peculiar manufacturing of coach hide and the structure in polished stainless steel of the lounge chair. The Loomy screen is a light filter aimed to separate domestic spaces still maintaining a wide view of the ambience. It is also suitable for shop windows or informal offices. Technical details: Covers: coach hide with patented cutting Carrying frame: painted steel with chromium plated steel vertical rod.

Must, designed from Rodolfo Dordoni, tables and meeting tables of various dimensions with glass, coach hide or soft leather tops. Set to be built-in to connect the electric power/data/microphones/video/ equipments-glass, coach hide or soft leather cover. Chromed or epoxy painted steel bases.

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