Magis was born in August 1976 and just a few weeks later, the company at the Milan Furniture Fair appeared. Since then, each year it has participated in the Fair to present its new products. And obviously, also this year Magis is bringing along its new things, however not like in the past as projects in the prototype stage, but as finished products.

Twenty-one new products for the 2006 Fair, concluding a three-year design cycle that resulted in perhaps the best annual harvest that Magis has ever reaped in its 30-year existence. Here they are, described in short, in the order they're displayed at the Coming Soon presentation.

Developed with Jasper Morrison over many years' work, Air-Armchair goes with Air-Chair and forms a couple that is unique in the world. With also the Air-Table, manufactured in polypropylene with glass fibre added.

By design of Naoto Fukasawa, after the Déjà-vu stool came out a few months ago and immediately became a good seller, here is the Déjà-vu Chair and Déjà-vu Stool in the same stylistic vein. The great new idea is the covering of the outside of the backrest in white ABS, black ABS or wood-covered ABS, tying the chair in visually with the table top of the same family.
Déjà-vu Table is a table that belongs to Déjà-vu Chair, but seeing its stylistically neutral configuration, it goes well with many other chairs.

Easy Table, design Jerszy Seymour, is either all white or all black. Its expressly demure presence allows the bright Easy Chairs in nine different colours to fully dominate the scene.

The first time Magis presented Chair_One, in 2003, by Konstantin Grcic, it didn't receive much of a welcome; its reception was rather cool. But then, with time, people started to like Chair_One, and then they liked it more and more. Now it is one of Magis's strong suits. It is part of a large family where tables were born in 2005 and this year there are: Chair_One with cushions, the Bistrot tables, Stool_One and a new proposal for public-use seating Chair_One Public Seating System.

Stefano Giovannoni presents Family First. Chair First's name comes from it being the first example of a chair made by air moulding in which the emptying of the frame is not simply applied to the volumes with a small tubular section, but all throughout the extensive and complex volumes of the chair and its backrest.
A perfect match for its First Chair, Table First is a polished polyamide leg/table made by co-injection moulding, combinable with tops of different materials, shapes and sizes.

Garage, by Toshiyuki Kita, was a Magis strong suit from 1993 to 2000, then it was discontinued because its mould had exhausted all of its production capacities. Now it's back in a slightly modified version, more handsome and more functional than before. It's a shoe rack system that can be composed at will so that everyone can make his or her own customized shoe rack.

A beautiful armchair by a very special designer: Marc Newson. Magis has been working on Nimrod project for years, and now finally, here it is. It wasn't an easy enterprise, because Magis wanted to make its shell with blow-moulding, while the normal simple way would have been rotation moulding.

Developed with Shin Azumi, his first project for Magis. Strings Family is represented by Strings Chair and Strings Stool made of steel rod (the tables are on their way). Cushions are optional. These are discreet, unadorned, straightforward, high-quality design products that should be well received by the market. An additional bonus is their good price, the fruit of substantial investments made in their production process.

Voido, design Ron Arad, is a rocking chair originally conceived in blow moulding. Voido was presented at the 2005 Furniture Fair in a mould testing phase under which it suffered greatly. Underestimated by Magis and Ron Arad alike, the latter of whom jokingly wrote on the prototype, "This is not rotation moulding! First attempt in big scale blow moulding. Almost there!" But not a thing could be done to alleviate the technical suffering, as trial after trial made evident. So the Voido-blow moulding combination was given up in exchange for rotational moulding that features new and decidedly superior aesthetics.

Me Too Collection:

A chair for children, Alma, by Javier Mariscal. The heart of the chair lies in the ribbing of the backrest. Structurally necessary, it was resolved without using the usual geometric patterns, but by making the branches of a tree, upon which Javier Mariscal's creative impetus accordingly perched some little birds here and there. Linus is a highly neutral table that doesn't want to impose its presence because it knows that it's just Alma's helper.

Piedras is a family of rotational moulded polyethylene seats (low chair, bench and low table) with a stone finish. A project that was started in 2003 and that has now arrived at its conclusion. Piedras is the reproduction of a primitive seat from the times when humans used to sit on tree trunks and pieces of rock.

Mico, by El Último Grito: a secret, diverse, multi-purpose object. Certainly a strange thing with a goofy, hybrid appearance that children will first look at in circumspection, but then slowly slowly they will become familiar with Mico and make friends. They will discover that he's a good friend and a good playmate.

After his two projects Puppy and Trioli, Eero Aarnio designed Flying Carpet for Me Too. A fantastic platform that has a circular rocking movement. For sitting, lying down, playing, thinking, sleeping and… flying.

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