Internationally recognised for its unique and innovative interpretation of design, the prestigious Dutch company based in Breda – in the Netherlands – Moooi was founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders, a trend-setting designer of international fame and Art Director of the company, and by Casper Vissers. Hans Lensvelt has joined more recently as Production Manager. All three will remain shareholders; Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers will continue to be in charge of the management of the company.

This year B&B Italia, a leading company in the international contemporary furnishings market which is controlled by Opera, has recently acquired 50% of Moooi.
The two companies complement each other as both have a strong affinity to style and brand positioning which make it easy to align the innovative creative potential of Moooi - company active in the design sectors of furnishing accessories and lighting - to the established lifestyle of B&B Italia. The aim of the collaboration is to combine the culture and the creative assets of the two companies on several levels: in terms of product development: the extensive and qualified experience of B&B Italia together with its competitive know-how can provide strong added value to the innovative qualities of Moooi's design. With regards to distribution: in selected markets B&B Italia plans to make its distribution channels and its single brand stores, shop-in-shop (dedicated areas) and multi-brand distributors available to Moooi to "export" and develop its great creative potential.
In this operation, one of the first foreign investments made by Italian design companies, Moooi and B&B Italia share a stylistic and conceptual affinity and give birth to a project that, besides having a strong potential for business growth, will bring a real contribution to the current values of design worldwide.

"I'm excited to begin a collaboration with young, fresh and stimulating professionals. They have a very unconventional and ironic approach that captures me" states Giorgio Busnelli, Chairman of B&B Italia.

Marcel Wanders, designer, co-founder and Art Director of Moooi, declares: "It is our intention to be a legendary company, to be a creative force and an ambassador for the great values that design can offer to the world. Worldwide we see a large and growing group of design-addicts which is open to new ideas and a fresh spirit; we see an even larger group of design-virgins all over the world who can be seduced by design if we make it truly innovative, contemporary and if we transform it to be genuinely human. The acquisition of B&B Italia's support for these challenges is another strong sign of our determination".

The new products by Moooi for the Milan Furniture Exhibition 2006:

The candid Paper series: Paper Cabinet, Paper Floorlamp, Paper Chandelier, Paper Cupboard, Paper Table and Paper Buffet. Design by Job Smeets.

The ironic and artistic Vincent's Chair, again designed by Job Smeets Job Smeets.

Bertjan Pot proposes Balls, colored table composed by thousand spheres.

Front creates a series of outlandish animals – the Horse, Rabbit lamp and Pig table.

Dome, ceiling lamp available in several dimensions and colors. Design Jameelah el-Gahsjgari.

Maarten Baas proposes Smoke dining: a new version of the Smoke series – the black-burnt furniture composed by Smoke Chair and Smoke Chandelier.

Set Up Shades Limited Edition is the newest collection by Marcel Wanders on the base of a its historical project – Set up shades –, always produced by Moooi.

About the previous Moooi creations we signaled the following objects:

Card Case, the multishapes series of vases Egg, Ming, Foambowl and Sponge – all by Marcel Wanders.

The geometric AVL series designed by Joep van Lieshout: AVL Table, AVL Chair, AVL Shaker Chair, AVL Bar Stool, the new AVL Bench and AVL Seaterbench.

The colored and receiving Unkle designed by Dumoffice.

Again by the creative Art-Director Marcel Wanders we remembered the sculptured V.I.P. chair chair, the Flower series - Flower chair, Flower dining chair, Flower table –, the elegant and candid Crochet small table, the practical Double Decker, the Phillipe series – Phillipe lounge and Phillipe dining –, and the comfortable and elegant Mellow seat.

The lamps by Edward van Vliet: Kaipo and the Fringe series - Fringe 1, Fringe 2, Fringe 3, Fringe 4, Fringe 5, Fringe 6, Fringe 1 black and Fringe 5 black.

Random Light lamp, designed by Bertjan Pot.

By Ross Lovegrove we remembered the modern and geometric Lovenet armchair and Barbarella sofa, also available in Barbarella short air version.

Always by Marcel Wanders, but produced more recently, we remember the Oblique MDF container, proposed in two different measures – Oblique oak small and Oblique oak big –, the linear composition City System, the most numerous series ContainerContainer Table 7056, Container Table 7030, Container Table 7043 HPL, Container Foot and the last entrance Container Stool –, and finally a symbol of the Moooi company: Bottoni sofa, which are available in many versions – Bottoni Slim, Bottoni Deep, Bottoni Shelf and Bottoni Corner.

Another representative piece is Carbon Chair, designed by Bertjan Pot with Marcel Wanders.

About a great variety of lamps: Flames by Chris Kabel, the Bold series – Big Bold, Little Bold and Menorah Bold –, by Roderick Vos design, Dandelion, elegant lamp by Richard Hutten and Light Shade Shade by Jurgen Bey.

Finally we signaled the soft Dickies seat designed by Anthony Kleinepier.

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