Its business activities started in the 1930s with a craft firm, Molteni, which started to expand in the 1950s, opting for mechanisation with a view to industrial production.
In the 1970s, it split into three companies as a result of its size and to better respond to the needs of the market. It comprises three companies, each one a leader in its own sector: Molteni & C Spa (home furnishings), Unifor Spa (office furnishings) and Dada Spa (kitchens).

Today, the Molteni Group is one of the few with an integral manufacturing cycle: it has total control of its production, from the choice of materials to the final definition of the piece.

Molteni is also active in major contracts such as hotels, museums, ships, shop chains, hospitals and theatres.
Recent examples include furnishings for the Walt Disney cruise ships built by Fincantieri, furnishings for the Cartier chain of boutiques all over the world and for the Cartier Foundation in Paris, the interiors for the La Fenice theatre in Venice and the furnishings for public areas on the cruise ships of the Holland America Line and P&O North Sea Ferries.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2006 Molteni & C presents the following products:

Pass, designed by Luca Meda, is a line of modular storage units, tops and wall units that can be freely combined with each other. Basic components to solve complex situations thanks to a great variety of finishes, smart technical contrivances and a comprehensive range of practical accessories.
Pass is an open-view system designed to be the perfect mate for all the new multimedia systems thanks to its capacity of holding all of the media components concealing the pertaining wiring. All the Hi-Fi-equipped base units are provided with an innovative sliding top, which enables easy access to the bottom part, meant to store the cables and power supply wires.
Vertical storage units, equipped with easy-access doors, expressly designed to hold all the audiovisual supports such as CDs and DVDs. Elegant open-view wall units with glass shelves, suitable to hold books, objects or audiovisual supports, enrich the system. The TV set panel is suited to bear LCD flat-screen or plasma TV sets with size up to 42 inches; it is available in two versions, fixed or provided with a horizontally pivoted mechanism that enables to change the position of the screen for a better vision.
Pass also proposes elegant systems of benches for those whishing just to place their TV set on a plain top, or use it for books and objects and is a complete and flexible system suitable also for the home office. Storage units provided with large drawers complete the system, making it perfect to hold anything useful and to make the living room a pleasant place to live in.

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Glide is a system of mobile partitions that can modulate the relationships between all the rooms in the home. A dynamic variable in the modern domestic space, this sliding wall system allows you to create different situations, use and transparency of space. Separating without dividing; changing the space at different times of the day. Playing with light and reflections that shine on glossy surfaces. As well as coming in a wide range of matt lacquer finishes and shiny tinted glass, the panels can be covered with grey oak, wengè or mutenye.

Stack, always by Rodolfo Dordoni, is a complete and versatile walk-in wardrobe system equipped for hanging and storing with shirt trays and trouser rails, drawers and storage compartments. Order stemming from a functional system that can satisfy the most diverse needs. Stack is a rational system with everything to hand, always visible and protected. All mounted on racks to allow a free choice of position and height.
Stack and Glide form an ideal combination. Simple and elegant on the outside, the panels can become luxurious and practical mirrored walls on the inside.

Finally, of the last production realized by Molteni & C we signalled the comfortable Lido sofa and Reversi sofa - by Zed -, Hi-Bridge sofa system and Hi-Cove comfortable armchair - design Ferruccio Laviani -, an interesting family of seats, Glove - by Patricia Urquiola -, Lyz upholstered armchair - designed by Rodolfo Dordoni -, the elegant armchairs Francine and Clipper - design Studio F&L -, and also Domino; a system of coffee tables designed by Nicola Gallizia.

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