Porro was founded in 1925 in Brianza, the heart of quality Italian furniture production.
It is still held by the family and it gradually acquired a wide share on the international market by means of severity and discretion by joining the artisan tradition quality with sophisticated production technologies.
Porro production is embracing day and night systems, beds, tables, chairs, bookcases and containers, giving a multi-faceted and flexible offer, where the choice of finishes, such as wood, glass, marble and aluminium differs the products personalizing them. The selection of materials and their duration over time, the attention to individual parts, the study - patented - of the technological details.

In the same time, in the Furniture Exhibition stand, the attention is pointed on the last "Casa di Porro". This concept has been planned by Piero Lissonito show how Porro firm can realize complete rooms with their products.

One of the room of 2006 Furniture Exhibition stand shows two new proposals that belong to Homework collection. It is a selection of products designed for people who want to bring on workplace appearance, warmth and comfort of domestic space; for people who think their own job as an integral part of their life and that do not divide the two moments; for people who live workplace in the same deep way as home so as to be close to each object chosen to furnish, enrich and personalize spaces. Homework products are manufactured for people who prefer relationship, comparison and discussion with other people both during day life and working time - Modern, System NXT, P.04, RAM, Load-it and Endless Shelf.

HT Work system has been redesigned by Piero Lissoni and Centro Ricerche Porro with different structures for workplaces. Changes will be: wider shelves to accommodate files and folders, particular internal arrangements for closed spaces. A light aluminium element suitable for domestic and workplaces.

System NXT confirms its main identity of modulable bookcase that has been distinguishing it for 26 years. Designed by Piero Lissoni with Centro Ricerche Porro it is characterized by typical shelves that confirm it as a classic and essential piece of furniture either for home or workplace. Natural wood - mongoi for 2006 Furniture Exhibition - confirms its character giving the characteristic of long-life. New distance from 33 cm up to 42 cm and a staircase to reach different levels. Now System NXT is perfectly suitable for space and containing needs of workplaces.

Modern is the result of the movement of a simple plane figure in the space, a 40x40 cm square. A module repeating itself to generate objects - containers, tops, shelves - different in materials, colours and functional purposes, which proportions and formal consistency are harmonious with. The design belongs to Piero Lissoni, in co-operation with the Centro Ricerche Porro. Modern will be updated at 360° by technical and aesthetic improvements. Finishing will be in mongoi, for the main part of the components, and in the new colours of Porro collection. New opening made by two "L" doors will be sliding and superimposable for a comfortable and liveable home.

Bedroom changes with Modulor, the bed designed by Piero Lissoni. It is a compact bed that can be proposed in every kind of bedroom. It is made by four parts: a central unit smaller than other bed models, a wooden large headboard that can be completed with fabric pillows and two lacquered bases that will be placed on bed sides and will become plane and table bed.
Modulor will be completed with two accessories: a light in the lower part of headboard and a small drawer in the plane. The bed plays on regularity of forms and volumes and on asymmetry of parts: headboard will not be centred on the bed and bases will be of different sizes. It will be proposed in double size.

P04 table, designed by Piero Lissoni, will be equipped with 6 legs, will reach more than 4m length and will become P06. It will be perfect for a dining room and for a comfortable and family meeting room. P06 will be the new important table with wooden top and it will be available in different species and in the 16 glossy lacquer colours of Porro collection.

Modular bookcase Bibliotech designed by Piero Lissoni and Lorenzo Porro, will be proposed with two new finishing: mongoi and "carbone" oak for uprights and shelves. From the technical point of view its parts will show a real change that follows modern technology. Upright, on which shelves are sliding, will be improved with a technology that hide shelves connection. Shelves will show "great span" from 90 cm up to 120 cm. Shelves can be placed every 82 cm.

Load-it by Wolfgang Tolk, is a bookcase built with special, highly resistant, wax-finished steel, or aluminium painted shelves. The wall-mounted panels are available in oak, 'carbone' oak, mirror, and in all matt or glossy colours of our collection.

The chair Steady by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga looks soft for its form and materials. It is made by lacquered metal structure and woven pith for seat and back. Structure is made by a rectangular section steel tube that has been C bended. He has followed the characteristics of Porro seats that are comfortable, perfect and snaky for different spaces: dining room, living and office.

Porro will offer a lamp collection made by handmade glass elements situated on metal structures and available in three different dimensions: diameter 900 mm, 750 mm, 650 mm. Lamp Giogali is a Porro exclusive product made by Vistosi, glass elements have been designed by Angelo Mangiarotti. It is available in transparent and black glass.

Endless Shelf, designed by Werner Aisslinger. Bookcase based on self-supporting panels linked together by special die-cast aluminium joints. Turned aluminium support feet with height adjustment. Panel finishings: oak, 'carbone' oak, anthracite stained MDF. It is also available without feet and black joints.

Jean Marie Massaud confirms his collaboration with Porro firm thanks to his great ability of meeting firm demands. He designed for Porro Synapsis, a table with different uses. The innovation of this item is represented by the bearing element: a steel wire grille that has been emptied and transformed in a web of welded pipes. The base looks very light when coupled with a transparent or semi-transparent top. Number of supports, placed one after the other can be increased so as to form larger dimensions either in length or in width. A thin and bearing structure in the same time.

Lipla always designed by Jean Marie Massaud, is a wide double bed with characterised forms. The structure is available with a new leather upholstery.

RAM table, designed by Decoma Design. It has been redesigned to receive top access, a small door on desk top that will house telephone, computer cables and other electric devices. The new updating will keep its thin and essential appearance.

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