The story of SedieFriuli is a long one, marked by achievements along a very focused path of development. It all began in 1878, when the Fornasarig brothers set up their business. Theirs was the very first chair-making factory in what would later become the International Chair Industrial Zone. In 1959, Giovanni, his brothers and his wife Anna established the Fabbrica SedieFriuli, still the trading name of the business, to make chairs for the Italian, European and international markets. The crucial turning point came in the 1980s when the fourth generation of Fornasarigs joined the company. This injection of new blood arrived at a time when a new international market was coming into being, the contract market, driven by the development of the hotel and restaurant sector. In the 1990s, SedieFriuli's manufacturing units were reorganised. Those decisions and strategies have today made SedieFriuli Italy's leading manufacturer of chairs for the contract market and a company that has been managed without interruption by a family that has successfully handed down its knowledge, skills and passion.

Wood is SedieFriuli's key material. The various types of wood have sensory, visual and tactile characteristics that no other material shares, which is why wood continues to be used today as in the past. Woodworking techniques demand care, craft skills, experience and manual dexterity. That is why SedieFriuli prefers wood, and beech above all. In comparison with other more costly woods, beech offers longevity and elasticity, for it can absorb shocks and is resistant to bending. These physical characteristics make beech ideal for chairs designed for the contract market.

For SedieFriuli, respect for the environment is a philosophy that is not restricted to the thoughtful use of raw materials. Our approach shuns the extremes of consumerism as part of a project that celebrates a classic culture in a contemporary idiom. SedieFriuli makes this ethical and operational choice every day, using farmed beech from selected crops that are monitored and grown according to reforestation cycles to safeguard the ecosystem.

SedieFriuli is the only company in Italy that designs and manufactures seatings and accessories exclusively for the contract sector.
SedieFriuli products – chairs, sofas and tables – are designed for use in hotels, restaurants, theatres, schools, libraries, conference halls, ships and all other community-oriented environments. Manufacture is carried out almost entirely at SedieFriuli factories, with only a tiny proportion carried out at non-company production units.

SedieFriuli comes to the 2006 edition of the Milan Salone del Mobile with a targeted range of chairs, two-seater sofas, armchairs and stools, strategically selected from the company's historic production catalogue.
The products selected have new wood finishes, fabrics, leathers and colours that have been specially developed for the 2006 Salone del Mobile.

A generously proportioned, welcoming padded armchair for relaxation, conversation or meditation. The ergonomic arms are a perfect support for your arms, book or bits and pieces.
Giò's aesthetic appeal, by Antonio Minervini, is based on the soft lines of a snug block of carved wood, filled with sufficient padding to make the sitting experience pleasurable.
The structure features a covering in wood that wraps the armchair in a seamless continuum to ensure solidity and robustness. The apparent simplicity of form disguises a complex manufacturing procedure make possible by the use of advanced industrial technology and the manual skills of expert furniture workers.
The coffee tables designed to the same principles as the armchair can be used in combination with Giò or on their own.

Allround, by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune(CKR) is a seatings system based on round-section wooden components. The structures of the chair, armchair and two-seater sofa feature flowing lines connected by minimal radii of curvature. Designing the way the parts fit together was the project's real challenge. Agile lines and minimalist construction make Allround an excellent system for intensive use in contract supplies.
In 2004, Allround won the CATAS award from the CATAS certification institute for the wood and furniture sector as the product that best combines innovation with outstanding aesthetic appeal.

The George K family of products, by Georges Karam, includes an armchair and two- and three-seater sofas. Comfort and luxury are the concepts underpinning the range's design and production.
Unabashedly inspired by the opulent interiors of magnificent ocean-going liners, the armchair and sofa have wooden structures padded with variable-density expanded polyurethane and dacron
The feet are in seasoned beechwood and both seat and back are reinforced for greater ergonomic benefit. The elegant contoured arms that define the armchair's profile can become support surfaces if necessary. A generously deep seat and the carefully gauged height of the back enhance the overall sensation of comfort.
In 2005, George K won a Product Approval Award, the endorsement instituted by the British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA), which selects products for their innovative design, competitive price, commercial relevance and sensitivity to product life cycle issues.

Moka is a product line that includes chair, chair with arms, stool and from 2005 a comfortable, elegant easy chair. The Moka range is the outcome of a joint effort by the R&D department of Fabbrica Friuli Fornasarig and French designer Thibault Desombre.
One of the designer's aims was to create stackable chair that combined aesthetic appeal and functionality. The outstanding success of the stackable chair led to the expansion of the range with products targeted for the contract market and the family home.

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