In 1998 Sturm und Plastic was born as a division of La Rosa, a company established seventy-six years before, and leader in plastic materials manufacturing for mannequins and shop windows accessories.

Since the beginning, any design philosophy is carefully worked out and defined up to the small detail, until it becomes a tangible piece of design.
So Sturm und Plastic overcomes the boundary of the pure design, going towards a new and extraordinary reality made by forms, art, inspiration and potential.
Sturm und Plastic doesn't limit itself to have, as designers, true professionals of the design, but plays a significant role in researching and testing new materials, technologies, and features.
All the above, has allowed the company to span the imagination at 360°, using and forming the most varied new generation plastic materials: from thousand crystal bubbles, to the polyurethane autopellante, finally landing at a new and astonishing three-dimensional reality, out of any scheme or rule, where the words classical, standard, ready-made are meaningless.

2006 edition at International Furniture Fair of Milan for Sturm und Plastic presents itself rich of hints which demonstrates how the Company is in a moment of consolidation for the need to express, behind creativity, the company and its project.

New plans; evident job of research and experiments; capacity to stir up emotions; care and attention for details. This is what Sturm und Plastic wants to transmit, with a space that gives value to meetings and communication besides the product.
A suggestive location, the one of this year, to tell an inedited image of Sturm's World act to propose two lines: home and lighting.

Sturmundlight: enriches its collection of lamps: Doucer, design Gigi Rigamonti, with the luminous sources Led in chromatic frequencies of white, blue, red and green that match different contemporary life context.
At first sight Doucer looks like a simple cube that recalls ice. Realized in resilient impact recyclable plastic, it matches form, beauty and pleasure. A touchable object that releases light wich becomes sophisticate, involving, satisfying; so easy and instinctive to build a personal comfort suitable to working spaces as well as domestic ones. The blowing technology allows a mass, production with unique results so that every single lamp propagates light in different ways: seductive, refined.

Sturmundwine: the debut with Buena Onda, always by Gigi Rigamonti, elegant and refined bottle holder for the table realized in the unmistakable crystalline plastic with thousands of crystal bubble.
Stackable unit, Buena Onda can contain up to three bottles per shelf, softly laying along its structure offers a pleasant look, beyond the taste.

And with the coming spring also our traditional collection dresses itself a new skin: a multi colour and cheerful Double Up designed by The Design Laboratory. The bench/sofa is realized in selfskinning polyurethane in an Double Up multi-color version.

About the last season Sturm und Plastic we signaled this following products:

Limousine, design Claudio Bitetti
Composed from two elements, Limousine offers several configurations, including an S variation and a rocking chair. The curved and circular pieces, made in expanded polyurethane covered with glitter fabric, are playful shapes that can be stacked and rearranged to create comfortable and multifunctional seating units.

By Gigi Rigamonti design:
Geo 500-503, box composed in resilient clear plastic.
Next Morning, sculpted wash basin in resilient impact plastic with finger print detail.
Pastis, pedestal/stool with flat top composed in resilient clear plastic. Square chrome velours or brilliant chrome structure.
Sitting Woman, armchair in expanded polyurethane covered with fabric and cylindric storage in resilient impact plastic.
Tapo, coffee table in resilient clear plastic.
Baroque, wall mirror with baroque frame in resilient clear plastic.
Alessandria, bookcase in resilient clear plastic material offering great flexibility and the possibility to expand. Arrange several units beside or on top of each other and see how it grows.
Spiegel, wall or self-standing mirrors with a smooth flat frame in clear resilient plastic.

Drop, design Bruno Petronzi
A wall mounted clothes-hook in resilient clear plastic.

By Pascal Bauer design:
Ondo, amorphic stool/table in resilient clear plastic or in self-skinning polyurethane.
Sofa So Far, chaise-longue composed in perspex plastic with inflatable clear plastic cushions and brushed metal structure.
Top Top, radius cornered cabinet composed in resilient clear plastic material.
Human Being, designed with Gigi Rigamonti, armchair composed in resilient clear plastic and chrome velours frame.

Turn Turn, design Carlo Alessi
Revolving cabinet composed of two or four cubes or one rectangle on an adjustable spring loaded (floor/ceiling).

Uff, design Studio Colore (Giuliana Succo, Sergio Viotti, Akira Metoki)
Arched/floor lamp to be leaned against the wall, in resilient clear plastic and metal, available with 1, 2 or 3 elements.

Double Up, design The Design Laboratory
Seating system composed of interlocking layers of polyurethane foam. It can be used as both a bench and a sofa. Double Up is supplied in two and three seats configurations.

Mirņ, design Mattia Rigamonti
Wall mirror with frame in resilient clear plastic.

Tom Don, design Toxid
Stool with cross chromed structure, with optional seating in coloured self-skinning polyurethane or transparent plastic.

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