Furniture from de Sede tells its own story - of life, of dreams, of comfort and security. The de Sede label stands for clear-cut forms, elegance, streamlined magic and a strongly developed sense of colour.
The internal design staff of de Sede is flanked by renowned architects and designers. Among the most famous authors of exciting models include: Paolo Piva, Santiago Calatrava, Claudio Bellini and Antonella Scarpitta.

For nearly 50 years, they have been uncompromising in your commitment to traditional craftsmanship, to quality and to innovation.
For it is only in this way that de Sede has grown to become a leading brand of international note. In addition to quality and know-how, the company's philosophy also focuses squarely upon loyalty. Loyalty which strengthens the company's position vis--vis the competition. Loyalty can be a very important quality.
The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management certification awarded to de Sede bears witness to our unstinting striving for quality.

de Sede presents many new products at the Milan International Furniture Fair 2007:

Ever since she created her DS-7 and DS-5, Antonella Scarpitta's name has stood for design that simply will not countenance the commonplace. In form and content, this new sofa DS-4 follows on from the ideas behind her DS-5, and bears all the hallmarks of a design masterpiece, incorporating the inspiration of seeking aesthetic appeal in elegant simplicity. Its overwhelming attraction springs from a daring interplay of materials that harmoniously melds the steel geometry of its frame with the superlative smoothness of the leather upholstery. With its backrest slightly higher than in the DS-5.
The DS-4 is a clear affirmation by the designer of her commitment to plumb the depths of a particular style. Her skill lies not in continually producing different shapes and forms or flaunting a vast array of materials, but in her fundamental belief that furniture should be endowed with a clear identity. It is this concept that makes the seating Antonella Scarpitta creates so sublimely unique.

The DS-166 from Hugo de Ruiter can justifiably lay claim to being unique and unrepeatable. The original idea was based on an artistic principle, yet without neglect of functionality. The outer form of the armchair has all the quality of a sculpture thanks to its upward tapering lines.
This in turn results not from a mere whim of the designer or from the proverbial wet finger held aloft to see which way the wind is blowing. To the contrary: it is the palpable consequence of the inherent laws of ergonomics. What he is attempting to do with the seat is to express the idea of comfort and security through the swell of the armchairs lines. And it is a security that anyone sitting in the DS-166 feels most profoundly. In figurative terms, his design blends the concepts of guarding and cosseting. The armchairs swivel-tilt mechanism additionally helps underpin a sense of the lightness of being. In the seat, the geste of design becomes a harbinger of comfort, while the reduction of its lines imbues this seating with a peerless richness.

DS-165 is not a sofa. Nor is it a sofa group. And it is certainly not a neatly arranged row of armchairs. What it is a matchless seating environment that calls to mind the great masterpieces of landscape gardening. In his inner eye, Hugo de Ruiter envisaged an unending play of possible additions and variations when he put his concept for the sofa down on paper. The result is a new design for contemporary society in its ever-growing quest for the structures of security in the midst of the breakneck change of information technology.
The adjustable backrests enable new seating positions to be achieved at will. And thanks to the arrangement of rectangular seating elements, the sofa can develop to fit every living area as if it were a growing organism. It heralds in a rediscovery of the pleasure of adapting life to one's prevailing mood. The DS-165 represents an optimistic start into the 21st century and is predestined to become a cult object in the future.

For years now, one of the principal maxims regarding the design of chairs is: reduce to the max. It is precisely this maximum reduction that governs the works of many of the world's most renowned designers.
The DS-717 chair from Claudio Bellini boasts clean uncluttered lines that express the very epitome of beauty in its purest simplicity. The contours of the seat call to mind the perfection of a sea-shell, while this orientation towards Nature is further accentuated by the arresting structure of the leather. The chrome-plated legs provide a sublimity of form that underscores the exquisite sweep of the chair as a whole.
Claudio Bellini has an uncanny understanding for the precision mechanics of seating: "It is easier to play Hamlet than to paint a magnolia." And it is also easier to create a comfortable sofa than a chair that both fulfils its prime purpose while also meeting the highest demands for seating comfort.
The DS-717 is available as a dining chair with or without arms and also as a DS-717 lounge chair.

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