Frighetto has been an important presence in the furnishing design sector.
Produce spaces that are welcoming, relaxing and reveal themselves. Frighetto gets more stylish every day: the drive for new ideas, the value given to space and the quest for elegance blended with versatile designs are testimony to the innovative spirit on which the company philosophy is founded.

The furniture items made by Frighetto are testimonials of an international style and have been conceived in the name of flexibility, to meet very different tastes and requirements. Due to their great versatility and outstanding design, combined with mass production, Frighetto products may today be found in the world, from America to Australia, from Europe to the Far East.
Frighetto creates pieces of furniture, which are characterised by an innovative design, meeting style and elegance, the demands of an everchanging market. According to the corporate philosophy, quality prevails above everything else, through a constant research, the care for details and surface treatments, an accurate crafting and a selection of the best materials.

The brand Frighetto was protagonist of two selections at the Compasso d'Oro ADI (Industrial Design Association): the XIV edition in 1987 with the modular Vela bookcase and the XIX edition in 2001 with Bilbao wardrobe.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2007 Frighetto Company presents many products:

Flap, design: Giuseppe Vigaṇ
"It is the natural updating version of Cubo model, concerning the shape and style. It improves and renews the invention of the backrest".
Modular, extremely versatile sofas. The two backrests can be raised with a simple movement to create a comfortable support for the back. Structure in beech and poplar wood, spring system with elastic bands on metal frames. Padding in differentiated density polyurethane. Slipcover in fabric or non-removable leather upholstery. Feet in chromed steel.

Dune, design: Ora Ito
"Soft rounded sofa which takes an architectural dimension speaking about its lines, shapes and coloured hollow joint which design the space around it. Offering a traditional comfort however creating softer lines making it more statutory. Continuous thickness coming to create the structure (seat hull), balustrades and back".
Modular sofa in four elements: left and right end modules, corner and linear element, supplemented by an armchair and a small or large sofa. Structure in beech and poplar and spring system with elastic bands on metal frames. All padding is in differentiated-density polyurethane. Only the seat and backrest cushions have removable covers. Base in steel with black or white varnish. Particular detail in the form of an element inserted between backrest and seat, with contrasting fabric or leather upholstery.

Ayrton, design: Ora Ito
"Unfolding lines which creates by a hollow joint, the bed structure, and by separation, curved lines designing a high night table and a low interior arrangement. Softness of the external lines dedicated to an ergonomics and an optimal comfort. Internal and external shapes with bicolored choices creating a multiplicity of combinations".
Bed with structure in wood with matt varnish surfaces, or alternatively combined with thin polyurethane sheets covered with leather. The headboard is an optional that may be added to the structure. Feet in chromed steel.

Bean, design: Mark Naden
"When a building is in its early stages of construction only the structure is visible. For many buildings this is the point at which they achieve their greatest beauty. This is also when, by virtue of their transparency, we have the greatest understanding the architecture. Once the final surface is applied this simple purity is lost. With this collection I am exploring the contrast between structure and surface. The surface is partially visible but everywhere else suggested so even though the object is only partly skinned, the entire form is understood".
Collection that comprises armchair, chair and fixed stool with a base in steel bars supporting a flexible structure in thinner steel bars. Bodies in coloured glossy Abs.

Pouf Pot, design: Mark Naden
"It is an exploration of geometries equally expressed on both sides of an object, a chair, in which the front is traditionally given more attention than the back. This makes it a chair that is more suited to placement towards the center and away from the edge where any viewpoint at which it is observed provides an interesting perspective".
It is available in two versions: one with foam padding with insert in shaped steel, with fabric or leather cover, and another in polypropylene made with rotation technology. Available in white, black, green, orange and gray.

Rhea, design: Patrick Norguet
"It is designed to be a place for oneself to stay and enjoy, with inviting and a cozy shape. It doesn't re-invent functions but expresses by its own presence its essentiality as an object".
Armchair with structure in shaped steel sections covered with moulded polyurethane foam. Fixed covers. Coordinated pouf.

Tori, design: Patrick Norguet
"It plays with the ripetition of one molded piece that gives a light and fresh feeling for the table".
Table with top in clear glass, base in die-cast aluminium, polished or varnished in black or white.

One, design Norberto Delfinetti and Monica Bernasconi
"It is a new programme, made of elements that fit together and form, with interchangeable architectural signs, a storage module open to countless evolutions (by adding side end elements, cabinets, or a combination of both) that concentrates in a single product, features that could until now only be found as combined systems. Sliding, hinged, tilting doors, deep bases designed for the passage of wires, wainscots that may be equipped with storage units, shelves in wood, aluminium and glass. The wainscots are also available in a version designed for television sets. The distinctive architectural trait of the system consists of the portal, that may be used both in the wall version and in the innovative two-sided configuration, ideal as central partition of a larger space".
Surfaces in matt and glossy varnish, rosewood or oak, in addition to door in mirror-finish glass and leather.

Giano, Norberto Delfinetti and Monica Bernasconi
"Dilating spaces, defined by thin sides and oblique shelves, all contained by an elegant thick ring portal, that supports, encloses, emphasizes".
Original and refined bookcase module, available in a variety of surfaces treatments, from matt and glossy varnishes that may be combined in different way. The portal may be identical to rear structure and shelves, or the two may feature different surface treatments. The portal has hallow structure, while shelves and internal sides are in extremely light polyurethane material.

R.e.m., design: Cory Grosser
"This bed explores the movement of a single line that has been repeated to create a strong graphic profile and a unique double headboard. The front headboard is split into two allowing each user to move freely without disturbing their partner while the rear headboard flows continuously to become the beds base. It's clean, balanced shape works well in small spaces and is refreshing in its simplicity. For a more striking aesthetic the front headboard can be upholstered in a fabric that contrasts the back section and base".
Bed with upholstered sommier and headboard, covered in leather or fabric. The headboards may be raised with a sliding mechanism, to create a taller backrest. Base in chromed steel.

Frame, design: Allan Doyle
"It is a new bedside tables and storages collection that smartly matches to all Frighetto's night elements."
Collection of bedside tables and drawer units with structure featuring rosewood, oak, matt and glossy varnish surfaces (on both sides). Drawers open with push-pull mechanism.

Monza, design: Stefano Gallizioli
"Bed distinguished by the coupling of different fabrics colours. It can be formal or informal to fit to the different needs in the domestic environment".
Upholstered sommier and headboard, covered in leather or fabric, fully removable.

Wind, design: Stefano Gallizioli
"The design of the headboard makes this bed dynamic and informal, giving it a special lightness that makes it suitable for the contemporary home".
Bed with sommier and headboard with steel structure covered by thin sheets of polyurethane. Completely removable fabric cover. Base in chromed steel.

Mathie, design: Stefano Gallizioli
"It is a bedside table with a drawer, which adds a touch of descreetness and elegance to the night environment".
Bedside table with structure in sheet metal with black or white varnish and drawer with 45° crafting and surfaces in rosewood, oak, matt or glossy varnish. Soft-touch closing mechanism.

Noa, design: Stefano Gallizioli
"It is a versatile and functional seating programme organized around the shell with and without arms. Reshaped and enlarged, the collection is also suitable for the office and contract environment".
Collection of chairs and stools with body in beech plywood with rosewood or oak finish, or leather upholstery. The version with armrests is also available with internal padding and leather or fabric upholstery. The model is available with different types of bases: 4 legs, 4 legs with armrests and sled, all in chromed steel.

Kab, design: Karim Rashid
"It was envisioned as an elegant dining chair for residential and contract use. The shell of the seat comfortably cradles your body and unifies a new high-tech process of molding along side low-tech artisan quality tailoring. In 2007, a new naked version of it was designed featuring a coloured and a transparent seat, adding a younger look to the established design".
Collection of chairs with body available in transparent polycarbonate, coloured glossy abs, leather - covered abs, or foam padding with leather or fabric upholstery. Three different types of bases: 4 legs, swivelling and swivelling with four spokes, all in chromed steel or black or white varnish.

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