Continuos exploration, deepening of aesthetics and technological contents, synergies: this is the dynamic reality lying behind Horm which has taken the firm, established in '89, to so far havens. The constant activity of research for quality and for symmetry, that is the beauty coming from the harmonic connection of every part, consented to plan house furniture characterised by essential lines, able to occupy space without cluttering rooms up, ready to meet the end user's requirements.

During its years of activity, Horm has always paid attention to materials and products to be used for its furniture. In particular, the wood and its properties are exalted for their peculiar characteristics. Starting from different types of wood, passing through varnishing, rigorously manual, and to the finish, the wooden matter becomes the protagonist of the history of Horm's furniture.

This year at the Milan International Furniture Fair Horm presents the following products:

The Riddled table - design Steven Holl - comes into its own with the addition of the glass top, which draws attention even more toward the two legs. Two laser-sculpted solids underscore the porosity that characterizes many of the works by the American architect. An invitation to "enter" into the legs: the sheet of ultra-thin wood that forms them is open at the top, making this design even more spectacular as it seems to defy the forces of gravity.

Porosity and buoyancy, intrinsic to the thoughts and designs of Steven Holl, are echoed in Riddled front; furnishing piece available in several sizes and finishes. There are two heights and two opportunities for personalization, front panels with a simple "diamond" pattern or more elaborately worked with laser perforation. Either way, the natural veining of the wood runs horizontally to emphasize the two surfaces that make up the furniture: a wooden "C" that joins the sides and front and a painted "L" for the top and back.
Also worth mentioning is the special Horm-patented technology, that completely eliminates the need for hinges. The same material is used for the door opening and closing mechanism.

Its name is Sudoku: bookcase system by Mario Bellini. It is comprised of a blend of diverse horizontal and vertical elements. Some are dressed in a blazing uniform with strong light and dark contrasts, while others boast a perfectly reflective, silvery finish. An unusual collection of surfaces with strong physicality, combined with the "absence" of mirrored sides and the infinite virtual illusions lent by the reflecting surfaces.
This bookcase comes in three styles: one in hand-applied silver leaf and Santo Brazilian rosewood, produced in a limited edition of 49 exemplars. The other standard versions include one with a white and black painted finish and the other in black and white plywood and a mirror-polished aluminum surface. The unusual quality of the back, half as deep as the shelves, create an effective play on the parts and result in an array of possible compositions that become an original, harmonious and versatile unit.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2006  

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