Kundalini was born in Milan in 1996. Throughout these years Kundalini has developed its philosophy in several stylistic, functional and material expressions, including the production of furnishings that embody the same spirit as the luminous objects.
A seat, a lamp, a table or a mirror, in the Kundalini vision are not simply useful, beautiful, functional objects, satisfying our senses: they are also and above all extrasensorial signs.

During the Milan International Furniture Fair 2007, Kundalini presented the following products.

Abyss – by studio Osko+Deichmann –, is a table lamp composed by a modular structure of injection moulded opal polycarbonate illuminated by a high voltage LED strip. This vertebrate structure allows infinite combinations of self-standing articulated forms that seem to freely float in space, and evokes atmospheres of deep ocean ambience in which luminous organisms sinuously and beamingly float into the darkness.
In the Abyss ceiling version the structure is suspended onto a white Plexiglas cylinder and integrated with a fluorescent spot.

Bolido – by Marco Valente –, is a suspension lamp inspired by astronomy. It is composed by six silkscreened and curved glasses which recreate a luminous and aerodynamic body that floats in transparency.

E-turn – by Brodie Neill –, is a sculptural bench in lacquered fibreglass that represents the state of the art of today's 3D modelling. As the result of exploring an endless line in 3D space, E-Turn embodies a continuous morphing ribbon that twists and turns from seat to structure before overlapping and returning again in the configuration of a seat.

Floob ceiling – by Karim Rashid–, is the suspension version of the celebrated homonymous floor lamp characterised by the transparent Plexiglas volume of floral inspiration.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 e MIFF 2006  

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