Twenty years ago Naos company introduced in objects furniture unusual and innovative mechanisms of movement. From this avant-garde was born a company known throughout the world as Action Design laboratory.

At the International Furniture Fair in Milan of April 1987, Naos presents an unusual collection of furniture on the move, which surprised and capture the attention of visitors. Mario Morbidelli, leads the project along with some of the most prestigious Italian design – the D'Urbino and Lomazzi study, Arnaldo Gamba, Leila Guerra, Giorgio Gurioli, who will join later Denis Santachiara, Mario Marenco, Giusy Mastro –, called this collection La Casa Animata.
The transformability has always been one of the major research topics of industrial design. The furnishing items, by its nature, is born as changing element, which must meet several requirements housing.
This is a series of tables, tables, chairs, shelves and cabinets connotations from one big theme: the movement. Everything moves, everything changes.

At Milan International Furniture Fair 2007, the Naos company presents the following products:

Angel, design Denis Santachiara
Multifunctional secretaire: pc desk, writing desk, make up desk. Structure in turned aluminium with a transparent protective coating. Crystal main top and shelves. Light diffusing screens of thermographed metacryl with frost effect surface.

Carillon, design Denis Santachiara
Display in curved natural crystal consisting of two symmetric twin columns with base and top in brushed aluminium. Socle in painted steel equipped with a mechanism for synchronised rotation of the columns. Base equipped with bolt.

Dadaumpa, design Denis Santachiara
Home-theatre for flat screens and plasma tv with base and column in painted or galvanized steel. Shelf for utilities, dvd and inclined shelves for other media devices in painted steel. Doors in thermographed metacryl with frosted effect. Its exclusive parallelogram shaped mechanism allows it to lift and rotate the screen behind the column and considerably reduce the whole wiingspan. Multiple plug and cable holder integrated on the back part of the column. Base with wheels.

Tutu, design Denis Santachiara
Extendible coffee table with synchronized revolving crystal tops in curved glass. The base in galvanized steel is equipped with a mechanism for synchronized rotation of the tops that allows an ample modulation of the form.

Atlante, design Donato D'urbino and Paolo Lomazzi
Transformable table in crystal top. Base, column and arms dual hinged in cast aluminium painted finishing. Inox details. The base and the column only can be galvanized. An innovative mechanism with double hinged supports allow a simple rotary motion to modify the top surface, lifting or lowering the two lateral wings transforming the surface of the top from the console position to a perfectly round surface.

Hula hula, design Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra
Extendible table in crystal top, supports in painted aluminium fusion and base in painted cast iron. Equipped with an original mechanism that allows a synchronised movement to raise the square upper top, extending the lower rectangular top and re-aligning them perfectly transforming the surface of the square top of 110 into a surface of cm 190 in length and in cm 110 in width.

Newton, design Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra
Table/wall unit consisting in three glass shelves. Base and bars in painted or galvanized steel. Central support in painted steel. Base on wheels with blocking system. Through its exclusive mechanism the shelves pivot horizontally, always keeping in parallel, and move from the vertical to the horizontal position: the wall unit becomes then, a dining table.

Papillon, design Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra
Extendible coffee table with synchronized revolving crystal tops. Painted supports in steel coated with synthetic material. The base in painted steel or wood veneered is equipped with a mechanism for the synchronized rotation that allows ample modulation of the form.

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