An international brand name representing the design, elegance and perfection of Italian-made products Poltrona Frau is coming from solid Italian origins but with an international reach, and now is a leader in top of the range furniture, and is a spokesman throughout the world for the values associated with the design and production of Italian-made goods.
Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau has been refining its sophisticated expertise in hand-crafted workmanship through 90 years of history. This expertise, perfected through time, continues to be passed down by master craftsmen from generation to generation. Today, as in the past, this heritage of knowledge and skill is captured within each piece of Poltrona Frau furniture. The intimate and timeless elegance, the personality of each individual piece, are the fruit of the craftsman’s skill and a design that enhances hand-crafted workmanship even in the most modern forms. The manufacturing expertise has always been combined with research into materials, in order to obtain the best from leather and from the exclusive Pelle Frau®, modernising them while keeping their original, natural softness, warmth and tactile qualities. The same care and passion is also devoted to the most innovative and technologically materials.

With more than 60 flagship stores, stretching from New York and Rome to Paris and Milan, Poltrona Frau is the brand name that symbolises luxury construed as discreet and universal elegance, as craftsmanship and perfection. This original encounter between tradition and modernity has made Poltrona Frau a highly recognisable presence in a number of sectors: residential, office, contract work and interiors for cars, aeroplanes, yachts and helicopters.

Here at Poltrona Frau the great classics, such as the Vanity Fair and Chesterfield, sit freely alongside contemporary forms and furnishings, in collaboration with Italian and international designers such as Pierluigi Cerri, Achille Castiglioni, Michele De Lucchi, Jean-Marie Massaud, Emilio Ambasz. The uniqueness of shape, the beauty of the materials and the fineness of the hand-crafted work are the distinctive traits that make each piece of furniture unique.

Together with the best designers, the research into elegant, comfortable and personal shapes and solutions continues in the work space, interpreted by Poltrona Frau with exclusive furnishings combining practicality and atmosphere, style and ergonomics.

Sophisticated settings are also provided for the high-end Contract sector. Poltrona Frau develops and creates projects alongside architects like Jean Nouvel, Norman Foster, Richard Meier throughout the world. From the Palau Reina Sofia in Valencia, by the Santiago Calatrava Studio, the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles by Frank O. Gehry, and the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, by Renzo Piano, to the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan.

The contemporary traveller’s habitats designed by Poltrona Frau's Interiors in Motion division reveal the same attention to quality, usability and manufacturing details. Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Japan Airlines, Air France, and Star Alliance – today Poltrona Frau is designing interiors upholstered in Pelle Frau® and leather for the automobile and aeronautic industries at the highest level. Poltrona Frau is an international point of reference for luxurious comfort.

Following we signal the last products realized in 2007.

Directly from Poltrona Frau Research & Development Centre the chair Samo presents harmonious motif of the final part of the back support through the use of the classical crinkle coating technique.

Studio Cerri & Associates presents Atlante. The bed has been brought back to its essentials through extreme simplicity of form. The front footboard can be combined with the self-supporting bench, broadening the surfaces and enhancing the linearity of the design.

The conversion from sofà to bed and vice versa is simple and functional in Eskilo – designed by Tito Agnoli – thanks to the steel mechanism and frontal opening with a handle.

Alta Fedeltà – bed designed by Daniela Puppa – flirts with decorative elements and comfort. A spacious drawer made from multilayer wood is housed in the front footboard while under the headboard there are two wheels.

A symbol of elegance, simple and supple this is Bina, the chair designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito.

Jean-Marie Massaud presents four new pieces:
the table Bob which thanks new material suggestions and new dimensions becomes an even richer, sophisticated and versatile addition to the living and relax areas. It can be used as a coffee table during the day and as a nightstand at night, thanks to its vary'ng heights and different top diameters;
the Kennedee swivel armchair characterized by of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan elegance inspired by the Kennedy family, is a welcome addition to the collection that was launched in 2006;
the drinks cabinet Isidoro, elegant container on wheels that opens like a book with an external handle and a click-to-close mechanism. The thoughtful layout of the internal spaces includes glass and bottle holders with metal rings and a folding shelf that can be used as a convenient preparation surface;
and finally the system of forniture complementary Vitruvio, a set of drawers with two, three or four compartments, laid out horizontally, a dresser and a bedside table.

The seat Jockey is designed by François Azambourg to welcome the body in a flexible and soft embrace. The insertion of thin elastic webbìng creates a light spring in Jockey and also ensures that it does not deform.

The ample, welcoming seat Palladio – designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina – extends into two large armrest-wings, offering sturdiness and comfort.

Beatrice, designed by Monica Förster, characterised by sensations of poise and harmony and a well-tempered design free from overdominating elements. The alternation between leather and wood creates measured graphic effects, especially behind the backrest, where a curved wooden panel is grafted elegantly into the rear legs.
Monica Förster presents moreover the pouff Esedra and the two-seated sofà Alone, in a large version, where the surfaces large, soft and enveloping give refuge and relax.

The range of seats Linea A, designed by Peter Marino, composed by the armchair and two or three-seated sofà, in their perfectly proportioned sizes, are structurally designed to be welcoming and comfortable.

Four new pieces from creative spirit of Andrée Putman: a contemporary version of the desk for the home Segreto, the pleasure of discovering cables passing into the interior of the desk and concealed drawer with folding leather pockets, integrated into one of the two supports;
a small armchair and two-seated sofà of set Sinuosa plays with curving lines and compact surfaces, an invitation to conversation with soft welcoming seats complete with goose-down cushions; graceful design with feminine lines in this petite beauty console Feluca, a touch of flirtatiousness in line sinuous shape of one of the three supports, all made of steel.
evokes the spirit of the cruises of once upon a time, aboard the great transatlantic ships the bedroom trunk Oceano where storing objects, clothing or accessories, hidden away inside the trunk there is also a folding mini-desk with a removable padded pouf.

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