De Padova presents the new items for Salone del Mobile 2008, for Home and Contract.

The new products presented De Padova collections have been designed to answer to the increasing demand of the market in the furnishing sector.
Comfort, balance, elegance and functionality are the guiding principles which distinguish the settings and the products designed by De Padova.
Among the new items, these demands are met by the system of meeting tables, Mantis, and the Lavenham chair, both designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Rokumaru coat hanger designed by Nendo, which can be used also for showroom furnishing, the Suite sofa for hotels and the Olimpia stool for public spaces like bars and restaurants.
For De Padova home, workplace and public spaces are places without defined boundaries where products can be combined and mixed to create a harmonious setting.
For this reasons, many of the new products can be also used for home furnishing.

Mantis, system of meeting tables with wooden table-top and folded sheet metal base designed by Patricia Urquiola.
The material of the base has a strong industrial inspiration, creating an interesting contrast with the gentle folds of the metal. The table-tops have tapering edges, and in the rectangular versions, are visibly inspired by the shape of a wing. The large central aluminium beam enables the base to support a table-top up to seven meters, supported in just four points. The table is strong and solid, yet at the same time distinguished by a sense of lightness.

Lavenham, fixed chair with armrests designed by Patricia Urquiola.
The name "Lavenham" is a homage to the English town in the Suffolk where the company which invented the "diamond quilt" effect overcoat, which has inspired the embossed design of the chair, is based. The seat, in printed plastic material, is distinguished by a high mechanical resistance.
On the front part of the seat the surface has a glossy effect; on the rear it is mat. This characteristic endows the chair with movement and personality, further enhancing the material effect of the quilting. The special design of the metal structure makes the chair stackable.

Moby 1 and Moby 2, television trolley designed for the latest TV by Marco Zanuso jr.
The design emphasizes the concept of simplicity in order to face the evolution of technology. Proposed in black, white and aluminium, with one shelf or two shelves both with DVD player tray. The stratified laminate composing the shelf is thin but strong. This slimness creates a sense of lightness; the glossy finish enriched the product.

Rokumaru, coat hanger designed by Nendo.
Looking very simple, yet technically complex, this coat reminds a tree with six branches, which symbolise the six rays of an imaginary circumference in which it is possible to draw the product as seen from above. The meaning of the term Rokumaru is the joining of two words: the number six, "roku" and the word for circle or zero, "maru". The rigorous, clean shapes are accompanied by a particular design: each detail has been considered starting from the section of the three legs up to the angle of the branches, and the small notch in their extremities which enables jackets and coats to be hung up. Available in two colours: natural ash or wengé stained.

Saturno, side table designed by D’Urbino - Lomazzi.
Made up of two circular tops, with different sizes, mounted on a diagonal support bar. Each table-top revolves independently and the two table tops rotate together around the central axis, welded to the supporting bar. The main table-top can be easily moved close to a seat, in order to use the surface for eating, working, drinking a cup of tea. The secondary lower table-top offers a surface to place objects. The colours of the table-tops and of the bases, black and white, can be combined.

Campo Arato, low table designed by Paolo Pallucco.
A sculptural table which reproduces the dimensions of the Campo d'Oro table with trapezoid elements as table-top.
The top is in solid oak with triangular section grooves. This particular finish, from which the name is derived, highlights the materiality of the table. When the table is closed, or completely extended, these furrows run in parallel along the surface; in other positions, the grooves run in different directions creating a curving effect. Available in natural oak or painted in white.

Suite is a sofa with simple lines, but comfortable and welcoming.
Thanks to its small size it can easily be used in a domestic setting, but also in public spaces.
The back is perpendicular to the seat and allows to place the sofa against the wall, saving space also thanks to its reduced depth.
The seat and the back are integrated into the structure.
Available in three sizes, the cover is completely removable.

Olimpia, stackable stool.
This project was born from the need to complete De Padova proposal with a stool for home or public areas, in line with the rest of the collection. Two heights, and three colours: natural maple, white laminate and wengé-stained oak. The special structure in polished chromed steel, with inox footrest, makes the stool stackable.

Chiave di Volta, floor, table or wall-mountable bookshelf designed by 967 design.
A versatile system of small bookshelves for home or office. The particular arched design of the shelf enables it to be heavily charged without bending. The name "chiave di volta" recalls the shape of the stones used in vault arches.

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