Edra comes out in 1987, and Edra has been the first to use colour in a broad and structural manner, using also deep and bright shades. Without betraying its personality, Edra has shown itself to be capable either of experimenting advanced technologies and of making use of traditional processes and hand manufacturing, that give a unique quality to many of its pieces. Edra tries out innovatory materials such as polypropylene and poor ones such as cardboard and rope.

The striking showcase of new products and collection items, designed by Edra Art Director Massimo Morozzi, makes strategic use of colour to underline the company's quest both for new sensual shapes epitomising comfort, and one-off artistic, handcrafted designer pieces.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2008 Edra presents:

Sherazade – the name of the vizier’s daughter in the Arabian Nights who saves her life by telling King Shahryar stories for a thousand and one nights –. In extra-soft jellyfoam, this rectangular sommier is bedecked with a series of luxuriously comfortable accessories can be placed to suit the position – and mood – of the lounger.

Odalisca is a special version of Sherazade. Its unique fabric cover designed by Fancesco Binfaré harks back to 19th century Orientalist painting – especially Eugène Delacroix – with overtones of Matisse-inspired collage.

Francesco Binfaré’s modular Sofà – a hollow frame filled with large soft cushions filled with kapok, the silky plant fibre – now becomes Gran Khan, a creation reminiscent of the primitive couches that furnished Mongolian tents.

The armchair Aguapé by Fernando and Humberto Campana is a water-lily. Its thick laser-cut leather petals – in either natural, white, pink or soft green – spring naturally from stem-like chair legs.

Paesaggi Italiani, the modular furniture system designed by Massimo Morozzi, now has gorgeous golden finishes, like golden domes and minarets shimmering against clear skies.

Flap, the sofa designed by Francesco Binfaré, has been clad in shiny crocodile-printed leather, the product of new tanning techniques. The result is a youthful, wholly contemporary sofa that loses nothing of its original sophisticated exclusivity.

Sponge designed by Peter Traag, has also been dressed in leather. The irregular crinkles have a timeworn look. Like facial expression lines, they age their wearer with quite dignity to create a timeless classic.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005 and MIFF 2006  

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