For more than 20 years Lapalma, established in 1978, has been manufacturing furniture for the modern home and for the contract, following a thread, rooted in the modern design, that links with clear proportions all the components of the project and aims at getting a universal product, that will last forever. All the products derive from a continual research on materials and mechanisms: these are engineered and developed in the plant of Cadoneghe, near Padova.
Quality is a fundamental component of Lapalma's philosophy. It means to check the incoming raw materials, the way suppliers work, how components are assembled and products controlled, packed and delivered.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair 2008 Lapalma shows this followings products:

m'ovo, design Andreas Störiko
It is pure surprise. The unusual vertical object can be transformed by an easy movement: a second leg unfolds while the top is lowered to horizontal position. The solid oval base has concealed wheels so that the table can be shifted easily before use. When the flip-top is down, the wheels are lifted up and the base is stopped.

Metis, design Hannes Wettstein
This eccentric chair is the first project of the Wettstein office for Lapalma: a lounge chair with a wide seating and three legs. An organic seat in curved plywood, that will be produced also in material suitable for the outdoor use, invite to relax, also in two, thanks to the width of the seat, about 1 meter. As an alternative, while seating, it's possible to put on the seat a cup of coffee or a plate, some books or the newspaper.

Jo, design Alfredo Häberli
It is a stackable cantilever chair with a square section tube and seat in curved plywood. This type of chair is an icon of modern furniture an is for Lapalma an unexplored market niche, for sure interesting for contract and residential.
The designer explains: "I felt in love with the thinnest line of 30x10 mm. For this reason I've tried to find an idea, an idea for a chair. With it I wanted to conceive a stackable chair of the cantilever type, that could also have armrests".
The line of the tube 30x10 mm is a continuous loop that surround the most part of the seat: the protrusion of the seat is not only aesthetic, but solve the important purpose of a cantilever chair, increasing its flexibility.

Panco, design Romano Marcato
With its pure and essential line, it comes from the need of answering to the market demand of high table/lunch counter. The plywood top, with its material and finishes, perfectly matches with all the other Lapalma products and completes its wide range. The epoxy lacquered legs, with their adjustable feet, are passed through by a long vertical cut creating a decorative pattern and balancing the aesthetic harmony of the product.

Aria collection, design Romano Marcato
Family of seats (Aria armrest, Aria bench, Aria chair, Aria lounge, Aria seatpad, Aria stool) for outdoor and indoor. Available also with upholstery in synthetic fireproof and waterproof fabric.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2006 and MIFF 2007  

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