Robots was established in 1962. The production of the first furnishing components comes out in the 70's.
Since 1995 the company has been headed by Renato Rebolini, who has augmented the use of steel rod with that of new materials. The production possibilities have been amplified and the collection has been enriched with objects that harmonize with a modern concept of dwelling that sees the house encompassing new functions, fragmenting and recomposing spaces, and introducing new rituals. Between realism and intelligence, investigation into behaviours and feelings for beauty, the Robots story continues, more open than ever to new encounters.

This year, at the Milan International Furniture Fair, Robots presents some new furnishing items:

Giulietta e Romeo, design Chiara Rapaccini
Plate steel bookends, painted and silkscreened with the image of artist Chiara Rapaccini. It measures 20 cm in height by 16 cm wide. Numbered edition.

Stand up, design Cristiano Iacobino
Clothes stand/sculpture composed of a square base and five steel tubes of various heights, slightly inclined to form a scenographic interweaving. The base measures 35 cm each side, the tubes range from 140 cm to 198 cm in height and have a diameter of 3 cm. It is available polished white lacquered and in the satined stainless steel version also usable outdoors.

Vademecum, design Bruno Munari
New version of the classic object designed by Bruno Munari in 1980. This is a trolley/bookcase made of chromed steel wire and with transparent float, black, etched or mirror glass shelves. The base shelf at the bottom is always mirror glass; the finishes of the other shelves can be chosen to your taste from among those offered. The trolley/bookcase is fitted with castor wheels for easy movement around the room.

Venezia, design Enzo Mari
The element with six shelves in the freestanding version must be fixed to the wall in any case. A versatile system of steel plate floor and wall containers shaped and painted in three finishes: opaque white, champagne and dark bronze.

XYZ collection, design Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo
Sectional tables: made of steel tube, chromed or polished white painted, available in various formats. The tables are composed of 4 legs with couplings, transverse connection elements and a glass top. The top is available in transparent float, etched or mirror glass. The transparent tops can be back-printed with images from the catalogue or personalised on request.
Modular structure made of chromed and polished white painted steel tubing. It is composed of uprights joined together by a tubular element that supports the shelves, backs and sides, thus creating containers for a wide variety of uses, in both the floor and wall versions. The assembly system is secured using joints with grub screws. The shelves can be made of safety glass with various finishes or white bilaminate MDF. The side and back are also available in methacrylate in a number of color variations.
Family of small tables and stools in three different hights. The table version has transparent crystal glass, acidated or with mirror finish. The stool version has a seat in transparent or chrome plated polycarbonate. On demand is available a seatting in Technogel® in different colours, and a version of a stool with a seatting in natural coloured wool felt.

 Further info about older products are available in MIFF 2005  

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