Architect-designer Antonella Scarpitta has been living and working in the area of Brianza for the last 28 years. She benefits from an inspiring environment providing her with a professional background for both the creative and productive part of her work.

Scarpitta studied at the State Institute of Industrial Planning at Cant¨ in the region of Como where she received stimulation from architect Attilio Marcolli, who taught the theory of the Bauhaus school and also is the author of several books. In 1979, she started working on her first design, creating "Collego", a project for which she combined her credo of "non-visible technology" with her deep cultural roots. "Collego" is an innovative product, enabling a multi-facetted way of life by employing especially fastened wall panels holding furniture as well as accessories which can be rearranged easily.
An important aspect of her development was meeting Munari at the Polytechnic Institute in Milano with whom she studied the principals of simplicity and the role of design, searching to simplify and enhance every day life and to make people's life happier. "Due to his influence, I want my designs to be fundamentally functional, objects of simple and functional shape, which are expressing a strong formal purity," says Scarpitta.

Since 1979, Antonella Scarpitta has been working with 360░, the same year in which she set up her studio in Brianza. Since then she has been active in interior design, exhibition design, industrial design as well as developing corporate identities for partners in the industry. Using her experience and expertise, she is very able to benefit the companies she is cooperating with. She helps them develop new modes of employing existing technologies for the benefit of new products. Therefore, she screens the entire production process. As part of her work, she guarantees the visible quality of the end product, controls all details from searching the right material to inventing effective ways of distribution. By reviewing the company as a whole, she restructures its communication strategy as well as its appearance.

Due to her experiences, Scarpitta is familiar with many different materials, contemplating well the characteristics of for example wood before using it for her designs. Her work combines reflections on what material to use, which technologies to apply, and also of studying behavioral patterns of the individual and society in general. Her questions whilst approaching a new project are "For Whom?" and "Why?", considering the existence of already many products for interior design. A new product needs to reflect its role in social life, the technology and material applied, as well as its methods of production and valuable communication patterns. Explains Antonella Scarpitta:" In a society like ours, primary desires have been already fulfilled. That gives the consumer the right of free choice."

Life demands a certain urgency especially in her area of work, but for Antonella Scarpitta it is most important never to loose contact with reality. Therefore, she makes herself slow down from time to time and verify the choices she has made. She is also well aware of the risk of loosing the ability to learn and therefore reflects on the things at the base of her products.

Antonella Scarpitta is working between Rome and Milano, with studios in Brianza as well as in the vicinity of the capital.

  • She designed the product "Dinamica," a particular technological fabric in cotton microfiber which has applications in the decorating and auto manufacturing sectors as well as a stretch version for apparel.
  • She has collaborated with some prestigious directors such as Nichetti and Lina Vertmuller, with internationally renowned actresses such as Isabella Rossellini and Maria Grazia Cucinotta and with photographers Paolo Barbieri and Escalar.
  • She has also realised designs and renovations of private and industrial buildings as well as some private villas in Rome and an industrial plant in Altamura, which is located in the province of Bari.
  • Since 1985 she has collaborated with the company Chateau D'ax with regards to their trade fair participation in the United States and in Europe.
  • She has collaborated with numerous important Italian and international companies such as: Swan, as Art Director from 1985 to 1990; Sormani, Loft di Saporiti, Giovanetti, Frighetto with the STEP programme, Esa Elettronica, Dinamica, and Curvet of the Zeritalia group as well as in the United States with Thayer Coggin and Preview and in Japan with Melandas.
  • Since 1985 she has collaborated with the company Chateau D'ax with regards to their trade fair participation in the United States and in Europe.

  • She collaborated with the company Natuzzi for a specific project with a technical character.
  • In 2001, she hosted a conference on his designs which was based on an invitation from the prestigious Steel-case company and presented by the consul of Chicago Dr. Enrico Granara.
  • She organized a seminar pertaining to the qualitative production values of traditional Italian furnishings. The seminar was held in High Point, N.C., USA in collaboration with ICE of Atlanta, Ga, USA and the Federlegno Arredo.
  • From 1999 to 2001 on behalf of Algi, she was responsible for staging the Italian Design Furniture-show and NeoCon in Las Vegas and Chicago and during which he also hosted a conference on the theme of "forma-materia-colore" (form-material-colour). (Published in the magazine, Interior Design, in August of 1999, volume 70 number 10).
  • Since 2001, she has collaborated with the companies DeSede, Kaufeld, Kanaba, and Gruppo Battistella for the design of upholstered furnishings; with the company Morbid Line - New Wind as the art director for the design of moulded polyurethane products and with the company Bodema for the design of upholstered furnishings and decorating accessories. Furthermore, he has also been responsible for researching the possibility of introducing the same into the American market.

  • She opens in Brianza the Studio "Antonella Scarpitta Designer a 360░".

  • Since 2003, she has collaborated with the Russian company Respect in designing washbasins in DuPont Corian« an– Bi-Cup, Brooklyn, Silhouette – and he performs the public relations of the same in cooperation with DuPont during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
  • In 2003, she designed the exhibition booth for the Russian company Respect and was also responsible for staging the exhibits for the following companies with regards to their participation at the "Salone del Mobile" in Milan: Stema, Respect, Morbid Line- New- Wind and Chateau D'ax

  • She was awarded the "RED DOT" for the SofÓ Sappo project which was built for the German company, Hans Kaufeld. The award was in recognition of achieving the best project featuring technological and aesthetic innovation as a characteristic. (published in the book - Design Innovation in 2004).
  • In 2004, she designed an innovative system of transformable supports on behalf of the company Morbid-Line which was manufactured by Stema, (published in the magazine MAC in September of 2005).

  • In October, she was interviewed by CERAMICANDA regarding his figure as an Architect-Designer. The program is dedicated to building and architecture and airs on SKY satellite TV (transmitted on channel 850 of SKY).
  • She hosted a themed conference entitled "Il progetto raccontato dal Designer" (Design as recounted by the Designer) based on an invitation from ADI Emilia Romagna. The conference was held during the Euro die-casters of PARMA exhibition with the purpose of informing worldwide die-casters and mould pressers of the correct and innovative use of design factors.
  • In collaboration with the company Poltromec, she presented a collection of upholstered furnishings which featured the use of new technical inventions for the movement of the back support as a characteristic.
  • On behalf of the company Prima Fila (a member of the Battistella group), she designed a collection of chairs in injected polystyrene foam project. no. 2136 for the 2005 furniture tradeshow in Milan.
  • He designed the new showroom in Milan for the company Disegno Ceramica (an interesting recovery and restoration project). It was published in "RIABITA" magazine in issue no. 1-2/2005.

  • She acted as a contributing writer for the Milan publishing company of Design Diffusion.
  • From 22 October 2006 to 4 March 2007, he exhibited the Silhouette project at the "Museo d'Arte Contemporanea" of Lissone (MI) (Contemporary Art Museum in Lissone).
  • She created a new collection of upholstered items under the "Beside" trademark of the Battistella di Pieve di Soligo Group.
  • She realised coordinated images for the Swiss Company DeSede stand in collaboration with the "Salone del mobile di Milano 2006" (The 2006 Furniture Showroom of Milan) and designed new models.
  • She designed and built the Dolly armchair, which was conceptualised based on his desire to create objects that are free from the laws of seriality and which evoke new emotions by their use. They are individually numbered pieces. The publicity was managed in collaboration with the LIMONTA company. The project was published in the October edition of DDN.
  • She created the new collection for the Poltromec di Meda company

  • She designed the exhibition Booth as well as new models for the Swiss company DeSede CH for the "Orgatec a Colonia" (Germany) Trade Fair.
  • She designed the Mod. DS4 as well as the exhibition Booth for the Swiss company DeSede CH Switzerland for the "Fiera Internazionale del Mobile di Milano" (International Furniture Trade Exhibition in Milan).
  • On 3 May 2007, she spoke about his design principals at a conference during the XV SIMPOSIO INTERNACIONAL DE DISEĐO INDUSTRIAL (XV International Symposium of Industrial Design). His contribution was based on an invitation from the "Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad Aut˛noma de Nuevo Le˛n Mexico."
  • July 14-22, 2007, she exhibited the Dolly armchair along with the "Dfactory – designer in campo" group at the "Design made in Pesaro" exhibition held in Rocca Costanza di Pesaro.
  • Currently, she is working on the realisation of a private villa in Rome.

    The advertising campaign for the product "Dinamica" was linked to a testimonial appearance by Isabella Rossellini, an important actress of international fame.
    The product has received a high level of awareness on an international scale from the IDOT "Italian Design on Tour" travelling exhibition which selects the best designed products in the sector. The tour has stops in Cologne, Germany; New York, USA; Valencia, Spain; San Paolo, Brazil; and Courtrai, Belgium and is held in collaboration with the Italian International Chamber of Commerce and by the support of the Ministry for the Arts and Culture. The works placed in exhibition were selected by a team of experts from the "Fondazione Querini Stampaglia" of Venice, the "Politecnico" of Milan, the Italian Institute of Design, MOMA in New York with the assistance of Paola Antonelli, and the Museum of Design in Cologne, Germany.

    Prestigious magazines covering the sector have requested interviews with her.
    His celebrated Moon armchairs, which are produced by the company Frighetto, appear in the dining room of the latest Spielberg film and his designs known as the Link sofa and the Isa armchair can be admired in the MTV and Viva studios. In addition, numerous of his designs can be found in the dÚcor of the homes of internationally famous entertainment stars such as Gasman, Manfredi, Tognazzi, Sandrelli, Lino Banfi, Mara Venier, and Elena Sofia Ricci.

    Antonella Scarpitta has worked with renowned companies in Italy and the world, including the United States of America, Japan and Russia. But she keeps also busy communicating.
    Antonella Scarpitta has carried out interior designs for several private and industrial buildings, including a villa in Rome and a factory in Altamura in the province of Bari. She has supplied furniture designs for famous films, for example by Steven Spielberg, and she has provided furniture for the homes of celebrities like Gasman, Manfredi, Tognazzi or Sandrelli.

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