Heron Parigi started in '66 and throughout the 60's and 70's Paolo Parigi's designs expanded with the introduction of other drawing boards ; the A90 won the most prestigious design award, the Compasso D'Oro.

Heron Parigi diversified in the early 80's when his acute antennae sensed a change in the market. From there on Parigi's furniture designs and the fine techniques of constructions became the company's mainstay. The way it look at the form of design is inseparable from its function, in fact technical features always influence the form of the product. Their design products have had to adopt new roles in the new spaces following the great transformations of the places where we live and work. In just a few years the Heron Parigi range has grown from being one of technical instruments for office systems into one of design products for the home and office.

Today Heron Parigi is a company which projects and produces office furniture from aluminium and steel, their versatility allows to use them both in office and home.
Several of its designs are included in permanent collections around Europe and got important awards , such as Compasso d'Oro, Smau Award, 5 Stelle ADI Tecnhotel - Genova, IBD Product Design Award - New York, Good Design Award - Tokyo.

Lisca is a very interesting bookshelf, magazine rack or cd holder. More than one use, infact, is possible for this new product designed by Paolo Parigi. Steel bookshelf with boltless planes to be fixed at the wall verticelli or skewed. It is possible to build up a free-standing unit.
Several colour are available.

Luft is the new chaise-longue presented by Heron Parigi and designed by Paolo Parigi. The frame is in metal. Adjustable backrest and footrest with exclusive Heron Parigi synchronised mechanism. Upholstery available in different materials.

Heron Parigi
via D. Tintoria, 3
50032 Borgo San Lorenzo - Firenze
phone +39 055 8459073
fax +39 055 8456341

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