Experience in metalworking, technology and design. These are the basic elements that characterize Officinanove, a creative, young Tuscan company with over thirty years of experience in the field of industrial metalworking.
The realization of this project has been made possible thanks to the managerial foresight of the proprietors, the use of very experienced industrial labor and a well-tested team of designers that has been able to interpret the project's potential in the best possible way. The solidity of the materials used, the creativity expressed through fascinating shapes, the clean lines and lively colors create a blend of sensations that capture the attention and soul of the observer.

All Officinanove products are available in 190 different colorings, corresponding to the 190 color variations on the RAL scale. "Play your color" is the concept followed by Officinanove, i.e. to make it possible to obtain a chromatic vision of an object, pictured in its own environment, matched with favorite colors that are suited to the character of the client. Moreover, every year Officinanove proposes a collection of selected "Special edition" colors which represent current fashion trends, according to the interpretation of the art director.
Officinanove is also particularly attentive to the environment and guarantees that its products are up to 99% recyclable.
This is possible, in particular, as a result of the predominant use of aluminum which, in addition to being environmentally compatible, is also very light and resistant.
All Officinanove products are Made in Italy, from the conception right up to the final manufacturing process. Created, tested and manufactured in Italy.

Lem is a fascinating aluminum furnishing elements available in two sizes. A size for the table, the most important version, ideal for more sophisticated and elegant daytime areas. And a size which is perfect for stools or bedside tables. With geometrical laser cuts creating an agreeable sequence of solid and void spaces, even along the folds, Lem becomes the protagonist of every ambient. The distinct character, the combination of the material used and the powder coloring of the surface mean that Lem is also suitable for outdoor use, by the side of a swimming pool or on large boats.
Lem comes with personalized protection so that it can also be placed on delicate flooring such as parquet.

Kallas is a sculpturally-shaped steel lighting luminaire.
It is available in a floor version or as a table lamp. The shape, together with the internal reflective body, is inspired by the calla lily flower. The internal reflective body is an appendage available in white-colored aluminum or polycarbonate to vary the visual effect. Due to its dimensions and esthetic aggressiveness, Kallas becomes the protagonist in the most exclusive of ambients. The generous base is further defined by the extremities of the scalene triangle, displaying extreme solidity. The light beam, which is more concentrated in the aluminum reflective body version, comes from a low energy light bulb with high luminous efficiency. The table version manages to offer the thrill of a floor lamp and the overall effect is enhanced when the lamp is mounted in groups of three, just like a bunch of flowers.
The colors can be combined to offer a trendy and sophisticated luminaire, whilst a more respectful and linear effect can be created using black and white.

Joker is an aluminum luminaire. The cylindrical volumes, mounted concentrically, create an extremely elegant and luxurious visual effect. The generously proportioned base and body of the floor version make it stand out even in the most sophisticated living rooms.
A high performance halogen lamp and the white-colored internal finish of the upper cylinder guarantee strong intensity lighting in a three-way direction: upwards, more intense, for indirectly lighting the surroundings; at seated height for reading; through an opening created in the upper cylinder for providing a very effective luminous trail on the walls. Joker micro is the table version that preserves the charm of the floor lamp and maintains the originality of the shape.

Seeme is a mirror made from aluminum. The three-dimensional effect created by the small wings folded outwards offers unusual volumetric movements. Available in three sizes, wide, square and slim, it can be hung horizontally or vertically, or placed on the floor on any furnishing element. Seemee come with personalized protection so that they can also be placed on delicate flooring such as parquet.

Seeyou is a mirror made from aluminum.
Seeyou is a visual play on solid and void spaces, recalling the shapes of the 70s,with a design that manages to create highly original esthetic movements. Available in two sizes, wide and slim, it can be hung horizontally or vertically, be placed on the floor or on any furnishing element. Seeyou come with personalized protection so that they can also be placed on delicate flooring such as parquet.

X-book is a clever magazine rack realized in aluminum. The shapes created by slotting together two appropriately modeled and folded elements provide an extremely sophisticated furnishing accessory. The material used and subsequent high protection powder coloring make the product also suitable for outdoor use. This is an elegant accessory for the living room or bedroom or for placing by the swimming pool or on the bridge of a boat. X-book comes with personalized protection so that it can also be placed on delicate flooring such as parquet.

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