Invicta has always believed in the value of young, fresh and ironic design.
With no worries, the brand approaches a world it does not traditionally belong to, however with the whimsical cheerfulness and technical know-how that have always been distinguishing its deepest identity.

With their colourful gaiety, the stripes invade the Invicta exhibition area at Superstudio Pił, within the Fuorisalone 2007. In a party atmosphere, Invicta presents its cult object that belongs to the historic memory of three generations: the Minisac. Perfect for the city, this soft container of encounters and relations, is changeable and multi-tasks, beyond all traditional categories. The Invicta Minisac looks at young generations and winks at those who appreciate the creative potential in seemingly simple objects, as well as the incomparable value of an essential and advanced product.

The starting point of inspiration are young people. In the past few years, they have changed their habits and needs to adjust to an urban and unpredictable lifestyle.
This is why the 16 designers of new-generation, at the Milan Design Week, were asked to design accessories that are originate from Minisac. A set of accessories that can be used simultaneously, that share an accurate choice of fabrics and are backed by a strong and clever design able to sense the desires and needs of growingly curious customers.


Antonio Cos: BagGlove
A hybrid accessory between a glove and a bag designed as an original and practical extension of the arm. It is worn as a glove that, fitted with a pocket on the inner side, makes it possible to carry the essential VIPs Very Important Products: mp3 reader, cell phone, sweets and underground ticket... A handy button enables the glove to be folded up to leave the hand free.

Ilaria Marelli: BatBike
A hidden sheet that transforms into a protective cover for the bicycle. Folded up it becomes a small sack that can be fixed to the cross-bar, open it stretches and is fixed at the handlebars and the saddle with elastic bands that make it adaptable to any model of bicycle!

Roberto Giacomucci: T-Case and BubbleBag
T-Case is a soft, folding beauty-case, to be worn as a shoulder bag. Its four suction cups enable it to be attached to mirrors and tiles so that you can have cosmetics, toothbrush and sundry accessories within arms length. The T-Case is fitted with a safety zipper so that its content does not get jumbled up in the suitcase.
BubbleBag is a modern knapsack with a soft extension that, in addition to enabling us to put our personal effects inside, becomes an original handle. BubbleBag is an item that suggests a new gesture expression that everyone is free to wear as she/he wants.

JoeVelluto: RunAway
In emergencies... RunAway! A ground-sheet for picnics that, if necessary (sudden showers, in a rush, chasing after someone...), and with one simple action, transforms into a large and handy bag that until a moment before were resting on top of it.

Jacopo Rondinelli: CarTak
CarTak is a sheet fitted with magnets that is put on the rear window of the car to protect it from freezing, the rays of the sun and fine dust..., or to protect the inside from prying eyes. Made of a light, waterproof material it is fitted with a small rubber ball that when closed inside the car door makes sure the sheet is not stolen.

Odoardo Fioravanti: BisBeta
A modern reinterpretation of the knapsack with two handy pockets for personal effects. Across the bicycle cross-bar, on the trolley, hanging from the belt or across the shoulders as cowboys used to carry it.

Matteo Ragni: PonchoTaxi
While pedalling along on your bicycle... it starts to rain! PonchoTaxi - Instructions for use: open the bag and take out your poncho, put it on and set off again. Pedal, pedal... after a few meters you happen across your significant other: "Want a lift?" In a stroke you pull from your poncho a second hood for your better half. PonchoTaxi comes in two colours...and with two hoods!!! An ethical design that is socially useful, for making new friends, for resuming your conversation, for feeling closer to each other.

Giulio Iacchetti: FlagPlaid
A flag that becomes a sheet (or a sheet that becomes a flag?), to be taken with you onto the green area of the city or onto the beach, to be kept in the car or in the motorbike box. The sheet with four spikes in the corners for fixing to the ground, provides you with your own little world always to hand and in a very small space.

Lorenzo Palmeri with Daniele Coletti: BasketCycle
BasketCycle is a bag that transforms, in continuous expansion and contraction. In accordance with your needs, with a simple action it transforms into a very capacious bag to wear on the shoulder or into a basket to hang on your handlebars.

Lorenzo Palmeri: ElasticBag
ElasticBag is a handy computer bag. Its sides in a soft elastic material expand to form the shoulder strap of the bag and, at the same time, permit it to be adjusted to the size of your computer. You wear it like an item of clothing and the computer finds its own centre of gravity when being carried, settling softly into the curve of the back.

Gumdesign: NoRain and BackCap
Who has never used a shopping bag to shelter from a sudden downpour? NoRain seizes on and reinterprets the action..., fitted with a zipper that opens a small window over the face, it is worn comfortably on the head, finally given legitimacy as an umbrella.
BackCap is a light rucksack with a thousand uses, for students, tourists, hikers, ramblers, people who go to the gym... but also for those who go cycling, jogging..., to cut the list short, for everyone!!! Fitted with an external pocket from which, when it starts to rain, a hood comes out so that you have shelter always at hand!

Linhabranca: HugBag
HugBag draws its inspiration from a sweet embrace. A bag-band that can be worn in several different ways and adapted to all styles. Two handy pockets at the ends of the Hug can easily contain all you need for a city day and freedom to move.

Tommaso Maggio: CrissCross
4 seconds plus 4 straps and take what you want when you want to! When you carry something bulky or awkward to handle, the first problem is a safe and solid grip. CrissCross consists of four Velcro straps that when necessary encircle the object making it easier to transport.

Antonia Mealli with gluegluedesign.com: Eaty
Eaty is a modern meal box together with place mat for lunchtime. An accessory designed for people who live the city without limits. When you open the zip it transforms from a pocket lunch into a napkin place mat; it can be folded up again after use and put back into the bag or rucksack taking up very little space indeed.

Id_Lab: LightVelope
An oddment pocket that adds high-yield low-voltage-battery charged electroluminescent sources inside it. Very simple electronics make it possible to vary the lighting intensity and it can be programmed to manage the energy according to the external lighting conditions or needs of the user. The translucent material it is covered in reveals the shapes of the articles it contains.

Maria W. Nielsen: SleepStation
SleepStation is a folding travelling blanket with a pouch. Easy to carry, useful for keeping warm, to protect yourself and feel safe. Designed for use in town, for businesspeople, globetrotters and commuters, its uses range from leisure-time travel, on means of public transport to an alpine meadow. The slits for the hands allow freedom of movement and their discrete cut means the person covered is always at the same temperature.

Oshiro Kensaku: BendingBag
Bag in existence and becoming! A product that is not finished, an invitation to the user to complete it. Easy to put together thanks to the material it is made of that can be bent, as the name suggests, any way you want!

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